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He’s the man.

My senior year of high school we read White Noise; it was one of the few books I actually finished back then. 262 more words


Cosmopolis (2012)

“A logical expansion of business is murder”

“The urge to destroy is a creative urge”

These are two of many good quotes from David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis film that I really loved. 706 more words


Back to being the stranger in the village

Works of James Baldwin, that intense voice of the US’s civil rights struggle, are witnessing a revival as race returns to the centre of political conversation ( 935 more words

Kanishk Tharoor


The order of nature as it relates to the political unit.

Within his second chapter, Toulmin gives some insight into his decision to name his book  379 more words

Raging against reality

Many of the proponents of Trump, the Brexit, and the far-right political parties in Europe reject multiculturalism, deride diversity, and consider immigrants a threat to the nation ( 905 more words


Cronenberg, Luxury Cars, and the End of the World

I’m going to try to keep this short & reductive, so as not to get unnecessarily mean. There was a weird detail to our December… 825 more words

Brandon Ledet