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Breathing Lessons' Growing Pains

Some more stuff from my Breathing Lessons project (which is undergoing some transformations I can’t wait to share with y’all.  Guess it’s tropism :) )!
But for now, these 11×17 posters.



“You can stroke people with words.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Yours is the sort of hypnotic fancy I’d have liked to put my heart in, as I huddled in an empty terminal at 3:27 am with my trenchcoat and notebook rumpled on my knees, sleepless and wrecked by nocturnal solitude.

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Black Lives Matter: Death By Assimilation

When we support assimilation of the black body into the status quo, we are complicit in its erasure. To physically kill the black body has never been the goal of the status quo; there are benefits in owning and using it in service to the maintenance of the status quo after all.

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Here’s one story.

Here’s another:

She was an attractive black woman which made me moderately comfortable.  I didn’t know what to expect after all so this was helpful. 521 more words


Tough Mudder running: Getting Out Of My Head, Part One

This is going to be the first part of a two-part post – the next post on this topic is going to be coming in August sometime… 914 more words

Francesco Albano

Albano’s sculptures are clearly human although not always easily discernible. These bodies seem to have been vacated leaving just skin and bone. Each one of them could be considered a ‘Mental Body’ -evidence of “the effect of societal pressures and psychological violence on the human body and collective conscience” (Galerist). 36 more words


Ana Teresa Barboza

Barboza uses clothing and embroidery as an artistic medium to look into the human body and discover its interior, the truth about how we relate to others and ourselves. 51 more words