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Pemex puts Odebrecht contracts under seal until 2020

In response to requests for information about its Odebrecht contracts under the transparency laws, Pemex Industrial Transformation (the refining arm) acknowledged two contracts but said that they had been put under seal until February 2023.   49 more words


Neil Gorsuch from testimony

  1.  Very smart guy
  2. I don’t buy his aw shucks good guy routine.
  3. He seems more than a bit full of himself — his false modesty hasn’t been polished.
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The Collapse Of Civilization

Philly DA Indicted For Corruption

In a move which surprised no one, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has been indicted on twenty-three counts of corruption yesterday.

Describing himself as “merely a thankful beggar,” Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams sought thousands of dollars in bribes from deep-pocketed donors seeking his help with their legal woes, federal authorities said Tuesday as they unveiled a 23-count indictment charging the two-term Democrat in a sprawling corruption case.

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America hates the professional politicians. Help us impose Term Limits on Congress!

Here is the link: Term Limits Petition

It’s critical that everyone in America who supports Term Limits signs this petition and DEMANDS that his or her state join the call for the Term Limits Convention. 146 more words


Trump begins employing his mentor Putin’s tactics on Capitol Hill

President Trump spent Tuesday selling the Republican health-care overhaul to skeptical House members, warning his party that failure would endanger his legislative agenda and their own political careers. 859 more words

Traitor Trump

Crooked "Boss Tweed" Rises from New York Corrupt Dead Again as a DeBlasio in Fascist Mouthing

NYC mayor prepares schools to “resist ICE”

by Jazz Shaw   at HotAir:

“Now that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio no longer has Preet Bharara to worry about he can get back to the important work of doing what he likes best. 622 more words