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why burning people?

this is weird. i’ve always liked this pic…

…because it is grotesque and uncomfortable. that twisted, charred thing in the casket is the remains of russian cosmonaut vladimir komarov. 540 more words

Clark in an orbit of his own

Note: with the exception of the Month of May at Indy, all of Jim Clark’s 1965 season – from East London, South Africa through to the Belgian GP at Spa – can be read on one post (entitled “Jim Clark’s epic 1965 season”). 1,428 more words


This astronaut is sacrificing his body to go to space for 1,000 days

Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, the commander of the current crew on board the International Space Station, has broken the record for the longest time spent in space with 803 days. 853 more words

Quiet Space Legend Breaks Most Time in Space Record

Image Credit & Copyright: NASA of Gennady Padalka during spacewalk removing the Strela-2 cargo boom from the Pirs docking compartment on the ISS’s Zarya module in 2012. 160 more words


Space Bubbles

Quick illustration done in Adobe Illustrator.


Vendanges Artistiques

Here are a few impressions from the exhibition “Vendanges Artistiques”, that took place in Machtum, Luxembourg, near the river Moselle. I was lucky enough to be part of the independent group of 9 artists, that were invited by Neckel Scholtus and her aunt Eliane Biltgen to fill house with art & life for 10 days. 121 more words