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Book Review: Endurance – A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery

Endurance, a biography by Scott Kelly (co-written with Margaret Lazarus Dean), pivots between his yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station and his unlikely evolution from a precocious twin into a veteran Navy test pilot and finally an astronaut. 942 more words


Could Space be the Place for Diplomacy?

Despite the fact that Russian-US relations are strained, at least one aspect of the diplomatic relationship remains positive: space exploration. The United States and the USSR competed in all things outer space during the Cold War. 242 more words


Eclipse Not, Ladies

“Big Deal. Then/now, what’s the difference? Sort of a much ado about nothing.” That’s the argument I made in the previous Eclipse article posted on Future Imperfect. 888 more words


Dogs in Space

There has been much in the news about the coast-to-coast solar eclipse on 21 August 2017. The anniversary of a lesser known event occurred on 19 August. 343 more words


Cosmonaut Bay - PB Leisurewear

Cosmonaut Bay needed some bright and durable t-shirts printed with their own in-house design.

The ink they required was thick, almost felt like ‘bobble’, requiring a double coating of screen-printing.

Vostok 6

Vostok 6 (Russian: Восток-6, Orient 6 or East 6) was the first human spaceflight to carry a woman, cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, into space.

The spacecraft was launched on June 16, 1963. 445 more words