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The Wolf Prince

Give me an astro, naught any day of the week

It is the cause, me not which I do seek

Will not an astro, naught leave you hanging… 145 more words


5 centimeters per second

5 centimetara po sekundi je japanski romantični animirani film iz 2007. koji je napisao i režirao Makato Shinkai. Prvi deo filma emitovan je na Yahoo Japan, kao streaming video, pa je zatim ceo film pušten u distribuciju. 12 more words

Anime Serije

While You Were Touching The Second Blackening Sea

While You Were Touching The Second Blackening Sea

A research team
At headquarters

In the operating room
On comm lines

Setting the stage
For a rocket’s take off… 306 more words


Aleksandr Aleksandrov ... in orbit

Aleksandr Aleksandrov … in orbit

Aleksandr Aleksandrov was born on December 1, 1951.

He is a retired Bulgarian cosmonaut and the second Bulgarian to have flown into space. 97 more words


Did Soviet Cosmonauts Take Deadly Laser Pistols to Outer Space -- in the 1980s?

In the 1980s, Russian astronauts (Cosmonauts) may have taken a prototype laser pistol with them into space. What was this retrofuturistic weapon, and how did it work? 699 more words

'A Spoonful of LAIKA' - Cosmonaut Heroine of the Soviet Union

On 3 November 1957 Лайка or Laika, a Moscow stray was launched into space onboard Sputnik 2. She had been selected by Soviet scientists to become the first dog in space on a mission to honour the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevic Revolution. 383 more words


Upon Closer Inspection

Upon Closer Inspection

Here lies
A memorial
To commemorate




Among the stars
And old satellites
With the cameras
And sensors

That have long since… 37 more words