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Autorickshaws of Mumbai

I am a three-wheeled wonder

Made for carrying only three passengers around.

My small and sweet stature

Converts every nook and crany to a highway for me. 77 more words

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The Great Barrier Relief

My battles with weeds and gophers have prompted multiple solutions, but I’m happy to report that a 2-part solution that has had the most staying power for these problems involves barriers, namely chicken wire and landscape fabric. 265 more words


Can it: The Case for Canned Wine| The Back Label via @WineAwesomeness

If the infamously dogmatic and traditionalist wine world were to learn a few things, it would do best to look to its kissing cousin: the craft beer industry. 117 more words


No, I Can't Get Your Coffee!

A virtual assistant, what is that?! How can someone assist me and they’re sitting at home (possibly in bunny slippers)?

Virtual Assistants also known as VAs are self employed professionals that provide various administrative, technical and marketing services for business owners from a home office. 257 more words

Small Business

Finding Good (for You) Fast Food at a Nice Price

Life comes at you fast.  If you are like me you are constantly on the go.  In a given week I spent at least half of it in my car traveling to and from a court appearance or other event.  306 more words


WHO urges shift to "Single-Use Smart Syringes"

Dr Selma Khamassi, the head of the WHO team for injection safety, told the BBC News: “Shifting to single use smart syringes will hopefully help eliminate the 1.7 million new hepatitis B cases, the 300,000 hepatitis C cases and the 35,000 HIV cases every year, and all those we don’t have figures for, such as Ebola and Marburg.” 8 more words


Sunday Muesli

I am addicted to muesli. By far my favourite brand is Carman’s Muesli –  a great Australian brand that doesn’t have any sneaky evil ingredients hidden inside. 503 more words