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The Internal Audit of Risk Management and Its Effects on enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Systems - Part 3

In part one of The Internal Audit of Risk Management and Its Effects on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Systems, we discussed the basics. What is risk management, and what internal audit standards relate to it? 815 more words

Enterprise Risk Management

The most important sentence in COSO

In my opinion, one sentence stands out, whether you are looking at the COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework (2013 version) or the COSO Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework. 800 more words


Does PwC understand risk management?

I would like to say that the answer is “yes”, because I used to work for PwC and know many of their people – very good people. 1,249 more words


New information and perspectives on cyber security

The world continues to buzz about cyber security (or, perhaps we should say, insecurity). Now we have the Chinese government apparently admitting that they have a cyberwarfare capability… 736 more words


Is Strict Liability Coming to FCPA Enforcement?

I think that a strict liability standard is coming to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement. A number of factors have caused me to come to this conclusion. 1,557 more words


Assessing Internal Controls, Part III

In this blog post I conclude my exploration of how you should assess your compliance internal controls using the Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Organization (COSO), publication “ 1,349 more words


KPMG and I talk about changes at the Audit Committee meeting

I am used to seeing some new thinking from our Canadian friends. That is hardly the case when you look at a recent publication from KPMG Canada, Audit Trends: … 786 more words