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Action for the Center of Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers on Durham University or college, England

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This particular modern construction forms element of an connection built for that Centre associated with Cosmology plus Astronomy Experts at Clarington University, B…

Venus: A Goddess’ Warning

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A much-romanticized sight, the ‘Morning Star’ is the second brightest object in the sky after the moon. 1,519 more words

Origins of Life on Earth

In the words of Monty Python, and now for something completely different.

Among other things our travels have shown us is that life is unimaginatively adaptive, diverse, pervasive, and robust. 773 more words

Ship Lectures

The Ogdoad: Unity of Eight Gods

Here’s a notable fourfold of dualities: the Ogdoad, or eightfold of deities. I usually don’t stray into ancient mythology but this cosmological system evidently led the Greeks to their idea of the four elements. 108 more words


Mercury: The Mysterious ‘Jumping Planet.’

The planet closest to our Sun is a battleground of solar winds, freezing nights and scorching days. Scarred by the ancient assault of millions of asteroids, its 4.6-billion-year history is still much a mystery. 876 more words


Hitting Buttons... Making Words...

This week I’ve been busily typing away, trying to actually sit down and really focus on writing the outline for the documentary.  I actually started over from what I put together before.   766 more words

Flat Earth