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Preparing for the Royal Show

I have decided to enter the Royal Show this year.  I decided to enter last year but missed a step and prepared (several) entries that I couldn’t enter in the end.  1,063 more words

Natural Dyeing

Heathered Purple Love

I have been working up to creating yarns that I actually love and plan to work with. I now have some decent consistency, can spin fairly fine, and know enough to go back and fix mistakes as I spin. 179 more words


a HUGE success.

I will be spinning from stash for most of the rest of the year (more on that later, unless you want to go watch the latest episode (7) of The Wool n’Spinning Podcast, where I talk about my new acquisitions!), which is a really good thing because I have been experimenting with making mini batts on… 348 more words


On the Wheel Today: July 16/15

This one really excites me. I was inspired by some wool I was given a few summers back. There were a few more colours in it, but I’m loving these three. 156 more words


Spinning again

We’re babysitting our inlaw “pup” since Thursday night, a 1 yo ADHD lab called Balto. Our cats are terrified, Arthur, perhaps needing medical attention to a war wound, won’t come in at all, but I was hoping that keeping the house divided in half would at least prevent any mad chasing. 636 more words

Yarn And Fiber

Fleece Stash! Show&Tell

Ok! So, I’m going to reveal my precious beauties!!! These are my fleeces- some raw and some prepared for spinning.





Shetland… 285 more words


I Like My Corriedale . . . Neat

I cannot believe I forgot to give you all an update on the 100% Corriedale 2-ply that I finished last week . . . it’s “neat” in two senses of the term: it’s nifty (of course) and, like a perfect, undiluted and unblended cocktail, this yarn is straight-up, all Corriedale from… 93 more words