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Las 10 noticias más censuradas en los Estados Unidos

El 1% más rico posee la mitad de la riqueza mundial, el fracking envenena las aguas subterráneas, aumentan los países que siguen el ejemplo de Bolivia por el derecho humano al agua, la policía de EEUU mata más que ninguna otra del planeta, los pobres reciben menos cobertura de medios que sus dueños multimillonarios… 1,719 more words


Saudi-Thai Relations and the Blue Diamond Affair

First published with Vice News October 2, 2015

Some 25 years ago, a lowly Thai gardener found himself working in a grand palace in Saudi Arabia, half way across the world from his home village. 1,235 more words


Corruption In India : - A systematic approach to break our Country

In old times, a saying went like this “Sau mein se assi Beimaan, phir bhi mera desh Mahaan”. Translated it means, “80 of the 100 people in our country are dishonest, still the country is great. 1,049 more words

The Quest Of Truth

Ex-leader of UN General Assembly turned world body into 'platform for profit,' prosecutor says

NEW YORK – A former president of the United Nations General Assembly turned the world body into a “platform for profit” by accepting over $1 million in bribes and a trip to New Orleans from a billionaire Chinese real estate mogul and other businesspeople to pave the way for lucrative investments, a prosecutor charged Tuesday. 660 more words


Why one party councils are dangerous

“In modern democracies one of the main pillars of good government and control of cor- ruption is elections and electoral accountability. The change of political leadership or the risk of such change is expected to discipline holders of political power to use it for the public good rather than for their own private benefit. 161 more words


Pashtun Jirga Vs US justice system

Why did ANP leader prefer Jirga over going to US court against relative of PTI leader?

Jalil Afridi/Naimat Khan

WASHINGTON/KARACHI: A senior Pakistani politician belonging to Awami National Party is reluctant to take a fraudulent  person to American court due to ‘dubious transactions’ and ‘fears of money laundering case’, credible sources told The Frontier Post. 716 more words


War on black money is a hoax - Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

“Narendra Modi and leading politicians from the Bharatiya Janata Party had claimed that if they were elected, they would bring back enough black money to distribute a sum of Rs 15 lakh to each and every poor Indian family. 1,117 more words