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The Dictator and deceit

We are never sure if The Dictator is an inveterate liar or that his upbringing in the corrupt, hierarchical and royalist army means that he has no capacity for discerning truth from deceit. 416 more words

Surprising, but true

A few days ago, we posted on the International Institute for Strategic Studies  and its invitation to The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha to present a Keynote Speech to its… 601 more words

More suppliers means more “commissions”

The Nation reports that Army boss General Theerachai Nakawanich has “defended the decision to purchase main battle tanks from China, saying Chinese hardware is of high quality and performance.” He “explained” that he knew this “since I personally went to see them…”. 267 more words

Deadly and dangerous clowns

Despite an inglorious day before the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group, where the junta was shown to be tyrannical, rancid and hopelessly out of its depth, this seems to count for nothing in a regime composed of very dangerous clowns. 605 more words

Controlling the local

The junta has been showing its blunt determination to ensure its preferred result in the charter referendum. It has been arresting, intimidating and repressing.

It has also been campaigning for a Yes vote in rural areas, sending out the military and… 252 more words

Looking after the family’s interests III

One of the unfortunate consequences of the junta running down and keeping him in custody for a couple of days has been that attention has been diverted from the ruling family’s nepotism (see… 520 more words

Looking after the family’s interests II

The Ministry of Defense has declared that nepotism in the Army is normal.

According to a report at Prachatai, the Ministry “has defended the appointment of the junta’s leader’s nephew to an army post, saying that it is normal for the army to replace retired army personnel.” 616 more words