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The Word is Unity

The Word is Unity

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

June 1, 2015

The implication of recent cosmic events create a range of massive impacts upon life on our planet, there are no words to encompass them all. 1,299 more words


Supervillain Spotlight - Red Skull

Captain America is one of the most popular superheroes in modern times, one of Marvel’s cash cows as part of The Avengers as well as headlining his own series of movies. 1,245 more words

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This Is Marvel Legendary

Legendary is a deckbuilding game published by Upper Deck.  It’s my first real encounter with the genre outside a digital format, and it took a fair amount of reviews, gameplay videos and, finally, hands-on experience to push me over the edge into picking it up.   973 more words

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Divine Infinite Calculus - Energetic Synthesis

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January 2015

Divine Infinite Calculus



Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

There are Universal Laws governing structure (architecture) which exist at both energetic levels (pre-matter) and physical levels (matter) for absolutely everything in existence. 6,747 more words

See Marvel Universe Live! At The BJCC This Weekend

Unless you want to wait to around Christmas to see Marvel Universe Live! in Atlanta, you need to go see it this weekend in Birmingham at the BJCC.   344 more words

Geeks And Nerds

The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Super-Villain Team Up 17

So last week I wrote about not buying up random issues just because they’re “cool” looking or might be “interesting”, yet the allure of a .25 (or 5 for a dollar) comic is a strong one. 466 more words

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