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Hank Armand, Using technology to Make our Vacations More Efficient

There can be no doubt that vacations provide the perfect time for us to test the true power of out smart phone’s functionality. Smart phones have the potential to venomously enhance our lifestyles and make them easier, more efficient and nicer for all. 359 more words

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“All it takes is one song to bring back 1,000 memories”: using music therapy in dementia care

Earlier this month, it was reported that dementia had overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales. And caring for those with dementia is becoming the major social care challenge of the 21st century – over 1 million people in the UK are expected to have dementia by 2021. 1,027 more words

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Hank Armand, Technology and How We Experience Travel

It is almost lazy to suggest that technology has changed nearly every aspect of our world an the way we interact with it. Thirty years ago, the process of going on vacation of traveling couldn’t be more different from today, mainly due to the power of the  internet and the portals we use to access it. 369 more words

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Cost effective marketing tips to gain more followers

We know that having a strong digital presence can be effective when we have an audience to market to. So how do you increase your followers and traffic to gain a higher exposure? 279 more words

Why You Should Use Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are the most popular options for building foundations and this is because of the various advantages that it holds. This post will discuss why concrete slabs Melbourne have been so popular over the period of time. 45 more words

Hank Armand, Vacation with a Different Approach

In truth, hotels have lost an incredible amount of business over the past decade. The internet and connectivity has meant that new and innovative accommodation alternatives have sprung up offering people new ways in which t enjoy their holidays with families, friends and loved ones. 366 more words

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Roll in the Hay.

Fall is a beautiful time of year; the leaves are changing color, the air is crisp and light and the fashion comes in flattering layers. A perfect time to enjoy the last few days of pleasant weather before Netflix and chilling on the couch. 368 more words