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Rock-a-bye Baby

What is it about sleeping babiesĀ that is so magical and tragic all at the same time? It’s minutes that feel like hours putting a usually overtired infant or toddler to sleep because Lord knows they need a nap, and momma seriously needs some peace and quiet. 547 more words

Co-sleeping or should I say just sleeping.

There’s so much controversy around sleeping with babies, whether it’s in a crib, cot or in your own bed. Currently we are dealing with co-sleeping, yes some may find it ridiculous or unsafe or whatever. 300 more words

Cosleeping Rant

Why does my cosleeping bother you?

Are my babies touching you? No.

Did you carry them babies in your body? No.

Think about it. Why in the bananas would I care about how I parent my children? 175 more words


A Bust

Last night was rough. W fussed almost all night and she wouldn’t even settle for nursing a few times. I’m at a lost as to what’s going on. 278 more words


Above Zero

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It feels like a while since I last posted. What feels even longer is the this cough and cold that I’ve had since the last week of January. 885 more words


The Quiet Sounds

It is currently 3:47 a.m. I woke up at 1:15 to nurse Max and just haven’t captured the elusive sleep we all crave. For the better part of the last two hours I have been reading and balancing our budget. 354 more words


There were 2 in the bed. . .

In case you have been following along you may remember a post from a couple weeks ago about my husband and I sleeping on our livinroom floor šŸ™ˆ Our big brain wave was that in removing ourselves from our own bedroom and also the room R’s crib is in that she would realize we were not there in the middle of the night and put herself back to sleep. 343 more words