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the good time girls

“The good times girls” is the directional debut by Courtney Hoffman, costume designer for “The Hateful Eight”, “Baby driver”, and gives us a western, in the classic style, of brutal revenge where, contrary to what we are accustomed, women, headed in the cast by the great Laura Dern (Jurassic Park, Wild Heart) conforms this peculiar wild group. 80 more words


“Verdad o Mentira”

ROBERTO JUAREZ (28 AÑOS, Alto, barba, está un poco loco, es exjugador de futbol soccer, perdió a su hija) se encuentra afuera de su casa sentado en la banqueta, fumando un cigarro como todos los días, ahí es cuando por primera vez se escucha un ruido que tenía tiempo sin oírlo. 850 more words


dawn of the deaf

“Dawn of the deaf”, by Rob Savage, can freeze your blood. We hope that this work —with all of its awards in Sitges, its Baftas and Sundance’s Official Selection—, is the prologue for a feature film. 132 more words


L'Accordeur (The piano tuner)

We finish the weekend with a short film discovered by one of our Facebook fans. “L’Accordeur”, by Oliver Treiner, comes full of suspense. Based on a simple premise, but with amazing performances and direction, it keeps us glued to the screen until its astonishing end. 65 more words


BLOWN AWAY (ENCHUFADOS) - Una película de Sadie Duarte/A Sadie Duarte Film

BLOWN AWAY (ENCHUFADOS) – Artículo en inglés y español/ Article in English and Spanish.

(Please, scroll down to read the English version).

Cast/Elenco: Paco Arévalo, Secun de la Rosa, Roberto Millán, María Espinosa, Pablo Escamilla, Jorge Aparicio, Manuel Durán, Rodrigo Moreno, Merrick Wells, Donald Barnett. 1,776 more words


Dead hearts

Let’s finish the weekend with this awarded, retro-style tale, unsuitable for strait-laced ones. Stephen W. Martin directs “Dead Hearts“. This… love story between two children goes beyond originality: he will inherit his family’s funeral home one day while, she loves taxidermy and kung fu. 125 more words