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Cortisone part deux 

Went to my favorite primary car doc today. She gave me another shot in my shoulder to hold me over until I see the new shoulder guy. 369 more words


Feeling the pressure… or, how not to train for the PCT!

 ← previous                                                                                      next → Since deciding I was going to hike the PCT this year and then being accepted as one of the 5 mYAMAdventure… 706 more words

Natural eczema healing

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ageessss, I have just started uni again for the year (my final year! eeee!!) and also, I have started an eczema detox! 382 more words

The Wknd I Spent Sedated 

Ok so last week was quite the ordeal. A lot of stuff happened and then towards the end of the week I had to deal with some medical things at the hospital. 543 more words

One Day and a call for advice!

This weekend, on a rare lazy Saturday morning, I re-watched the movie One Day.  

It’s the worst kept secret that the book is a guilty pleasure for me. 399 more words

Ankle Injury

I Am

University classes have started, applications for extracurricular committees and societies are open and new people are waiting to enter my life. Seeing as I was on medical leave last year and spent the majority of my time in bed,  either at home or in hospital, adjusting back to real life is proving to be a little bit more challenging than expected. 618 more words

Boom. Clap. The sound of my hopes skyrocketing!

I received a cortisone shot. After 5 months with no change to my ankle, my doctor (the second one) suggested a cortisone shot. 301 more words