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“The constitution will pass the referendum”

These are words attributed to senior junta member General Prawit Wongsuwan. Perhaps he already knows the result of the constitutional referendum. Maybe the military has all the ballots already prepared. 176 more words

Cleaning up

As student activists are harassed and even abducted by military thugs, General Udomdej Sitabutr, former Army chief, member of the ruling junta’s cabinet and responsible for the construction of the military’s Rajabhakti Park, reckons he’s in the clear on allegations of corruption. 362 more words

Updated: “Investigations” that cover-up and whitewash

Corruption Park has been the subjects of several junta “investigations.” None of them has gone far in admitting to finding even the corruption at Rajabhakti Park admitted to by junta member and former army chief General Udomdej Sitabutr. 174 more words

Good vs. evil II

In the struggle over “good” and “evil,” in the world of the “good people,” there are those who can switch sides or at least be defined as switching sides. 231 more words

A legal roundup

The Nation reports that nine of the activists  who took part in a trip to Rajabhakti – Corruption – Park to “check out allegations of corruption”  have postponed meeting authorities for the second time. 502 more words

Monarchy, slaves and dogs

The military dictatorship is so superbly dull and paranoid that it manages to generate some of the world’s most absurd and disturbing news that makes Thailand and General Prayuth Chan-ocha a laughing stock. 1,060 more words

Updated: Military cover-up continues

The Corruption Park scandal just won’t go away. Most of the reason for that is that the junta is using very heavy-handed measures to stamp out all discussion of military corruption. 159 more words