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Revisited: The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum

In order to understand what is written below, please first review The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum.

The other day I came across this article  which I had written on my… 348 more words

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Star Fire of Kailash

This activational art is the third in a series for working with the Osiris Star Fire Kachina Dance. This one is activating the HEART in the Star Fire Dance of the body. 204 more words

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Enter the Dragons!

I just now came across an article I had written last year – The EL’OR’HIM, Dragon Lords and Crystal Skulls – which also contains a Thoth transmission of some years ago. 561 more words

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Isara & The Holy Flame of Ptah

I will be guardianing yet another Host Crystal Skull – which I am thinking will be my last – at least for awhile. I don’t really know this, but I am respectfully stating that six is quite enough for now! 438 more words

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Mount Kailash as the White Empress

Not long ago, I wrote an article about Mount Kailash as being at least in part, an artificial pyramid nested into a mountain base. This information is even more powerful to me now, since the… 1,009 more words

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Osiris-Rem-Nebket & The Staffs of Osiris

I am posting here two transmissions I received years ago concerning  theOsiris dynamic. They are highly esoteric, and I never explored them further at the time.
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What is this About? Understanding the Science

My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa who is guiding me through this “project” with the Dweller Crystal Skulls, wishes me to lend some further clarification at this time. 1,422 more words

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