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Hillary Clinton in 2003: The Bush administration's lack of transparency 'raises the suspicion that it has something to hide'

 I first saw the following video at Bunkerville so a hat-tip is in order. Back in 2003 Hillary Clinton stated the following:

“In taking their action to evade or avoid providing information, the administration unnecessarily raises the suspicion that it has something to hide, that it might use the claim of national security to hide mistakes that are literally questions of life and death for Americans”

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Buhari's win- A watershed moment in Nigerian politics

Today’s election win for Muhammadu Buhari is a watershed moment in Nigerian politics. The results deserve comment because Nigeria was at a crossroads- and it seems like the citizens made a decision that is going to benefit not just Nigeria itself, but African politics as a whole. 699 more words


Looking at India's WWE

I haven’t watched WWE for some time, but the memories of the same comes back through IPL, which is more of a result of the need for an Indian WWE rather than a cricket league, the reasons for which you might already know. 602 more words


Thank God

I have emergency back up

So I’m not empty handed

I’m not entirely stranded

There’s still a cup




Manhattan Center principal David Jimenez once told a gym teacher that his students would forget him and that he had to let go. Well maybe that the case with David Jimenez and Daniel Albetta, but as for myself since I’ve been in the ATR pool I have ran into a number of my former students and everyone remembered me. 470 more words


This Will Be As True For Elizabeth Warren If She Runs For President As It Was For FDR

Organized money is what controls politics in the United States. Money can be organized in any number of ways. A corporation is made up of money organized from investors. 200 more words