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Don't Forget: The Morality Of The Method

When you’re in the process of tearing down monuments that remind you of badder sadder days in the USA, Don’t Forget the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the CIA torture Museum. 651 more words


Sen. Cory Booker announces bill to remove Confederate statues from the US Capitol

Sen. Cory Booker plans to introduce a bill to remove statues from the US Capitol honoring Confederate soldiers despite President Donald Trump calling these memorials “beautiful.” 760 more words


Cynicism is the Refuge for Cowards

The time was 9:58 pm on July 25, 2016. Senator Cory Booker took the stage to deliver a speech to the Democratic National Convention crowd. His speech would be highly reviewed and would have Washington buzzing about the potential of a future President. 1,308 more words


Cory Booker Did A Good Thing

Cory Booker gets a bad rap from progressives. The criticism is justified: Booker’s social media grabs shows the worst of the Democratic Party’s obsession with viral-ready media posturing (especially during his time as Newark major, when they often came at the cost of… 893 more words


It’s Time to End the War on Pot

This originally appeared in Reason Revolution, episode 8.

In 1936, a church-funded film called Tell Your Children was released in theaters. Originally produced by George Hirliman as a propaganda film, Tell Your Children displayed youths gone wild under the influence of marijuana. 1,342 more words


What keeps me up at night

One of the most challenging aspects of going back to school is readjusting my sleep routine. I assume most people can relate to that. Summer nights are Colorado’s nectar. 862 more words

08.05.17 Twenty-twenty

The New York Times reports today that the GOP presidential campaign for 2020 is heating up. This is another delightful indication of Trump’s spreading toxicity among even the racists, theocrats, and corporate elites. 225 more words