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A Competent Lawyer Will Keep Current with Technology

Recently the American Bar Association revised its model rules, specifically addressing the need for an attorney to keep current with advances in technology.  The change in rules was proposed by the ABA’s Commission on Ethics 20/20 and was adopted during the annual meeting, held in Chicago, August 2-7. 286 more words


Jess Walter, Quality Literature sans Zombies: Meet Cory Lenz

The Financial Lives of Poets by Jess Walter

He may never squeeze onto a Bestseller List overrun with vampires, wizards, hired guns, and unlucky survivors of an apocalypse, but his narrative and prose unspool beautifully and deserve a larger readership. 117 more words


Authentic Listening with My Mom, or the Time I Made My Dad So Mad He Spit Cereal at Me

Author and improvement leader Kevin Cashman believes there is a leader in all of us.  In his book, Leadership from the Inside Out, he posits that the distinction of leaders from non-leaders is the courage to assess and negotiate internal strengths and weaknesses.  1,011 more words


Killer Cover Letters 2: The Body Wars

We dissected the Introduction of a cover letter in an earlier post.  The critical lesson there was to umbrella your particular skill-sets under a single theme that would appeal to your future employer.  1,311 more words


Introducing Cory Lenz!

I am excited to be the newest reference librarian at the Charlotte School of Law and look forward to promoting the studies and scholarship of the students and faculty.  235 more words