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Spinning Lessons

I have learned some valuable lessons from participating in Tour de Fleece. One we all know but don’t always apply: Practice makes perfect. I have seen a steady improvement in my spinning over the course of the tour. 168 more words

Sample 3: Bumps

Good grief!  This colour is crazy, and I think it needs to go into the box marked ‘use sparingly’.  Two layers of corriedale, with bumps made of slow felting cheviot.   33 more words


Spinning My Heart Out

I am having such a good time playing with the merino I got from Paradise Fibers.  In addition to spinning just merino and plying with other merino singles, as is illustrated in the skeins on the left and the white ball, I really enjoy how the white merino singles cause other colors to pop out.  68 more words


Spinning Along

I have been having a blast spinning on my Schacht Ladybug!  In the beginning I thought that 3 ply yarns were all that I would create, but since then I have discovered the joys of 2 ply yarn.  166 more words


Welcome to the Family

I had a big surprise last week when my youngest sister Carol sent me pictures of the newest members of her family — three ewes and four lambs! 414 more words

Sheep Farming

Rigid Heddle Loom

Recently Ashford came out with a 10″ Sample-It Loom.  Previously they had an 8″ Sample-It Loom I was thinking about getting, the 10″ was only $7 more than the 8″ and already comes set up for a double heddle experience, I could not resist.  178 more words

Art Spinning