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Updated: Trains, land and all that money

PPT likes trains. We like public transport generally. We acknowledge that Thailand’s public infrastructure has been neglected and that many of the public transport developments that have taken place have been for the middle class in Bangkok. 969 more words

Secret meetings at the junta’s processing terminal

Readers may recall that four months ago it was reported that an iLaw study pointed to the apparently unconstitutionality of some members of the military junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly who were being paid large amounts of money for seldom appearing at the NLA. 498 more words

Bored witless

Forgive us, we are bored by the military dictatorship. It is so, so predictable and so pathetic that we are considering banning it using Article 44. 537 more words

Farming digital politics

Many readers will have seen reports that a group described as Chinese were arrested with 474 mobile phones and 347,200 SIM cards.

The police grabbed the team in Sa Kaew and stated that this was a social media farm. 339 more words

When the military is on top VII

Prachatai’s opening paragraph says a lot about the military dictatorship when it comments on budget:

Despite a growing deficit, Thailand’s junta-appointed parliament has voted unanimously… 158 more words

Updated: Guns and grenades II

The military’s response to the guns and grenades arms trading events of recent days is interesting.

For a start, as The Nation reports, the “National Council for Peace and Order has instructed regional Army officers to investigate recent cases of weapon trafficking.” 503 more words

Guns and grenades I

Over the past several years, we have had several posts on military involvement in weapons trafficking. Often this trafficking is one of the money-making ventures used by senior commanders  to produce illicit loot and unusual wealth. 643 more words