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I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed for a local TV program on Monday morning (as soon as I have the footage I’ll post it). 208 more words

M.J. Moores

The Power of Aloha - Awakening with Latoya Beverly

In the month of May 2014, when the sky was pure blue and the ocean was so crystal clear, I found myself HIGH on Hawaiian love. 651 more words


4 Sky Events This Week: Bull’s Red Eye and Green Giant Join Moon

Starting with a super-moon and ending with planetary encounters, stargazers have some busy skies ahead this week.

Super-moon prime time. Sky-watchers around the world will soak in the light of that moon on Monday, September 8. 609 more words


13:13:13 Falls on December 16th, 2013: Day of The Trinity & Perfect Cross Alignment [video]

Might that be a good date for The Event? The portal closes on December 25th, remember and we would then have to wait until March, I believe, for the next opportunity for The Event to take place. 448 more words


When Thunder Rolls

So I had a couple of nasty days. The kind “sent to try us”. The Murphy’s Law kind. Fender-benders and lost phones, roads closed, fistfuls of money out the door, that sort of thing. 237 more words


Overhyped “Supermoon” upstaged by spectacular planetary alignment

There was considerable media attention focused on the so-called “Supermoon” that appeared this weekend when a full moon reached its perigee and thus its closest approach to Earth this year, causing it to appear 12% larger than when it will be at its farthest point on January 14, 2014. 76 more words


The Temple Mountain Of Angkor Wat

Once upon a time, an Indian prince named Khambu set sail Eastward to become the object of affection of a Naga princess, Mera. They married, and from their union was born the Khmer (Khambu + Mera) and the kingdom of Kampuchea (Khambujas = sons of Khambu). 712 more words