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9 month madness

My gosh I thought I was tired when Mirabelle was a newborn but this is a whole other exhaustion.

It’s a constant eyes in the back of your head on edge type of tired. 348 more words


Baby let me hold you a little longer.


A controversial topic, I know. I co-slept with my son until he was 7 months old. I had to if I was going to get any sleep myself. 227 more words


I'm Back?

I haven’t posted anything here for a while. I wish I could say it is due to a chaotic schedule or something, but it’s honestly more a lack of motivation and inspiration. 1,204 more words


Why is it that when we get less sleep than we should we are so unproductive the next day? I honestly turn into blobby mummy on those days and to be honest with you, those days are way too often now. 299 more words

Sleep habits

Sleep habits is today’s mission, but first an update on this diet.  Surprisingly, I have been feeling very well and tracking really good each day.  It has been quite enjoyable being able to eat cheese, kielbasa and put heavy whipping cream in my coffee without having to feel guilty about it.   984 more words



When I was pregnant, I read a lot of articles. I was obsessed with pregnancy, children, car seat safety, etc. After all my reading, I decided attachment parenting was just going to end up my style. 287 more words


We lie together..

There is music playing, typically. Lately we’ve been listening to Iron and Wine. The soft notes and gentle voice make my dreams bigger, my worries smaller, my breath deeper. 393 more words