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“Certified” by Luke Asa Guidici is a short film between comedy and horror, adaptation of “The open window”, short story by Saki. Luke directs it masterfully to create a well-constructed tension thanks to its protagonists Thomas Garner and Rebecca Spicher. 75 more words


Mr. Dentonn

In the last edition of Halloween we had the pleasure to screen “Mr. Dentonn” by Iván Villamel, amazing horror short film with more than 100 awards and more than 500 selections, being the most awarded horror short film in history. 71 more words



“Lunatique” by Gabriel Kalim Mucci is an award-winning science fiction short films that shows  a woman who struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic future. Magnificient cinematography and visual effects to support the desolation of a shattered world. 54 more words



Este semestre como parte de la clase de Producción de Cine Avanzada.   Eh llevado acabo la filmación del cortometraje titulado “A la merced”.   Una historia escrita por mi, la cual relata un suceso real que me toco vivir, a semanas después del huracán María.    215 more words



“Turned”, directed by Adam Bolt for Crypt TV deals with the zombie stuff from an intense and dramatic approach to show the last moments of a victim of a zombie bite. 74 more words



“Honeymoon Hotel” by Murat Eyüp Gönültas, director of the magnificient “Jagon”, and produced by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg is a thriller twith a Robert Rodríguez style, with a peculiar and stunning photography, hard tones, experimental on occasions that adorns a whole team of amazing characters. 101 more words


The Green Ruby Pumpkin

“The Green Ruby Pumpkin” by Miguel Ortega. Exceptional short film, visually wonderful. A Halloween tale, a project of two visual effects artists, Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma – who would later produce their incredible The Ningyo, which shows their mastery behind the scenes. 59 more words