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Tale Of Two Nigeria – A Short Story by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Once upon a time, the diseased elephant lay dead beside the flourishing rat.

The rat had blown his flesh with the meat of the elephant. The rot lay beside the freshness. 1,236 more words


Here We Go Again

Once again (as the next big election nears) all the idiot candor is proof we still haven’t pulled our heads out of our back sides. The same old stupid speeches from most of the candidates and the same old party rants clogging up the media – wasting us all into the next era of being fleeced. 77 more words


200,000-strong Bersih Rally in pictures

(credit: Fadiah Nadwa)

(credit: Astro Awani)

(credit: Malaysiakini)

(credit: Malaysiakini)

(credit: Anonymous)

(credit: Bersih 2.0)

(credit: Malaysiakini)

(credit: Malaysiakini)


JEB! And Transparentacy - 'Republican House Of Cards Caves In As Jeb Bush Busted Not Releasing All Of His Emails'

“An unknown number of the e-mails housed on Bush’s
server were redacted or withheld from public release
because they contained sensitive security issues, Bush
representatives have said. 302 more words


But Of Course....There Is NO Republican War On Women....Is There...... - Dumb Ass Republican Quote Of The Day - Ben Carson

What an idiot…….

You women don’t worry your pretty little heads over something so hard to understand. We Republican men will tell you what choices you can and can’t make. 35 more words