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Magically projecting arrows isn't terribly efficient

I was thinking about Vilano’s Sling with reference to projecting other materials. Stone is an exceptional material because it is simple to work with, pretty tough, and very prolific in the Ars Magica setting; but what about other materials? 758 more words

Ars Magica

Spell to trace the lineage of men and beasts

Here is a few spells of Ars Magica using the Faerie Target: Bloodline. These allow the caster to trace blood relatives for themselves, other humans, and animals. 379 more words

Ars Magica

From Corpus to Classroom

Exploring the links between corpus linguistics and language teaching

Small, specialised corpora associate with MCC game use and Science E&Os

Chapter 8 – Relational Language… 33 more words


Lifted Up

Lifted Up

He intently promoted the Cross
as the reason that he should be boss.
But the corpus looked down
with reproach in its frown. 12 more words

The variance of Binomial distributions


Recently I’ve been working on a problem that besets researchers in corpus linguistics who work with samples which are not drawn randomly from the population but rather are taken from a series of sub-samples. 2,980 more words