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How I fell into attachment parenting

Now I’ve never had a problem with attachment parenting – whenever I heard anything about it I always thought it sounded so lovely, it just wasn’t for me, or my hubby, mainly my hubby, I didn’t think he’d go for it at all! 529 more words

This bed ain't big enough for all of you

I know a woman who has two kids.  These two kids co-sleep with her.  They can’t sleep without her.  Case en point, when we went out one night, they were still awake when we returned (very late, I might add) because they couldn’t go to sleep without their mom in the bed.   866 more words

2 Kids

Things I said I'd never do... But don't regret at all.

Parenting is sometimes described as a hurricane – you know that it’s coming so you can prepare all you want, but you’ll never really know the impact it’s gonna have until it actually happens. 573 more words


The Plan for Happily Ever After; and Why I Know It Still Exists

Happily ever after….Don’t we all have those dreams?…You know how when you are in preschool and the teacher asks what you want to be when you grow up?….Sitting in a raggedy old scrapbook, packed away in a box somewhere in a shed at my parent’s house, there is a paper with a hand drawn picture from the four year old me that says “When I grow up I want to be A Mommy”….Just let that sink in a minute; all I ever wanted for my life was to be a Mommy; and truly I have been blessed…. 1,295 more words


Back is best... Until they flop like a fish in their sleep.

We haven’t transitioned Parker to his crib at night. When I’m ready Cory isn’t and the other way around. His weekend naps are there… (or car seat while we’re running errands). 328 more words