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Night 4 : Sleep Training


Bedtime: 7:30pm rocked with a bottle cuddling Mama

4:30am: Woke up screaming – didn’t last 5 minutes went back to sleep.

6:30am… 51 more words

First Time Mom

About Last Night

Update Post!! He stayed all night in the crib!!

Here’s how it went:

(We had a crazy night so our normal “routine” was a little off but he still went to bed in the normal time range) 163 more words

First Time Mom

I need SLEEP

Y’all, I’m asking you for help. Or letting you know what may be headed your way. My kid pretty much sleeps through the night most nights but he wakes up at 4:30 (2 hours before my alarm). 297 more words

First Time Mom

My Cosleeping Confessional

Throughout my entire childhood, i can always remember my little sister being in the bed with my mom, and when my mom finally remarried, she would find my little sister asleep in her closet or next to the foot of the bed at 10 years old. 898 more words


5 Safe Ways to Safely Co-Sleep

Co-Sleeping is bad. You shouldn’t do it. It’s dangerous and prevents independence. Blah blah blah!

Heard any of that before or something similar?

Co-sleeping in a nutshell is sharing a bed with a child. 735 more words


Just the two of us...

No, we’re not building castles in the sky, for those about to ask.

What we ARE doing is spending, like, at least 48 hours SANS CHILDREN. 797 more words

Tucking Baby into Bed

I cosleep with my daughter, and have done since she was born. The closeness and ease of breastfeeding has enhanced the last two years of parenting for our family. 770 more words

Breast Feeding