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HAIR / Opale @ Tres Chic – Mischelle;

DRESS / Legal Insanity @ Tres Chic – Tammy Dress;

TIGHTS / Nanika @ Tres Chic – Parisienne Tights; 13 more words


3 Questions Posed in "Bad Language"

Lars-gunnar Andersson and Peter Trudgill pose three questions in the Introduction of Bad Language. (p.6)

  1. Are people’s vocabularies smaller today than before?
  2. Is English changing faster today than it did before?
  3. 302 more words
Bad Language

Spells for Perceiving People as Music

Adding new supernatural senses through hermetic magic is not low level, and is also often very effective. Spell effects have to be specific and purposeful. Here are two spells which perceive dead and then living humans as musical tones and notes. 136 more words

Ars Magica

المدونات النصية (الذخائر، المكانز، المتون)

يقوم علم اللسانيات على البحث عن الأنماط في اللغة، ويبني على ذلك نظرياته؛ فمثلا من تلك الأنماط: تكوين الجملة البسيطة من فعل واسم، أو استخدام تركيب الإضافة من اسمين، أو استخدام المتضادات في تراكيب معينة مثل العطف والمقارنة وغيرها.


HAIR / Tram – 1124 Hair;

NECKLACE / Rozoregalia @ The Crossroads  – Lezato;

CUFF / Mandala – Haramita Season 2;



cruel intentions.

SHOES / Phedora @ The Crossroads January – Mary Heels;

VASE / Bazar – Vase Decor;

POSE / CORPUS – Lost Frequency;

Listen to some NOISE


Demonetisation twitter analysis: sentimental plot

This post is continuation of my previous post: Demonetisation twitter analysis: Word Cloud.

Frequency of words

Following code look up the frequency of the terms “demonetisation” and “modi” in the terms. 393 more words