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It's Better Out Than In

A friend tells me–every time she invokes the name of a close dead friend–the violence of his death.  She never says, “my friend who passed away” or just “my friend,” because of course I know his name by now, but rather “my friend who died xyz violent death.” Even any mention of the city in which he died, a popular city with attractions for which it is known, is spoken by her as “the city where my friend died xyz violent death.” 696 more words


Stranger in a Strange Land

I’m only recently accepting the extent to which my physical body has been intrinsic to how I self-identify.  The realization has come on the heels of a bunch more that are the result of the heart failure (cardiomyopathy if you like big words) … 529 more words

Conversations That Happen In My Head

All Words and None

Seven months since.
I’m all words and none.

I cut off my waist beads tonight.
Seven years.

They remind me too much
of the belly that heart failure built. 39 more words


The Opportunity of Nihilism

“The nihilist’s capacity to act is increased (what Nietzsche calls “spiritual vigour”) when the goals or missions that once directed you are no longer suitable; the nihilist begins as an existential exploration: discover your own challenges.” …
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The Visible and the Invisible (pdf)

The Visible and the Invisible, by Maurice Merleau-Ponty

 The Visible and the Invisible (1964) contains the unfinished manuscript and working notes of the book… 1,685 more words