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Scapegoating the American Way

I’ve got a new post up at 3 Quarks Daily, Free-Floating Anxiety, Teens, and Security Theatre. It continues with the same theme I explored in my previous 3QD post, … 1,193 more words


The Culture of Enhancement

The adoption by journalist to the phrase “EIT” is the clearest evidence of bullshit objectivity.

— Ta-Nehisi Coates (@tanehisicoates) December 11, 2014

Is it true that George W.

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The Economist explains: How Palestine might become a state | The Economist

As a form of territorial governance, the nation-state emerged in Western Europe some time during the last 1000 years. Just when and where depends, of course, on just what you think qualifies as a nation-state. 167 more words


The Germans are worried about high-tech corporate cowboys

Anna Sauerbrey, an editor of the daily, Der Tagesspiegel, in today’s NY Times:

How can Germany be both afraid of and in love with technology, and the companies that make it?

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Finally, the Truth About the A.I.G. Bailout - NYTimes.com

Lincoln talked of government “for the people, of the people, and by the people.” He didn’t say anything about too-big-to-fail banks.

Starr contends that the government could have spent less money on A.I.G.

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Virtual Feudalism is Here: the 1% vs. the 99%

Over at Crooked Timber they’re having a discussion of the software SNAFU that’s occurred in the rollout of Obamacare. As anyone in the software biz knows, that’s just how it is with large software projects. 5,373 more words