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Eradicating Political Corruption in Africa

Political corruption is so called because it is a kind of corruption that infects (some) individuals holding political or public office, while the victims are public fortunes, resources, or interests.

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African Identity And Development

The Influence of Association

Ever heard the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? What about, “If you can’t beat them, join them”? Can these sayings be applied to our faith? 1,232 more words


Heart On A Bayonet – Act Three - Part One

Synopsis: Wrongly convicted, a once prominent woman finds herself looking for life’s true purpose.

Author’s notes: All chapters are now a work in progress and thus still being edited. 3,012 more words



When the axe falls
To spill your pudding
All that bullshit you spew
Will puddle in your pants
Like the baby you are

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Corrution? Government or Corporations?

Disclaimer: this piece is my opinion, based on my business acumen and years of experience observing politics.

Below I have proven beyond any doubt that the Clinton Foundation and all its cohorts are a corrupt criminal enterprise. 648 more words


American Taxes -  The Grand Scheme

Taxes in America are a scheme of the wealthiest people in America to put the entire burden of tax revenue on those who are not wealthy enough to be above paying taxes. 950 more words


300 Scientists Demand US Leave UN!!

The most corrupt criminal org on the planet!  UN headquarters NYC!

300 scientists have signed a petition sent to President Trump asking him to pull the US out of the UN and the UN’s global warming campaign. 394 more words