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Logic Manager Incident Tracking

Logic Manager also has the capability of managing incidents,  I assume these incidents can be related to risks and opportunities that have been identified. This allows the company to have an incident management system and risk management tool in a single solution, keeping maintenance costs down and ensuring that incidents don’t go unattended.

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When to audit business locations

One of the readers of my work sent me this message.

I was reading your article about modern risk based audit  published in the IIA journal.

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What control framework model can be used to assess an organization's control processes?

In order to determine the completeness of the overall processes a control framework model can be a strong reference to commonly known best practices. The COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) and CoCo (Canadian Criteria of Control Board) are widespread and serve many large organizations as a guide to implement and maintain a robust control framework.


Are you ready for the new technology that will change our world, again?

It’s not that long since we were dismissing the Internet of Things as something very much ‘next generation’. But, as you will see from Deloitte’s collection of articles ( 461 more words


Tate's Excellent Audit Committee Guide - Completed Initial Edition - 115 Pages Plus Additional Links

Click on the link at the bottom of this post for a pdf of the completed initial edition of Tate’s Excellent Audit Committee Guide 08042015. The guide is for boards and audit committees of public companies, private companies, nonprofits, and governmental entities. 69 more words

Logic Manager controls repository

Logic Manager has a number of features dedicated to mitigation and monitoring. Within the COSO ERM framework this would be equivalent to the “Risk Response” , “Control Activities”, “Information and Communication” and “Monitoring” components.   127 more words

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Assessing the organization’s culture

It’s difficult to argue that an organization’s culture does not have a huge effect on the actions of its board, management, and staff.

Fingers have been pointed at the culture at… 669 more words