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September Moon

Aloha All, well this has been quite a month hasn’t it? There have been major challenges for many, including myself…and these continue. However, it is sooo important for us to focus on the bigger picture of transformation that is in full swing on this planet now! 214 more words

Cosmic Connections

The Shamir and the Tree of Osiris


First, let us read what is known in history and the bible about the Shamir  (this is a long quotation, but so fascinating I didn’t wish to omit any of it). 3,792 more words


Yushuda - Krystos Whirlwind of the Solar Mysteries

This article was written by me several years ago and can be found on Spirit Mythos. Current, additional commentary follows it.


Function: the movement of emptying and filling the cup or containment field, that is “whirling” or spinning light codes, creating CRPs (critical rotational positions) in the axis of the crystalline particles of the planet. 1,428 more words

Crystal Skulls


Lynn-Celest’Ra was visiting me the other day, and she pulled out her Keys of Enoch book (which she carries in her backpack all the time).  She opened to to show me the picture above. 541 more words


Supra Logic Code Protocol

As I have emphasized previously, “Osiris Arising” is, when all is said and done – OUR process, our transition and “updating” to a new and more advanced “server” – the New Earth Star. 15 more words

Cosmic Connections

Gamma Rays from Orion

I preface this article with information collected by Rab Wilkie. Following this will be my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa’s comments on it.

A gamma-ray burst on Aug 1 (2015) came from (behind?) the Orion Nebula.

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Cosmic Connections