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Fleece Stash! Show&Tell

Ok! So, I’m going to reveal my precious beauties!!! These are my fleeces- some raw and some prepared for spinning.





Shetland… 285 more words


I Like My Corriedale . . . Neat

I cannot believe I forgot to give you all an update on the 100% Corriedale 2-ply that I finished last week . . . it’s “neat” in two senses of the term: it’s nifty (of course) and, like a perfect, undiluted and unblended cocktail, this yarn is straight-up, all Corriedale from… 93 more words


Its Raining . . . Roving!

Sometimes things just come your way, even–and especially–if you were not expecting them. Like Corriedale roving, for example. In all the colors of the rainbow. In the exact type of wool you were dreaming of so you could practice some batt blending on your drum carder without having to spend a ton of money OR learn about dying . 114 more words


Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Lately, I’ve tried to step out of my comfort zone with color and fiber and try some new things.

While this first example doesn’t look like it’s outside of my usual color palette, I did use some silk for nuno on this clutch and some coarser fibers like Corriedale that I made for my daughter in law.  313 more words

Wet Felting

Der sker ikke så meget ..

.. i det solfarvningsglas jeg satte over for næsten to uger siden. Der har nu heller ikke været særlig meget varme og solskin, så temperaturen i glasset har nok været på det jævne. 341 more words


Snow White! Corriedale Washed

What happens when you wash an already clean fleece? It gets even better.

The two locks show a fairly good before and after in terms of the slight color change. 7 more words


Corriedale Fleece from Hubbard Handspun

As you know, I purchased a Corriedale fleece from Hubbard Handspun. It arrived in a Home Depot box with some adorable postage stickers. Somehow this made me nervous: this, this was going to be a beautiful fleece. 508 more words