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PrEP is coming, but who will get it?

One of the big concerns for European governments considering whether and how to make Truvada available as pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) is the cost. The medication itself is expensive, and it also requires on-going support from medical providers. 784 more words

Can you afford not to carry out Health & Safety Inspections?

Health & Safety Inspections are an essential tool for any business.  Yet why do businesses especially in my experience, SME’s, have a reluctance or failure to carry them out? 421 more words


The mistake of advertising based on being affordable

With lots of law firms and attorneys trying to jumpstart their business, one of the most popular approaches many take to get new business is to advertise based on providing affordable or cost-effective representation.   451 more words


Shine on with LightBasic™

Looking for a cost effective way to save energy? You have to check out LightBasictranslucent skylights! LightBasic has the ability to control heat loss and enhance energy performance, reduce HVAC loads, reduce the need for artificial lighting that can add a surprising amount to your bottom line. 95 more words

Free Sample Concentrate 128

Did you know that when you buy any kind of ready-to-use cleaning chemical at the store, that they are 95% water? News to me!

Concentrate 128… 132 more words


Sunday Roast - Seasonal Style!

We want to revamp your typical, ‘same-old’ Sunday Roast and pack it full of colour – student style (for cheap!). We understand that the task of making a Sunday roast might be the bane of your weekend but we hope to show you an alternative way to create your typical roast that helps you whilst also helping your environment. 209 more words