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What Would Living in the Star Wars Galaxy Be Like?

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

If it turned out that the Star Wars universe was real and you could go live there would you do it? There are a lot of people who would probably scream YES!!! 2,315 more words

Meanwhile, on Coruscant [pt 3]


The employment line was out the door again. Dana wanted to turn around and head back home, but she’d already arranged for the girls to be watched by their neighbor for the day and they needed the money. 1,229 more words


Meanwhile, on Coruscant [pt 2]


“Get yoor hands offa me,” Zizzy hissed, lekku twitching out an obscene exclamation mark to her words. “I am naught yer plaything.” She slapped away the offending hands, the Human snatching them back with a curse. 2,232 more words


Star Wars Rogue One Thoughts Part Two

*warning: Some spoilers for the plot and ending!*

This article will mainly examine how Rogue One deviates from-and yet embraces as well-the typical Star Wars ‘formula’ and ‘feel’. 809 more words

Meanwhile, on Coruscant [pt 1]


Zizzy Starseed was shoplifting again. Dana Stryder cast the teenager a sideways look, the blue skinned Twi’leki lurking by the candy aisle wearing a canvas jacket three sizes too big for her skinny frame. 2,462 more words


The Prequels Didn't Over-Do CGI

George Lucas oversaturated the prequels with computer-generated images and the dated, artificial visuals contributed to their mediocrity.  This argument gets passed around often, to the point that many fans toss it out matter-of-factly.  415 more words

Star Wars The cloak of deception by James Luceno

The prequel novel for Star wars by James Luceno tells the story prior to Star Wars Episode-I, where it is shown how the friction between the trade federation and Coruscant started. 159 more words