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Babel Monthly - 17

Little Babel, you’re 17 months old! We’ve had more than 74 weeks with you and still you manage to amaze us every day. We don’t understand how you do it, but you get cuter every single day. 2,206 more words


Making It Work

My weekdays are usually very busy and I find myself often tired from the hustle bustle, but I think I’ve gotten it down to the most optimal schedule as possible. 1,366 more words

Mom Life

The Day the Clouds Parted

I still have a hard time talking and thinking about those first few months with my son.  It was a mixture of extreme highs and extreme lows.   618 more words


Why I chose to co-sleep


So this is a very touchy topic to speak about as everyone has so many different opinions on what you should do with your own child! 321 more words


Sleep Talk: The good, the bad, and the holy shit- my kid's asleep.

It all comes back to my split personality approach to parenthood. I embrace all things attachment. I breastfed both kids (why this is associated with attachment parenting I don’t even understand), I carried both children religiously in my Ergo carrier, and co-slept with both as well. 515 more words


Hey Kid, Get Outta My Bed!

My dear, sweet, lovely child,

Let me be blunt: You are driving me out of my ever-loving mind.

Listen, I know you’re just 4 and have very real fears of the dark, monsters, and being alone. 603 more words