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Sleep Training a 1 year old-Day 2

If I could sum up last night in one word it would be, DEFEAT!

She had her bath, we rocked and she went down to sleep in her crib so easily. 160 more words

Cosleeping Transition

As my belly grew larger and larger with my second child, it became increasingly clear that our sleeping situation was due for a major change. With my daughter, we used an arms reach cosleeper (link at the bottom) when she was a newborn but as she got older she gradually made her way into our bed and stayed there. 516 more words

Sleep Training a 1 year old-Day 1

Since 6 months old Harper has been sleeping in our bed (btw something I said I would never allow!). Between the constant ear infections, colds, teething, so on and so on, putting her in the bed with us, was the only way we were going to get any sleep. 478 more words

Sleeping Soundly


It is an obsession and hot topic that arrives part and parcel with a freshly born human. From both ourselves, and from those around us. 2,453 more words

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep...

This morning, I was awoken at 7am, still clutching my one year old who was nestled between me and her dad in our bed. She had just woken up and was happy and giggly to see us with her and I realised that after her bottle at 1.30am, neither of us had actually put her back to bed. 431 more words

What love smells like: On bathing with my daughter

Ever since I weaned my daughter, shortly before her second birthday, our relationship has been a bit rocky. Yes, I know she loves me, but when it comes to moments of primal anguish, mommy just doesn’t cut it anymore. 1,776 more words


When your baby doesn't sleep...

You were sitting down on the floor of the local library, your bouncing baby boy perched in your lap cooing and smiling at me as my toddler and I strolled up to the door. 662 more words