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Celebrating Star Wars #29

A rare look at Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship as master and apprentice before the Clone Wars.

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. 278 more words


Star Wars: Notorious Espionage

One of the joys of being a fan of Star Wars is the fact that the saga itself has its roots in cinematic history. Lucas was a keen student of film and his films have all sorts of nods and allegories to previous works that make them a joy to watch. 685 more words

Star Wars

Jedi Academy Entry and Garage

My jedi sage has set up an academy on Coruscant. This is where she hoards objects that are useful for instructing padawans and replenishes herself. I’ve focused on datacrons, utility decorations, and living plants throughout the stronghold. 240 more words

Star Wars

COMIC REVIEW: Darth Vader: The Dark Lord of the Sith #1 - Spoiler Free Comic Review

Hey everyone, I am trying something new here at Comic Book Times. Going forward, I will be providing audio reviews, mini shows and the such via my YouTube page. 42 more words

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Livres de lecture gratuits Star Wars légendes - Les nuits de Coruscant, tome 1 en ligne

Découvrez les romans de l’univers Star Wars en numérique !

Rescapé d’un gigantesque massacre, un chevalier solitaire continue le combat contre Palpatine.

An -18

L’Empire Galactique a remplacé la République et son leader, l’Empereur Palpatine, a virtuellement rayé les Jedi de la carte. 155 more words



It’s that time of the day again: time for the word of the day! And time to see how the story will develop!

The word of the day for May 4, 2017 is: 262 more words

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