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Lara remained sitting on the balcony long after Deirdre finished her drink and took her leave. The sun was lowering on the horizon and a gentle breeze was playing around, just strong enough to ruffle her hair occasionally. 3,896 more words


The New English Companion website

I really liked the lush look of my website, the new design I had someone develop for me a few years ago. But if it takes time away from my writing and teaching to maintain it, it’s too high a price. 163 more words

Letter to Corwin


Ref: D17-694

25 September 2016

Prince Corwin

Regent of Amber

Room 415-3

Amber Palace

Dear Sir,

I regret that I am not able to give you a proper hand-over of the Regent’s business in person, however in lieu please find below information which I believe you may find of use. 169 more words


Looking Back On Freshman English With Corwin

Freshman year is a weird time. No one knows where anything is, what classes you want to take, what they’re even supposed to be like and a whole slew of other things. 1,025 more words

Chelsa Staub - TheJonathan Corwin House in Salem, Massachusetts -- known as...

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A Spoonful of Sugar

I think I’ve mentioned my cousin Corwin was interesting. He was still hauling his bottle around when he started school. His teacher made him leave it at home, so first thing after getting off the bus, he’d get his bottle out of the cabinet, fill it up, and enjoy it along with his after school snack. 362 more words


Corwin and the Hog Dog

Aunt Essie, like all of my aunts, was a wonder of fertility, if not child-rearing acumen, raising seven of the meanest boys outside Alcatraz. Thank God, her reproductive equipment gave out before she managed more. 727 more words