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Further updated: More on the “assassination plot”

We get the impression that the military dictatorship remains confused and anxious. The story on the “assassination” plot is changing by the minute.

Yesterday the “authorities” claimed that they had foiled a royal assassination plot and arrested three men. 654 more words

Watch Seripisut

A couple of days ago, PPT briefly mentioned Seripisut Temiyavet and the military junta’s attack on him for his comments on military corruption.

We think he’s worth watching for a while. 202 more words

Army air freshener

The Army thinks that a bit of air freshener can eliminate the odor of rotting fish. They are wrong.

Several sprays of freshener have been applied to the pile of pungent gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals. 500 more words

The army and the odor of fish II

The fish smell is pungent.

As the Bangkok Post explains so well, the “military regime is rushing into ‘damage-control mode’ to protect key member Gen Udomdej Sitabutr from becoming embroiled in the scandal surrounding the construction of Rajabhakti Park.” 517 more words

Important stuff we have neglected

Brave woman demands military reform: Thailand’s military brass is a bunch of corrupt, murderous thugs who use the monarchy to enrich and empower themselves. Because there is a military dictatorship, not many are prepared to state the obvious need for change in the military. 523 more words