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Our Family Bed

I never wanted to share our bed. My husband is a big guy, a heavy sleeper, and this square of comfort and joy and love was… 655 more words

A little bit about me....


New to blogging altogether!

Just a wee intro about why I’m blogging and what about!

I’m Suzy Sioux.

I have a 20 month old delicious little girl called Isabella Maggie. 112 more words

Attachment Parenting

Safe Sleep

Do you know how to sleep safely with your baby? Did you know that sleeping with your baby can be done safely? This post goes into the different terms involved in the hows and whys of babies and sleep. 202 more words


Yes, My Daughter Sleeps With Me Sometimes, And No, I Don't Care What You Think

Dear Concerned Citizens of Sleep:

I noted your cocked eyebrow, slight mutter or loud vocalization when I mentioned casually that my daughter slept in my bed last night. 107 more words


T w i g h t l i g h t.

Crying. The little voice yells out “Mom the sky. Sky no night night.” Oh spring days you bring on the longer daylight that I so missed in the winter but you make my little one so confused and certain that mama is totally bananas for making one go to bed when the evening twilight is saying it’s still time to play… more crying ensues. 48 more words


This be Oggy

She is the littlest of our Lot. Can you see the cray cray in her eyes?? She has indeed been sent to challenge me! To break me down, to make me reassess my rules and methods and views on many a parenting thing. 689 more words


Co-sleeping and Natural Parenting with Love

Minami has never had her own room because up to now we’ve been co-sleeping. I love being so close to her readily able to listen to her cues so that I can help her as soon as she needs it. 481 more words