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The immense dignity in a shelf of crockery

If there is an obverse to the bleakness of the canyons of rubble in Syria’s Aleppo, we can find it in the uncanny resilience of the refugee kitchens   902 more words

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The morality of space conquest

As ambitious plans for living in Mars are being made, it’s time to probe whether we have the right to make other planets and moons our own ( 904 more words

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I’m going to give it a shot. With much appreciated encouragement, from my author pal Michael Dellert, as well as advice from my new friend Michael W.(an old school film theory major), I’ve decided to tackle a new project. 504 more words


Urban Development Policy and Planning in Asia - Mega-Urban Regions (MURs)

Based on the reading:

Jones and M. Douglass, eds., (2008) The Rise of Mega-Urban Regions in Pacific Asia – Urban Dynamics in a Global Era… 883 more words

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Facing up to history

Cosmopolis column in The Hindu Business Line BLINK weekend magazine (published 13 August, 2016)

Earlier this month, the president of Taiwan offered an apology to the island-nation’s indigenous inhabitants. 924 more words

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Cosmopolis - Friday's Word Of The Day Haiku

I’m a day late to Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku party. But I love This week’s word on Dictionary.com: “cosmopolis”. It’s a Greek word that originated in the mid 19th century: kosmos ‘world’ + polis ‘city’. 289 more words