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The Truth about Co-Sleeping...

I posted a photo on my Instagram last night of Olivia and myself snuggled up in bed looking like we didn’t have a care in the world and everything was peachy…..everything was ok to be fair, but what I didn’t post or publicly share was the hour-long battle prior to that picture being taken which was spent trying to get Olivia into her own bed. 917 more words

E+E column: Naturally Needy

An article I read this week spoke about how utterly natural it is for young children to be clingy or needy to their primary caregiver. It was a good reminder that the almost total dependence that my three (all five and under) often have on me is the biological norm and not anything to get frustrated with or to try and put a stop to before they’re ready. 465 more words


Hear My Interview on NPR! And a few thoughts on it…

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Rachel Martin for NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. The interview aired yesterday, but you can listen to it and read the transcript here: 1,047 more words


The Science of Sleep (or lack thereof) 

Getting your baby to sleep, may it be for nap time or night time, is something that requires a fairly rigorous routine.

We have been really lucky that Oscar never confused night and day – although at times it didn’t really feel like it. 1,327 more words

Baby O's Adventures


By now, you have heard of “THE RABBIT WHO WANTS TO FALL ASLEEP

I tried it last night, and it worked.

Performing hypnosis on my child = good, so far. 131 more words

Guest Post: Get That Baby To Sleep

Today’s guest post comes from Althea Egon: I am a crafty geek, toddler wrangler and artist who is prone to wild fits of kitchen singing. I have been a bicycle mechanic, a teacher and a cubicle slave. 1,100 more words


5 ignorant questions about co-sleeping

This started out as yet another “5 stupid things…” post (see ‘babywearing’ and ‘breastfeeding’), but once I started listing the questions I realised they weren’t so much stupid as ignorant about co-sleeping and instead of venting my stored-up sarky responses perhaps it might be helpful to actually address some of the most common concerns I hear mentioned. 841 more words

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