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Star Wars: Black Force 09

Khi smirked as the Jedi’s gangly companion squinted at the faded menu hanging above the counter. Everything about the man shouted his disdain for the diner, its patrons, and Tjok. 955 more words

Black Force

Star Wars: Black Force 08

Lieushis Gradden let himself relax into the embrace of the Force. It was always both a comforting and exhilarating experience and always new, despite his many years as a Jedi. 955 more words

Black Force

Star Wars: Black Force 05

Saihan Sai stopped in the middle of the jostle of shoppers on the busy plaza. All around him goods and services were aggressively proffered to passersby’s with messages bent in colorful lights or glittering paint. 1,620 more words

Black Force

Star Wars - Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire

Well, here we are again with another boxed campaign for Imperial Assault – the ideal RPG for Star Wars fans who want to shoot and fight stuff rather than worrying about motivation and character building, and the ideal skirmish minis game for Star Wars fans who want to have a bit of a story behind what they’re shooting (at least until Legion comes out). 441 more words


Darth Vader Trains The Inquisitorius

I think Darth Vader purposely severed limbs in order for the Inquisitorius to feel hatred, and push them further into the Dark Side of the Force. 23 more words