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MotherJones.Com "My four months as a private prison guard", by Shane Bauer

Have you ever had a riot?” I ask a recruiter from a prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).
“The last riot we had was two years ago,” he says over the phone. 235 more words


The Corrections Corporation of America, by the Numbers

Where the pioneering private prison company operates, who owns it, and who’s taking it to court.


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"The Corrections Corporation of America launched the era of private prisons in 1983, when it opened an immigration detention center in an former motel in Houston, Texas. Today the Nashville-based company houses more than 66,000 inmates, making it the country’s second-largest private prison company. In 2015, it reported $1.9 billion in revenue and made more than $221 million in net income—more than $3,300 for each prisoner in its care."

Mother Jones Goes Undercover

By Casey Bukro

Just when you think an ethics issue has been put to rest, a Mother Jones magazine reporter spends four months working undercover as a guard at a corporate-run prison in Louisiana. 1,001 more words


"More Inmates Equals More Revenue": Prison-Industrial Complex Morphs Into Treatment-Industrial Complex

Nancy Reagan’s recent death was a reminder of the shallow moralizing of the Just Say No anti-drug campaign she once championed.

Thankfully, attitudes have changed. We’re more attuned to the fact that untreated mental health issues are often a precursor to drug use. 676 more words

Criminal Justice System

Hitting Private Prisons Where it Hurts: Prison Divestment

Divesting from the Prison Industrial Complex

The National Prison Divestment Campaign has been in the news the last few weeks, after the University of California became the second US college to sell their shares in private prison companies. 297 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Bernie Sanders is Leading the War On For-Profit Prisons

No other presidential candidate is calling on America to ban the for-profit prison industrial complex like Senator Bernie Sanders.

On September 17 Mr. Sanders introduced… 734 more words

News & Politics

Public Hearings for Proposed CCA Private Prison in Eloy 11/17/15

The Arizona Department of Corrections has given a green light for a contract with a private, for-profit correctional management corporations for the construction and management of up to 2,000 additional state prison beds. 296 more words