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Be afraid, be very afraid...

Happy Halloween! The Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC) has a sneaky costume this year.

The disguise itself looks like a humanitarian “alternative” to incarceration. Its goal is tricking taxpayers into believing it offers rehabilitation and second chances. 207 more words

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To Private Prisons, Bodies=Money

Recently, the Department of Justice released a statement of finding that mirrored much of what activists have been saying for years: private prisons are more expensive and lack oversight… 296 more words

NPR -Investigations Into Prisons - Part 2

This is the second part of an interview on August 25 on the real conditions of Federal prisons for profit that most people are unaware exist. 3,472 more words


Financial dealings merky between feds and private prison companies detaining Central American asylum seekers

The number of undocumented people in this country is currently dropping and has dropped for the last few years, yet you wouldn’t know that from the rhetoric spewing from the political right.  902 more words


Breaking: Dept of Justice to Phase Out Private Prisons

Tucson, AZ— Today, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a memo that acknowledges the need to “reduce our use of private prisons.” For nearly four decades, the criminal justice system has relied on the use of private, for-profit companies to run the federal government’s prisons and detention facilities. 295 more words

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