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Prana -Your Spiritual Body's Energy

“One who knows the Prana–whence he has his source, how he enters the body, how he lives there after dividing himself five-fold, what are his inner workings–such an one attains to immortality, even to immortality… 858 more words



Gems are good conductors of cosmic energy, they works as a receiver and transmit this cosmic energy into our body. Like the crystals used in radio receivers that decode invisible radio waves into sound, gemstones attract and condense the astral energy waves that comes from sky to earth and transforms them for use by the human energy system. 136 more words


Cosmic Starter 2016 is coming soon!

The overall purpose for the Cosmic Starter project is to you make the necessary adjustments that will jump-start the year that is coming in. “Out with the old & in with the new” as the saying goes. 93 more words

The Cosmos Is Asking...Are YOU Ready to Break Free & Soar

I’ve just returned from a short vacation – a 7 day/8 night South Pacific cruise! It was great to have this short break, but to be honest I discovered “cruising” is not really my thing. 849 more words

Spirit Bliss

Future Life Progression: an Interview with Anne Jirsch

Anne Jirsch is a London born professional psychic with a large worldwide following. Her client base includes heads of industry, politicians and celebrities from the world of film, music and sport. 1,181 more words


New Moon ~ Holy Fire Manifestation ~ Autumnal Equinox 1st !

New Moon—Holy Fire Manifestation

It’s co-creation time with the first new moon of the Age of Aquarius!

With the combination of the New Moon in Libra, the Law of Attraction, and the Holy Fire, how can co-creation fail with such immense divine cooperation?! 334 more words

Autumnal Equinox

The Power of Visualization and Quiet Mind Theory

Anything you own will have some space in mind, even if it unused, this distracts us and keeps us back in reaching our goals. People think that having more is very good like cars, houses, gadgets etc but  having more than enough or needed goes on distracting mind and the peace of mind gets disturbed and distributed among the various things that we own. 602 more words