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Hillary's Emails; What They Aren't Saying ...

Sherlock Holmes once resolved a murder on noting that a dog had done nothing in the night time. Perhaps we may resolve the current flapdoodle re Hillary Clinton’s emails likewise. 424 more words


Taking back up my burden as a witness to catastrophe in Kenya (and Mississippi)

I’ve promised myself to go ahead and hammer home more of the details about the election fraud and cover up in Kenya in 2007 in more installments of my “War for History” series before saying much more about the next election or the latest trend in development assistance fashion or other things that would be more fun to write about now. 902 more words


The Washington Corruption Case

The Obama Administration campaign and operations staff1 made a deal with Silicon Valley billionaires2 to exchange internet manipulation and campaign financing for stock market valuation pumps, government, grants, tax waivers and tech market monopolies. 65 more words


08.29.16: Yon Goicoechea

Yon Goicoechea, a political figure with the Voluntad Popular opposition party, was kidnapped by armed men at approximately 9:30 AM this morning, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 1,160 more words

Daily Update

Ian Alleyne - Not The Hero We Need

If you’re a friend of mine, it’s no secret that I hate Ian Alleyne’s CrimeWatch. I think that it’s an ego-maniacal rant that managed to get sponsors and dupe the general public into thinking that there’s a hero listening directly to them. 596 more words

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