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Medical Insurance, What Do We Need And How Much Should We be Paying?

Medical Insurance is a sore subject with many expats these days.  Gone are the days when all expat contracts included top level medical insurance with all of the bells and whistles.  724 more words

Long distance buses in Perù : costs and prices

How much does it cost a long distance bus in Perù? What kind of services and conditions could you expect? Which are the biggest bus companies? 1,288 more words

South America

Essential oils made easy.

Essential oils are everywhere at the moment. They have gone gang busters. Diffusers are common place in living rooms and shops. This is so fantastic but how can you be sure that you are getting all the wonderful benefits? 737 more words

"I don't really have the money right now"

This is something I hear a lot as the main reason people don’t want to buy oils or a diffuser and I just wanted to quickly share with you that this is where I believe a change of mindset is needed. 374 more words

Why You Should Use Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are the most popular options for building foundations and this is because of the various advantages that it holds. This post will discuss why concrete slabs Melbourne have been so popular over the period of time.

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Online Training Helps Overcome the Skills Gap

Over the next 5 years, there will be more online jobs which will require highly qualified experts. There are many individuals who want to improve or develop their skills. 372 more words


Laser Hair removal experience

Happy Monday Ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Another week to start fresh! I wanted to do a short post on my Laser hair removal experience. 447 more words