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Supra Logic Code Protocol

As I have emphasized previously, “Osiris Arising” is, when all is said and done – OUR process, our transition and “updating” to a new and more advanced “server” – the New Earth Star. 15 more words

Cosmic Connections

Gamma Rays from Orion

I preface this article with information collected by Rab Wilkie. Following this will be my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa’s comments on it.

A gamma-ray burst on Aug 1 (2015) came from (behind?) the Orion Nebula.

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Cosmic Connections

The White Phoenix Star

An amazing new Crop Circle in the UK

I am receiving that this is what Thoth is calling the “White Phoenix Star.” He does not say if this was created by the plasma craft or it was done by the Earth-based human group working with the Starry Ones. 1,442 more words


Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m a writer.  A self-proclaimed one, but a writer nonetheless.  I’m not aiming to write perfectly, but rather to write as an anonymous voice for now in order to help myself and others make some sense out of life and receive some clarity if at all possible.   382 more words

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Birthing the Initiator

It was requested of me by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, to create a Starseed Birthing Temple upon island of the New Earth Star Sanctuary in the virtual world of Second Life. 698 more words

Crystal Skulls

The Orion Nebula Trapezium

I can only say that concerning the Osiris Arising Project and well, much of my now nearly 50 years (starting at age 17) of work that feeds into the OAP….I have hit paydirt in discovering (might I say being led to) Danny Wilten’s videos on You Tube! 958 more words

Crystal Skulls