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Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 9

Welcome to the on the road version of Under the Rule of the Czar. Saturday morning my wife asked me if I was packed. With the best deer caught in the headlights impression I could muster, “what do you mean my dear?” Turns out that this weekend was the weekend that we are going to Dayton, not next week. 532 more words


How the Book Came to Be.

One of my earliest memories is walking up the hill at High Rock Park to the building where the Olde Bryan Inn is today. When I was a small child relatives of mine lived in the building and there was some type of family gathering there. 412 more words



By: Adekunle Adewunmi

Prior to this age, virtues such as sanctity, honesty, contentment and uncoveteousness were the order of the day. Scarcely did reports fly of theft. 921 more words


Russian teens chanted "You can't arrest us all" at police trying to break up an anti-corruption rally in Moscow

Thousands of people took to the streets on March 26 in anti-corruption protests in 100 cities across Russia. While largely peaceful, the demonstrations resulted in the… 468 more words


Mark Levin Praises President Trump for Letting Democrats' Failure ObamaCare Collapse on Its Own

Mark Levin: Trump’s Comments On Health Care Were “Outstanding,” He Is Playing “Long Ball”

by Tim Hains  at realclearpolitics:

Radio host Mark Levin comments on… 178 more words


Notable Quotable (in their own words)

“As an outsider (not living in Louisiana) doing disaster work in Louisiana, corruption is one element that defines Louisiana’s culture. There are many beautiful elements to your culture; corruption is not one of them. 65 more words