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And the Courts Sentenced an Innocent to Death

We hear all the time that the death penalty is the most dangerous concept because as long as it remains an option, then it is guaranteed that the courts will sentence an innocent person to death for a crime they did not commit. 973 more words


Make it Monday! Cake Flour

There are several ingredients in the baking world which I refuse to buy.

No, I promise I don’t stuff them under my shirt and steal them, but when their price point makes me feel like I’m the one being robbed, I know it’s time to find my own solution. 564 more words


DIY Suitcase

Hello lovely friends,

So this is a vintage up-cylcying project I completed early this year and thought I would share how I did it. Unfortunately I do not have a before picture but after’s are down below. 495 more words

Fly or drive? Mode of travel and its impact on planet, wallet & joy

Are you a road tripper or a frequent flier?

I chose to drive from New England to northern Minnesota last month. Five of us were scheduled to attend summer camp there, so the endpoints were set: home, and Bemidji, MN. 1,434 more words

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Squeezing Water from the Sea

Many of us know that desalination can be quite an expensive process. However, in latest article by Laura Sanchez, published on June 28th 2017 in the Water Efficiency magazine, one gets a glimpse of the desalination process in Israel and how the process can be “an increasingly practical and cost effective solution to water security” (Squeezing Water , 2017). 199 more words


Have A Grand Wedding Without A Grand Hole In The Pocket!

Let’s face the fact that it’s going to be THE MOST EXPENSIVE EVENT in your life. Everyone dreams of having a grand wedding, but not everyone can afford the expenses it entails. 1,098 more words