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Why unrelenting, chronic rage is so toxic.

There is nothing wrong with anger when it’s needed. Righteous anger is a normal human emotion and helps us survive. When we are faced with danger, unfair treatment, or have been attacked (either overtly or covertly) by dangerous people, it’s normal to feel rage and anger. 534 more words

Letting Go

Just as I suspected.....

Lots to talk about this week with running of the Moore/Fitness Half Marathon yesterday.   I’m going to shelve that till tomorrow though, because I need to blog (process) my first visit to the Podiatrist today.   677 more words

Plantar Fasciitis

Cortisone part deux 

Went to my favorite primary car doc today. She gave me another shot in my shoulder to hold me over until I see the new shoulder guy. 369 more words


Feeling the pressure… or, how not to train for the PCT!

 ← previous                                                                                      next → Since deciding I was going to hike the PCT this year and then being accepted as one of the 5 mYAMAdventure… 706 more words

Natural eczema healing

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ageessss, I have just started uni again for the year (my final year! eeee!!) and also, I have started an eczema detox! 382 more words

The Wknd I Spent Sedated 

Ok so last week was quite the ordeal. A lot of stuff happened and then towards the end of the week I had to deal with some medical things at the hospital. 543 more words

One Day and a call for advice!

This weekend, on a rare lazy Saturday morning, I re-watched the movie One Day.  

It’s the worst kept secret that the book is a guilty pleasure for me. 399 more words

Ankle Injury