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Massage parlors and politics

PPT saw the news stories on the police raid on Victoria’s Secret Massage and didn’t think too much about it. Yes, a rip-off name, but that’s not unusual. 378 more words

Further updated: Does Prawit have 365 watches? II

About 5 days ago we had a post on the Deputy Dictator’s luxury watches. In it we noted that the count of the watches was 18 and added: “but that might have increased over the last 24 hours.” 572 more words

Does Prawit have 365 watches?

The almost daily revelations of the Deputy Dictator’s luxury watch collection makes us wonder if General Prawit Wongsuwan may have an expensive watch for every day of the year. 152 more words

Bling, buddies and bosses

It is no coincidence that the junta’s efforts to block URLs it doesn’t like have peaked exactly when it is under scrutiny. To be more precise, when Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan is under scrutiny. 301 more words

All those watches

The tremendous public pressure for the Deputy Dictator to be properly investigated for his luxury horological stash has forced the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to call in… 144 more words

Pawning bling?

Fourth Army commander Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanich has claimed “10 local politicians for allegedly being ‘partly’ responsible for the southern unrest…”. There’s no information on who they are or their party affiliation, but the Army has “talked with them…”. 116 more words

Updated: Gen. Bling “explains”

It is reported that the Deputy Dictator has sent a letter to the compromised National Anti-Corruption Commission, “explaining” his watch. We understand he’s only “explaining” how he came by one of his (so far identified) … 229 more words