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Linguistic cosmology

August 11, 2016 (Kampala):

Let me try to express – at this moment just prior to our departure from East Africa – what I now envision as the next permutation of the my life’s work:

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Dark Passage

Change-me Charlie’s not giving up easily. “You said that NASA picture did three things, but you only told us two of them — that dark matter’s a thing and that it’s separate from normal matter. 750 more words

Your Unbelievable

Awareness is nothing. Nothing is aware.

In the realization of paradox, the truth lies, and lies the truth…

This is how I believe in Nothing, and yet believe nothing. 69 more words




Drew a line
And divided


Now nothing is divided between itself and nothing

Nothing, itself

What is a line but… a Transforming sign… 40 more words



What is awakening?

A dream, come true

What is it like?

A moment of endless possibility, and infinite realization

Here is time within timelessness

And limitless spaces, all, within reach… 121 more words


Seeing the Beginning of Time

I have not watched all of this at time of posting. 48 min.

SpaceRip — Astronomers have begun one of the most far-reaching efforts to study the cosmos. 53 more words

Science & Nature

The Sympathetic Universe Part 21

Angel watched Eloy chop wood from a few hundred yards away. What could he possibly have planned? There was no way to light anything here. “Hey,” she shouted, “What are you doing?” The small figure of Eloy looked around confused, then shouted back at her from the distance, “chopping firewood!” 1,155 more words