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Weekend in Vegas for $100!

There are only 52 weekends in a year, so go live: Concerts, Golf, Travel, Family, Friends, Vacation.

My husband and I are able to go on as many vacations as we do by taking several weekend trips in between our annual week long vacations. 2,169 more words

Cost Effective

How Effective is Vancomycin for Preventing Infections after TSA?

Tom Wright, MD

Read complete study: The cost effectiveness of vancomycin for preventing infections after shoulder arthroplasty: a break-even analysis

Surgical site infection is one of the most common and expensive post-operative complications to manage in shoulder arthroplasty. 635 more words

Is exercise becoming more affordable?

Whether you’re into it or not, health and fitness is everywhere, and the industry is absolutely booming. From high street stores stocking their own activewear to people making legitimate careers from being social media fitness influencers, it’s safe to say that exercise is a facet of life we’re all embracing – or at least, trying to. 446 more words


Scientists in Oz crack the carbon-fibre code

Would be nice to have carbon-fibre for less than $450K

❝ Australia’s CSIRO has cracked the carbon-fibre code, and in doing so has opened the floodgates to mass-production of the composite material in Australia.

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About Us

My husband and I love traveling and experiencing new adventures together! We both have good jobs (I am an attorney; he is a financial analyst), but we are by no means wealthy. 313 more words

Cost Effective

My top seven frugal tips 

Hey readers,

I love a good bargain and trying to save money when I can. So, I thought I would share some of the things that really help reduce the cost of my spending. 138 more words


Should you use essential oils? Helpful, harmful or hype?


I’m pretty certain that you have at some point heard of essential oils. Maybe you don’t know what they are exactly but you’ve definitely heard or read about them somewhere. 903 more words

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