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Squalane Vs Squalene

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the two chemicals listed above?

Have you ever googled them and found that one of them comes from Shark and one comes from vegetables? 325 more words


Center Stage: Retinol

Remember when I mentioned the brilliant skincare ingredient that is Retinol? The Einstein of antioxidants? The skin cell whisperer? Retinol is the term for the entire vitamin A molecule. 986 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

Much Ado about Antioxidants…with Scientific Reason (The Best Kind)

Many people have a vague idea about why antioxidants are good…nay, great for them. Mostly because these days, when you hear the word ‘antioxidants’ you are sure to also hear ‘cancer prevention’ and ‘anti aging’ in the sentences that follow. 1,328 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

Centre Stage: Vitamin C

A while ago, I added Vitamin C into my skincare routine. I’m a convert. Until further notice, Vitamin C serums will be a staple in my skincare routine. 953 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

Centre Stage: Niacinamide

Today’s star ingredient – Niacinamide. One of my favorite brands is Olay and a couple of years ago, it pioneered the researched concerning Niacinamide. Since then this versatile active has made women everywhere forever grateful to Olay. 481 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

Centre Stage : Beta Hydroxy Acids

After last time’s discussion about AHAs, I thought it would only be fair to discuss a close relation – BHAs or Beta Hydroxy Acids. 344 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

Centre Stage: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Last time, it was all about (voodoo-like) unconventional beauty treatments. Today, it’s all about tried and tested science. This series looks at some of the ingredients that make your skin bright, beautiful and envy inducing. 651 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients