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Essence of Love

Laying quietly in the dark, reveling in the awe of the moment, their fingers were laced together not knowing what to say to each other.  In a moment like this, words weren’t necessary when you could feel so much of something between each other.  323 more words

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The Guardian

Out of sheer frustration, she threw the two by four across the floor of the old house.  Nothing ever worked the way it should no matter how much she planned.  621 more words

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The Earth Angel

He looked so peaceful sleeping on the couch as she walked in after going to the farmer’s market.  She had gotten used to being around him in his environment and enjoyed their intimate type friendship.  622 more words

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The Dream Weaver's Kiss

The kiss still lingered on her lips upon awakening.  Disappointment set in as the cobwebs of her mind cleared allowing her to realize it was just a dream.   312 more words

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Sigiriya and the Ackbal Matrix!


This is the 2nd part to KUMURA – City of Righteousness.

The most ancient Kumura (Sigiriya) had a city surrounding the rock and then the most sacred temples above, upon it. 4,898 more words

Crystal Skulls

Daniel and Michael

“Daniel, look at those two.  You have your work cut out for you.  Why did you choose them two as your assignment?”

Daniel, the Marriage angel looked over at Archangel Michael, with a humorous smirk on his face. 1,491 more words


Gene Keys and the Arising of Osiris


Human Design (from whence arises the Gene Keys) is a powerful and very awakening format. You can read about it here

Yesterday I was called to delve into my four primary Gene Keys. 690 more words

Cosmic Connections