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Top 10 Best Renaissance Costumes for Halloween 2017

Here ye, here ye. Renaissance costumes doth make a most splendid choice for lords and ladies of all statures this Halloween. There is something so fun about dressing up in clothing that was once the norm hundreds hundreds of years ago and makes you feel like a character out of your favorite medieval story. 1,297 more words


How to Steampunk a Gun

So I hear you want to make a steampunk weapon! You’ve come to the right place. It’s really not very difficult at all, even if you have never done it before. 1,157 more words


On maintaining cosplay motivation.

I was reading an article about self-control the other day, and one commenter noted that self-control is connected with the ability to tolerate ambivalence. The range of creative endeavors I’m interested in has recently widened and I think the ambivalence got to me last week, because while on Sunday and Monday I lost a collected four hours of sleep working on that friggin’ cosplay, by Wednesday I was spending my evenings watching TV, and not doing much else. 236 more words


'Seraphina': From Russia, To Dragon Con

With Russia often in the news in 2017, it’s no surprise that my recreational thoughts were also drifting across that cultural landscape. This effort included my own take on a traditional Russian kokoshnik headpiece, fur trim a la Ivan the Terrible, with garment cues and colors taken from Russian royal fashion (pre-Rasputin). 106 more words


What's Up, Bob

“Hmm… Well, maybe,” thought Bob. “But I wonder who else I could be?” And with that, back to the trunk he went.

Life Of Bob