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Conquering Corwin (part 2)

Aunt Essie got her nose out of joint when her little guys came home bringing tales of how badly Uncle Bill had treated them, so he didn’t hear from her till she fell on hard times a couple of years later. 528 more words


Corwin and the Goat Pills

I think I’ve mentioned my cousin Corwin was interesting. He was still hauling his bottle around when he started school. His teacher made him leave it at home, so first thing after getting off the bus, he’d get his bottle out of the cabinet, fill it up, and enjoy it along with his after school snack. 369 more words


An Honorable Beginning

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Dwight Hughes

April 13, 1861—the broad, brown Mississippi flood tugged at United States mail steamer Bienville… 1,912 more words


The Guns of Avalon by Roger Zelazny

Published in 1972|223 Pages| Avon Books|Book 2 of the Amber Series

The end of Nine Princes in Amber left a lot to be desired. Corwin’s unsuccessful battle against his brother Eric to possess the throne of Amber had left him in the dungeon, his eyes branded and his life nothing but darkness and pain. 422 more words


Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny

Published in 1970|Avon Books|175 Pages

I like to consider fantasy my favorite genre of novel, yet find myself reading very little of it. Much of this can be explained away by the considerable length of most modern fantasy novels. 671 more words


Please Take This Terrible Samurai Jack Quiz Our Terrible Intern Steve Wrote Terribly

Foreword By Wes Corwin

Foreword writer’s note: Wes Corwin is not related to this awful quiz written by this awful man or this awful man who wrote this awful quiz. 169 more words


Major BUNDLE Corwin Connected Educators Series

Many people envy an educator’s work schedule. Undeniably, having a Monday through Friday routine with extended summer and winter breaks seems like a dream situation. However, it isn’t always all it is cracked up to be.There is a common misconception that, due to this schedule, … 217 more words