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The Lion, the Switch, and the Wardrobe

You know how we all get these epiphanies in our lives – which seem to come with greater frequency as we get older – when we realize how much our lives, expectations, and goals change?   658 more words


Co-Sleeping vs. Anxiety

Almost 1 year ago, I had Baby E. He has been a joy to have in our family. He’s added so much. :) I remember while I was pregnant with him, both my husband I were both very strict that he would NOT sleeping in bed with us. 562 more words

Sleep training in a Tiny Farm House

If you look very closely you will notice that the picture below is a mattress in the middle of a living room.

When you live in a tiny 2 bedroom farmhouse sleeping arrangements can get creative while trying to sleep train a 13 month old. 216 more words

Defining Cosleeper for the parents

Co sleeper is the word derived from the co-sleeping. This means practice in which babies and young kids close to one or both mother and father, as opposed to in a separate room. 659 more words


'I'll do it my way'

I see a lot of posts debating what is best, breast or bottle? For or against co-sleeping? C-section vs natural delivery … and the answer to all these questions – Do whatever the hell is best for you. 682 more words

Friday dance

Ted slept relatively well- aside from the chit chat at 4am. He soon went back to sleep though. Til 8.50am! Amazing! We had a lovely breakfast together. 57 more words

I can feel my blood pressure rising

Ok so today overall wasn’t a bad day, but yesterday I didn’t sleep as much as I should have, falling asleep was difficult for me yesterday because I had too much shit to think about. 624 more words