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Dear Kate....just checking in...how's baby Charlotte?

Dear Kate, Duchess of Cambridge,

I hope your short week at home has been restful.  I know England is still super excited about its new member of the Royal family. 258 more words

Polaire and her 14- (or 15- or 16-) inch waist.

My fingers are flying to finish my HSM #3 project in time, i.e., midnight tomorrow. In the meantime, while researching corsets and corseting practices, I discovered Polaire. 778 more words

A Little Bit Of History

Of middle names and children

Curse the initials that speak of my beauty,

that flutter when I transform them

into something I can understand.


When I would be one, to care nothing for  60 more words

The Underworld Again

it started with fingertips.

with the way they fluttered when you talked.


or, no.

that is the hardest part of any story, isn’t it?

where to begin it. 128 more words

Carefully Constructed

i relish the blossoming of their purple forms,

anxiously awaiting the revelation of the lovely lines,

indentations, that in their beautiful story

all across my abdomen… 58 more words

Corset Training Lifestyle

Though I may seem all Dark Garden, all the time, there are many corsetiers out there whose work I admire and point of view I respect. 277 more words



I’ve been wearing my corset a few hours a day and only when I’m alone or with my partner mostly. I’m nervous on how others will react to me wearing it and what they will say. 107 more words