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When you're done cosleeping but the toddler isn't.

Cosleeping is a wonderful, sleep expanding, breastfeeding enabling, biologically normative experience. That doesn’t mean that we want to sleep with a baby or child across our chest indefinitely though. 851 more words


Why I will never bed share on the regular

Let me go ahead and start this blog with a lil disclaimer cause I know some folks might just get their panties in a twist. I don’t think bed sharing is bad. 1,749 more words

Sleep, or a lack there of...

Rarely will you hear me rant about lack of sleep. I fully acknowledge that kids = less sleep. At least until they’re about 10. No, I’m not joking. 2,036 more words


Sleep Training: Day One

The Story

Let me give you some background info before I jump into the sleep training.  My daughter is now 18 months old, Masha’Allah, and I have been nursing her to sleep every night since she was born, and she has also been co-sleeping.   1,596 more words


My baby's crib is beautiful, but she won't sleep in it!

I spent months searching for the perfect crib for my daughter and ended up falling in love with Heidi Klum’s Truly Scrumptious design just before it was about to be retired. 208 more words


Babies And Sleep: The Benefits Of Cosleeping

Co-sleeping defines a range of sleeping styles – from sleeping with your baby all night, to taking your little one into your bed for an early morning breastfeed and snuggling together for a few extra zzzs. 626 more words


Growing up

It has now been a whole week that Tabitha has slept in her room (she’s almost 20 months old).

I’m so proud of my baby girl, she has never been a good sleeper so to go to bed by herself in her own room and sleep through until the morning is an achievement I never thought we’d make. 307 more words