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Legal Research vs. Intellectual Technology

One may argue that the backbone of law is legal research but what if legal personnel were no longer required to fill this need?

With technology making its way into every aspect of our lives, it isn’t surprising that incorporated intellectual technology is predicted to overtake simple legal research tasks and replace legal researchers. 352 more words


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Cooking with essential oils are cost effective.

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North Dakota Open Educational Resources Initiative: A System-wide Success Story


The North Dakota University System Open Educational Resources Initiative is a 3-phased plan hinging upon a unique collaboration among the North Dakota legislature, the University System Office, and the faculty at public institutions across the state. 2,799 more words

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Snack Pack Hack

It’s Sunday and there’s school in the morning.  If you’ve got kids in school, odds are you have lunches to make.  My daughter rarely purchases lunch from school and this year it’s not even an option; as the government made it non-cost efficient to offer one while conforming to their rigid guidelines.   341 more words

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Inventory Management

Best, Affordable and Integrated Inventory Management Software

Basically, inventory management assists to keep track of all products details, maintain up to date records, stock maintenance. But apart from these many things available on different software. 196 more words

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Heathrow Airport Parking Explained Get the Best Parking Deal

Uncover the detail of getting best deal of car parking at Heathrow airport.

Benefit yourself with money saving and time saving opportunities. Get you and your family from any unwanted condition by securing the best fit deal of car parking for you… 629 more words

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Hank Armand, Renting a Car on Holiday a Great Way to Explore

It is difficult to decipher the rate of advertised car rentals. Many of the advertised prices refer to the off season in America, and can trick you into renting a more expensive and larger car than you require. 522 more words

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