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Beginners List Of Corset Brands And Styles

What corset to buy? From where and in which style? I thought I’d create a list of some common corset brands with my thoughts on their looks and styles for all those who might find it useful. 811 more words


Body Modification

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(Originally written April, 2010 for Intro To Humanities Honors at NESCC)

Body Modification: Who, What, and Why?

When I hear the words “body modification,” I think of tattoos, piercings, tongue splitting, tribal lip disks and neck rings, and branding. 1,400 more words

School Work

Adventures in Corsetry

If you are looking for a great way to reduce your waist or solve a back probelm, corseting is a great way to accomplish these goals! 294 more words


The World of Crafting

In many ways, crafting of all kinds has shape our world. We use wood to make homes and decorate them. Fabric and fiber is used to cover our bodies and keep us warm. 61 more words


Fictional Friday :: 10 steps to effective cosplay

Actually chronologically!  (And costuming in general.)

10. Decide what you’re going to be.  Find a crap ton of pictures and narrow it down to which outfit(s) you’re doing. 1,536 more words

Whedon Wednesday :: 10 life lessons you can learn from the third season of Buffy

(There’s no dramatic split like season two, so I’m just going for it all together.)

10. Calm the hell down, Homecoming Queen is not a big deal.  1,260 more words

Social Life Sunday :: thank you for teaching me about kindred spirits, Anne of Green Gables.

It’s a concept that I’ve definitely held onto from that book, and one that I think is important.  I’m a big believer in having ~meaningful connections~ with people.  343 more words