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Darth Vader 1

Today, Taylor and Drew are discussing Darth Vader 1 originally released February 11th, 2015.

Taylor: When I was in second grade the fire department came to my school to give us a demonstration about what to do in a fire. 1,642 more words

Drew Baumgartner

Inside The Legacy: Episode 998: Quyana's Side-Mission

Inside The Legacy

Episode 998

Quyana’s Side Mission

Quyana has constructed her first light saber after completing the trials on Tython. She is now officially known as a Jedi Knight. 237 more words


Chapter 29 - The flame miniature

The week went by in a blur. Ayesha went to the Centre on Centaxday as usual, but she swapped her shift with another volunteer on Taungsday to spend the evening with Thrawn, and her friends came over for a going-away party. 2,098 more words

Fan Fiction

Chapter 27 - The bacta tank

Warning: mature content in this chapter

Thrawn’s warm hands gently pulled Ayesha up by the shoulders and she left the Wookiee’s side to follow him to the corridor. 2,386 more words

Fan Fiction

Chapter 26 - Qumawarat

They got off the turbolift on a floor towards the middle of her skyscraper and took a public shuttle, then a maglev, then pulled up the hoods of their jackets and took another turbolift into the depths of Coruscant. 3,153 more words

Fan Fiction

Chapter 25 - Taungsday

The Star Destroyer Admonitor was in orbit above Coruscant and Thrawn was increasingly busy with his work. He was preparing a military campaign against an alien warlord in the Unknown Regions, and was constantly shuttling between the Palace, his ship and Ayesha’s apartment. 1,919 more words

Fan Fiction

Chapter 24 - Jealousy

Warning: mature content in this chapter.

Thrawn went back to work and Ayesha quickly made a full recovery, becoming once again her whimsical, cheerful self. She slept like a baby at night and ate ravenously, as if to make up for time lost. 3,522 more words

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