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Scientific Method in Linguistics and NLP

The scientific method is the backbone of every linguistic study in which repetitive patterns of language use are observed to infer the underlying phenomenon and acquire new knowledge. 670 more words


NLP using python: Day 3

Natural Language Processing using Python
this presentation will help you understanding Natural Language Processing (NLP).
you will be able to perform basic operations on your corpus/dataset. 47 more words


New work on the Signs Of Ireland corpus

This semester a collaborative effort is underway to add new data to the Signs of Ireland corpus (Leeson et al, 2006).

The work is being carried out by… 120 more words

The Day After Thanksgiving

Hey guys! For those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope everyone was able to eat their favorite foods and reconnect with their loved ones. Yesterday was a good day for me, and I will be eating Thanksgiving leftovers for several days – yes, I already know lol. 195 more words


Useful Bind Wounds cantrip variant

For November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – A quick variant of Bind Wounds so a magus might use it upon themselves and not have to recast a few times each day. 43 more words

Ars Magica

A necromancy spell to animate a Graveyard

Here is a doozy of a spell for a necromancer – to raise an entire bound area such as a graveyard as servants of the caster. 52 more words

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Lost Spells (part 12) Watching Aging

Viewing a person’s potential likeness from an Arcane Connection is canonical (The Whole From the Part, InCo2, HoH:TL p72), so viewing a bodies likeness at a different age is likewise possible. 77 more words

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