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Making stuff up

Two reports in Khaosod and one at The Nation should serve as reminders that Thailand under the military boot is a kingdom of lies.

The first Khaosod report… 505 more words

Military in charge of everything

Naturally enough, when there’s a military dictatorship it means the military comes to run everything. Civilians are kept around as minions and a sop to some obscure notion that Thailand isn’t run by a military junta. 314 more words

Loot and hierarchy make coups

Khaosod has an unusually long story on the Chinese submarines and Navy propaganda on them. It is a story worth reading on debates over submarines and the quite simplistic statements from a recently retired admiral responsible for submarines. 168 more words

Calling Bangkok’s middle class

Thitinan Pongsudhirak deserves just a little praise for rather suddenly (and almost) taking a stand. His call to Bangkok’s middle class suggests that criticism of the military junta in elite circles is gathering some steam. 670 more words

When the military is on top I

The military on top means remarkable arrogance in the use and abuse of power.

The Bangkok Post reports the junta “has secretly approved the controversial procurement of a Chinese submarine costing 13.5 billion baht.” 362 more words

Chaiyapoom’s extrajudicial killing

The Nation reports that Chiang Mai Police deputy commander Pol Colonel Mongkol Samparaphon says his “investigators” are “close to finishing the gathering of evidence” in the case of the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom  Pasae. 194 more words