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Greenwashing And The Collective Corporate Opposition to Environmentalism

The greenwashing of products and lifestyles can be seen as an illustration of how corporate strategies attempt to pacify criticism of unethical corporate decision-making strategies. These strategies are intended to divert public attention away from unethical environmental practices and thus seek to legitimize decisions that would otherwise expose corporations to intense public scrutiny. 805 more words

The New War.....

The enemy has been building its forces surreptitiously for some time now…  It is moving its forces into position to invade and strike a knockout blow…. 1,515 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Marketing Keywords to Know: July 4, 2013


:  a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service; a compound word modeled from “green” and “brainwashing” 160 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know




28 Acres   Aguadilla, Aguadilla County, Puerto Rico

Finca de 8.05 cuerdas, justamente en un faralln frente al ocano atlntico.Esta propiedad tiene un carcter privilegiado por su localizacin y atractivo… 450 more words

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Being socially responsible

What are the watchdogs saying about your company, about corporations and about corporate social responsibility? See Corp Watch here.

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So Who Does Privatization Benefit? Not the Taxpayers; Look at Delaware's Prisons

In 2005, the Delaware Department of Correction signed a contract with the company Correctional Medical Services (CMS) to provide medical services to inmates in state prisons. 338 more words

Corporations Versus WE THE PEOPLE

Is Jeb Bush Worse Than Adam Lanza?

Gosh, that is a shocking headline. Of course headlines are meant to grab attention. I hope this one works….

The common denominator is in “hurting students.” 379 more words

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