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clarification (part 2 of 12)

The laziness and helplessness of the white man’s mind scares. So despite my difficulties with the English, I wrote additional clarifications. 344 more words


A Russian Doll Universe? – The Code Of All Codes! The Theory (Or Reality) that We are Simply a Code Created by Code X!

While it is Good Philosophy to wonder about our tiny selves in this Universe – how we fit in with the scheme of things, and how we improve or even want to improve if all this were true? 516 more words

Vatican City

What is a Star ?

We have all grown up singing  ” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ” . But as I grew up and studied a bit, I came to know that the stars don’t twinkle nor even are  they that little! 572 more words


Catholic Exorcisms Are Gaining Popularity in the U.S. - The Atlantic

Louisa’s grandmother, who was an American Indian and a devout Catholic, warned her about evil spirits. (Ian Allen)

Source: Catholic Exorcisms Are Gaining Popularity in the U.S. – The Atlantic


without any sense

Why nobody can understand that?
Is it just mental laziness or just stupidity?
Maybe scientific nonsense became so perfect that we don’t already notice idiocies which are stuck in this knowledge. 381 more words


Gravitational wave

Gravitational waves are disturbances in the curvature (fabric) of spacetime, generated by accelerated masses, that propagate as waves outward from their source at the… 112 more words

Quantum Mechanics

What is Astrophysics ?

Since the dawn of humanity, we humans have been looking up in the sky, being curious about the twinkling little stars in the otherwise dark background. 442 more words