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Cosmetology professor, family has seen college grow from start

by NICOLE LOPEZ//Sports Editor

It is rare to get to see a college grow from the beginning.

But for Sarah Thompson, instructor in cosmetology, her and her family has been part of South Plains College from the start. 727 more words


My experience with "Brazilian sugaring"

Roughly a week ago, I braved up and decided to finally get a Brazilian wax…

As we all know, removing hair from the genital region can vary from no pain (nair/shaving) to intense pain (pulling the hair straight from the follicle). 431 more words


What to expect before becoming an eyelash extension stylist/technician

High school was a very confusing time for me, as I know it is for roughly the rest of the teens who attend. You are forced to decide what you want to do the rest of your life. 747 more words


Primrose, a modest miracle of nature 

Introducing the latest addition to my collection of health miracles of nature…Primrose!

This rather inconspicuous plant growing in fields has great healing properties, which are increasingly became popular in the pharmacological industry and cosmetology. 531 more words

Trust Nature

Being a Plus-Sized Girl in the Beauty Industry

Whenever I’m talking to a friend or peer and the subject of my body or my weight comes into conversation, that person spends the next few minutes trying to convince me that I’m not fat, despite the fact that I just described myself as such. 1,044 more words

5 Ethical Behaviors That Will Grow Your Salon Business

As many of my fellow stylists are heading to the salon for the rest of this week. We’re going into the heaviest salon days of the week which, is usually Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  908 more words

What is Thio and is Thio free really damage free!!?

Thio aka TGA (thioglycolic acid) is a reducing agent commonly found in perms and straightening treatments called a thio. This chemical is clear with a strong unpleasant odor, it smells like rotten eggs and is the classical dreaded perm odor. 663 more words