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Physiotherapy at the intersection between the claims of standardization and individual adaptation

Each day over the next week I’ll post up an abstract for a paper being presented by a member of the Critical Physiotherapy Network at the In Sickness and In Health conference in Mallorca in June 2015.   328 more words



First, I spent the better part of last week refining the ogdoad poesy, which is supposed to be a magix script based on chess pieces, but anyone who wants to can use it for representing the phonics of real words in established languages for mundane means…even though I curse myself for how clunky I made it, and wouldn’t personally use ogdoad for such a purpose. 658 more words


Immortal Corporeality or Immortal Consciousness?

Life, Love, Truth, is the only proof of immortality.  Man in the likeness of God as revealed in Science cannot help being immortal.
- Mary Baker Eddy… 638 more words

Christian Science

the ecological a priori?

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Adam Robbert bringing the Foucault and Deleuze eco-style: 

For Foucault, then, the nonhuman impresses itself onto anthropic space through the production of laws and regulations, the production of material infrastructures that manipulate human behavior and perception, and the enforcement of practices that condition human beings. 388 more words


Katerina Kolozova on The Real in Contemporary Philosophy

The Real in Contemporary Philosophy

Katerina Kolozova

What Baudrillard called the perfect crime has become the malaise of the global(ized) intellectual of the beginning of the 21’st century. 1,259 more words


Bound by Flesh

Today I’m writing about Bound by Flesh (Leslie Zemeckis, 2012), a documentary concerning conjoined twins who were widely popular as a Vaudeville attraction in the 1920s and ’30s.  816 more words

To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain

Zhang Huan, To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain, May 11, 1995

“[T]he process is not merely about visual presentation or shock effect; it is about achieving a more intense, more real understanding of physical existence, of habitation in the flesh. 23 more words