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5 Downsides to Co-sleeping with your Baby

There are many reasons mothers choose to bed share with their babies. Some do so because it makes middle of the night breastfeeding easier, others because their little one won’t sleep in his/her crib. 386 more words

Cosleeping problems.

If you’ve read this blog for awhile, you know we are cosleepers.

All four of us are in the bed at night.

It’s great until the 3 year old wakes up. 66 more words


"Okay but I don't want her sleeping in the bed with us" and other tales of how I was wrong about parenting. 

I don’t like to outright tell people I ended up associating myself with Attachment Parenting. I never thought I would like it so much until I had my own baby. 723 more words


10 things I wish I'd known about breastfeeding.

Since becoming a mum I find myself talking about breastfeeding a LOT! I’m pretty sure that I’m driving people crazy but kudos to them- they save the eye rolling for when I’m out of the room. 1,902 more words


Our baby is three months old.

She is no longer a newborn.

I can’t quite get my head around it. Time moves in strange ways – without work to demarcate the days, there are long stretches punctuated with short bursts. 577 more words


Happy 1st birthday, Red.

          Your soul has been calling to me for as long as I can remember; I never felt complete, no matter how hard I tried. Being with your Daddy is the closest I’ve ever come, but I knew there was always something, someone, out there in the vast universe waiting for me. 147 more words

Parenting by moonlight

We are currently having a little night time adventure. I call it that to cheer myself up as in the past week our bedroom has been too hot to be able to sleep. 1,214 more words