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Dumping The First Amendment

It’s already happening, in case you’ve missed it. In fact, liberals have successfully been able to re-write the Second Amendment, and the 14th Amendment to fit their narratives, even though neither clearly states their purpose. 749 more words

Taiwan Demands Apology from WHO Chief over Coronavirus 'Slander'

Taiwan demanded an apology Thursday from the World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after he accused it of orchestrating personal racist attacks against him. 119 more words

Progressive Agenda

Pandemic Panic

All of this pandemic panic, emotional disassembly and socioeconomic dissolution; how much more evidence do we need? Not so much for the corruption of this or that ideology or political ideal, but for the utter corruption and intellectual poverty of all ideological and political positions, assertions and beliefs? 230 more words


disappointing news chat

It was with great gladness.. that ‘we’ (in the movement) heard that the Green party of Aotearoa, had secured a cannabis referendum (aka ‘Reeferendum) to be held alongside the next General Election in Aotearoa/NZ… 139 more words

When billionaires are made

When billionaires are made
Government erased the traces of their dealings
Those who become are kept into the bunker
And the white papers of their dealings… 184 more words

Letters and hot coals

Dear President Trump,

The other day Laura read me a letter that was addressed to you that was credited to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue but that Sarah Silverman revealed was really written by Aldous J. 628 more words

Democracy Under Siege