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Looking after the family’s interests III

One of the unfortunate consequences of the junta running down and keeping him in custody for a couple of days has been that attention has been diverted from the ruling family’s nepotism (see… 520 more words

Looking after the family’s interests II

The Ministry of Defense has declared that nepotism in the Army is normal.

According to a report at Prachatai, the Ministry “has defended the appointment of the junta’s leader’s nephew to an army post, saying that it is normal for the army to replace retired army personnel.” 616 more words

Looking after the family's interests

The recent chatter on social media has been of nepotism is becoming a din. Several of the local media have tiptoed around the story because it involves the leaking of a secret military order that involves the testy and erratic General Prayuth Chan-ocha, The Dictator of Thailand. 664 more words

Murderous thugs

PPT has some readers who get agitated when we point to the fact that Thailand’s military has been, since its modern birth in the nineteenth century, a force for internal security. 817 more words

Army of repression

As PPT has stated many times, Thailand’s military, and especially the Army, has almost no skills in defending borders. It is a politicized Army or as one academic paper has it, … 285 more words

We have power, you lose again and again

The junta can do anything it wants. It is lawless.

It can suddenly decide on a “second” referendum question. Not satisfied with the draft charter and the power it allocates to the military, the junta has decided that it won’t ask just, Do you support our charter, Yes/No, but will add this one: Should senators jointly vote with MPs in choosing a prime minister, Yes/No. 398 more words

The authoritarian swamp

Military regimes are intolerant regimes. Military dictatorships abhor opposition. Military juntas tend to be be arrogant and corrupt.

Thailand’s arrogant and corrupt military regime is intolerant of any and all opposition. 538 more words