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When the military is on top I

The military on top means remarkable arrogance in the use and abuse of power.

The Bangkok Post reports the junta “has secretly approved the controversial procurement of a Chinese submarine costing 13.5 billion baht.” 362 more words

Chaiyapoom’s extrajudicial killing

The Nation reports that Chiang Mai Police deputy commander Pol Colonel Mongkol Samparaphon says his “investigators” are “close to finishing the gathering of evidence” in the case of the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom  Pasae. 194 more words

What happened to that?

It is useful to recall the things that have quickly gone off the political boil and ask, what happened? We have no answers, for Thailand is a military dictatorship. 338 more words

Tens, thousands, millions and billions

How many extrajudicial killings have there been? No one seems to know precisely, although Prachatai has a story about some of them. One issue with the story is that the author repeats inaccurate figures on Thaksin Shinawatra’s War on Drugs, almost doubling the number killed in that grisly campaign. 338 more words

Tax evaders, tycoons and the palace

When the subject of tax comes up, one thing can always be taken for granted in Thailand: the elite will not lose anything for they are skilled tax minimizers and evaders. 642 more words

There is no justice III

We recently posted on the death of Private Yuthinan Boonniam who was was initially hospitalized with a swollen face and bruises before his death on Saturday. 228 more words

There is no justice II

It isn’t that long ago that PPT commented on the odious case of Naritsarawan  Keawnopparat and defamation charges against her, brought because she wanted some accountability for the Army’s murder of her uncle, a conscript. 473 more words