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Flickr – cover of the day with Gogo

Today’s pics (miniserie) Sexy Satele-Shan! (cosplay by Zorah@CE) 32 more words

NSFW ! The secret story of Dragon Age 2 girls:) Isabela and Bethany spending a lil’ precious time together. (Cosplay: Mea Lee as Isabela, Devorah as Bethany. Photo: Vanholywell).

NSFW Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass) for friday:) cosplayed by Stacy@CE.
32 more words

Pics of the weekend (NSFW) Uncharted fans unite – like it or not, Chloe is the hottest chick of the UC series (sorry Helena:) cosplayed by humble me:)  32 more words

Tuesday mini-serie (NSFW): two of my favourite game characters (Alyx Vance from Half Life 2 and Faith from Mirror’s Edge) in a nice, sexy cross-play cosplay:-) Alyx is me, and Faith by Nayma. 33 more words