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Just the 2 of us 4ever by Belly - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club


Love so much the message on this two cards coming together, I definitely need to use it for one of my old photo took with my husband. 87 more words

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Who's the Best by Belly - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club


I think everyone would have some photos like these, not really perfect but funny, colors are dark and difficult to matched with pattern papers. So why make a contrast with black and white? 89 more words

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Artso Buddies by Belly - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club


This layout was inspired by the April sketch, I would pike to have a big circle as the background. In order to match the colors of the photos, I painted watercolors in light and round them up with a black circle. 80 more words

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At the Stairs Pagoda by Belly - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club


My helper always loves to go somewhere in Hong Kong during the day off with her cousin and friends, and they took photos too, of course. 98 more words

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Enjoy the Day by Belly - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club

我們選擇了Cosmo Cricket的一份水彩紙作為本月材料包的主題,那些防水圖案實在驚人,可以匹配任何不同主題的照片,就像我這張相編,我選了女兒的這張可愛臉。

We chose the watercolor paper pad from Cosmo Cricket for this month kit, the resist pattern on the papers are so stunning, can be matched with different of theme on your photos, just like what I used on this layout, my girl cutie face. 136 more words

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Amazing You by Erika - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club

這是一個Project Life似的頁面,以正方形及長方形拼在一起以製作成背景。我在每一個方格上畫了雙綫以令它們更突出。

This is a project life style layout – pieces of square, rectangle cut papers with different patterns are collaged together to create the background. 127 more words

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That's My Family by Grace - HKMC May 2015 Scrapbook Kit Club


For my last layout, I did some colour blocking on the background paper in blue, yellow and peach. As the colours were quite strong, I machine sewed on a 12×12 piece of vellum overlay. 131 more words

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