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PPT has several times (see here) posted on “commissions” that flow to state employees and most especially senior military officers from state procurement.

Of course, the top officers aren’t usually doing the “deals,” but the “system” works so that funds flow to the top. 192 more words

Campaigning for regime longevity

In 2016, the military dictatorship engaged in a couple of rounds of populist giveaways. At the time, we considered this “election” campaigning. However, as the “election” fades into 2018, the big spending is looking increasingly like a means to ensure the dictatorship’s longevity. 458 more words

Brotherly corruption

What should have been the big story today seems to have been reduced in significance in some newspapers as they pussyfoot around the story. It is the story… 350 more words

Who watches for “good” corruption?

Readers will no doubt remember that Thailand’s highest ranking comb-over in the murderous military was General Udomdej Sitabutr. When he was Army boss, allegations of corruption emerged at the Army’s billion baht… 383 more words

Defining “corruption”

PPT is always a little reluctant to post about articles that appear at the National News Bureau of Thailand. In addition to being the junta’s propaganda site, the language used in both Thai and English reports tends to be vague. 228 more words

Updated: Mutual back-scratching

It is not a secret that companies that do well in Thailand have tended to be big “donors.” Most conspicuously, they fork out millions each year to various royal things, including charities, projects and just handing over bags of money for unspecified royal use. 769 more words

“Good corruption”

We think the royalist and yellow-hued media we are reading is a reasonably good reflective of the anti-democrat position on corruption. To be blunt, the broad consensus is that the military regime’s nepotism, corruption and its lack of transparency is a “small price” to pay for keeping the hated Thaksin Shinawatra and the feared red shirts at bay. 623 more words