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Criminocorpus is an online scholarly publication on the subject of criminal justice history.

It provides researchers and the general public with free access to a wide range of primary sources, together with analysis of key subjects by leading specialists in the field. 111 more words


Critical Recovery - more variations on Ars Magica spells

Flicking through the Ars Magica spells here and there, there are as many permutations and variations as a player could want. That said, I sometimes find it easier to review a complete variation of a spell for use with a character instead of considering it in my head. 171 more words


We Live As We Dream Alone

Well maybe I’m not quite alone in this dream but I was listening to a song with that very title when I was making this picture!! 586 more words

Corpus Christi- Salvation & Inebriation

Corpus Christi has ranked in some of the most notorious lists in Texas. Fattest City in America by Men’s Health Magazine, Top 10 Most Dangerous City by Texas Monthly, 8th Worst to Raise a Family, 11th Worst in Mid-Sized US Cities, Worst Drivers, and so on. 402 more words

Posters & Art

The Buoyant Grog - marching an army across rivers

A long while ago I played in a story where the grogs and mundanes needed to cross a moderate body of water. It was a simple challenge, but the Magi present couldn’t use a magical-brute-force spontaneous effect to solve the issue. 387 more words


Checking Vocab KWIC-ly

The other day I had a lesson with my TOEIC class at one of the universities I teach at and we were having a vocabulary review. 152 more words


Return to the True Form of Man, reversing transformation effects

Another thought on transformations – what to do if you’re a target of a transformation effect. The idea for this spell is that a wizard can use this to remove any hermetic transformation effects upon themselves, regardless of the source of the transformation. 220 more words