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The Power of Visualization and Quiet Mind Theory

Anything you own will have some space in mind, even if it unused, this distracts us and keeps us back in reaching our goals. People think that having more is very good like cars, houses, gadgets etc but  having more than enough or needed goes on distracting mind and the peace of mind gets disturbed and distributed among the various things that we own. 602 more words


Chakra Stimulation Meditation

The magnificence of the radiating colors of chakras reflects the strength of a person’s inner cosmic energy, the clarity of one’s thoughts and the purity of one’s attitudes. 270 more words


Energy from Universe - Chi

Universe is all around us. We are Surrounded by Universal Cosmic Forces everytime, everywhere. Universe is nothing but a Big Magnet, whatever we give it, it repulses back to us. 494 more words


The Free-Energy Automobile

In 1931, King Alexander of Yugoslavia enacted a new constitution for his multi-ethnic realm, though he continued to exercise a royal dictatorship over the government. Political trials, arrests, and violence dominated the news to such a degree that few realized that the famed inventor Nikola Tesla had returned to his native land from the United States. 4,196 more words


Dream Awakened

Stepping off a cloud
I fall into the dark
Brilliant light from the stars that surrounds me
Will I succumb to the vast darkness
Or will every star shine and illuminate… 47 more words


New Moon in Cancer -- July 15, 2015

Our New Moon this month crests on July 15th at 8:25 PM EST (add one hour for DST), at 23 degrees of the sign Cancer. This New Moon energy gives us the opportunity to write out our affirmations, wishes and dreams for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. 1,040 more words

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