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Confession #4: I broke all my parenting rules straight away.

Every parent when they expecting makes plans. Plans are good. (And this is coming from a last-minute procrastinator who HATES making plans.)

But, like good communicators, my husband and I came up with ideas (aka: rules) of how we would raise the twins once they came home. 893 more words

It's Like That

To co-sleep or nah?

For a peculiar reason, cosleeping/bedsharing is a hot topic in the family/parenting world. I never quite understood why until I became a parent. 400 more words


The Beauty In Bedsharing

This morning, I slipped under my nearly 3-year old daughter’s covers to wake her up with a kiss and a cuddle, but was met with resistance. 2,057 more words

2 years and 4.9 years

It’s the small moments of letting go that are the closest I come to feeling like maybe I have this mom-thing figured out for once. … 640 more words


The Way We Did // On Going Back to Work.

YOU NEED TO KNOW: I absolutely believe there is no one way to parent. Every family is different and every child, and that’s a beautiful thing. 477 more words


Oh The Love

One of my very favorite things has to be sleep. I love sleep, oh so very much. I probably could sleep all day. It’s a true talent. 273 more words

Baby Boy

Safe Co-Sleeping and Bed-Sharing

Co-sleeping is defined as sleeping in the same space with another person. This can be in the same room, separate beds, in adjoining beds (like a side-cared crib), or together in the same bed, which is called bed-sharing. 1,087 more words