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Coconut oil and brown sugar exfoliator.

Hey guys

Here is week one of three on how to make your own exfoliator using coconut oil. Week one is using a very simple and effective exfoliator using only coconut oil , brown sugar and your choice of essential oil (peppermint oil for this tutorial) 394 more words


A Cheap, Easy, and Healthy-ish Handout for Panhandlers

Like most larger cities, Winnipeg has its share of panhandlers that stand on boulevards asking for money from stopped cars with cardboard signs. Many people don’t like that and would love to see that changed, and in fact it is technically illegal. 439 more words

The Global marketplace

The world is getting to be a smaller and smaller place with the advent of technology and especially the Internet. Globalization seems to be a word that is thrown around much these days. 262 more words


Center pivoting gable vent

We are pleased to introduce our center pivoting gable vent as a simple solution to the challenges of venting a building. For venting to be effective, it has to be as high as possible. 122 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

How a Technical Call Center Added Financial Aid Calls - and Thrived!

After 10 years of providing technical support for e-Learning solutions, the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium’s (CTDLC) Call Center was presented with an interesting opportunity.  1,030 more words

Financial Aid

How to create cheap storage boxes for you toddler!

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

It is completely baffling how easily ‘stuff’ is accumulated as your baby grows! From clothes and shoes, to stuffed teddies, books, 457 more words


My current situation: Lights, Camera, Action!

Greetings! It’s 12:10pm and I’m conducting research on creating content with a very small budget. As I stated in my post “Getting Started” a while back, as a writer and entrepreneur sometimes you have to wear many hats. 304 more words