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The 3 Best New Cars to Get You Through College!

For Freshman going into the college for the first time traveling can become an issue. Getting around when you are far from home can be difficult, along with wanting to travel home after the semester. 370 more words

5 day doTERRA Cleaning Challenge

This past week on Facebook I have be posting cleaning challenges. Easy chemical free recipes to help drastically reduce the amount of chemicals in your home. 766 more words

Graphene for the masses?

Thirteen years ago  a discovery was made on a material so basic yet so incredible it seemed impossibly.  Scientist claims were almost outlandish. Two hundred times stronger then steel yet is extremely efficient in conducting heat and conducts electricity like a super liquid. 232 more words


Recent work - cost-effective Costco signage

Your humble sign painter got a little cost-effective sign painting in today, for Costco Carmel Mountain in the San Diego area. The manager told me their monument sign’s painted letters didn’t match the corporate logo – I can completely understand why it bugged him! 124 more words

Sign Painting

Saving Energy and Money at Home

As an avid gamer and a college student who lives off campus, utilities became a responsibility that never really crossed my mind until I had to start paying for it. 493 more words


Medical Insurance, What Do We Need And How Much Should We be Paying?

Medical Insurance is a sore subject with many expats these days.  Gone are the days when all expat contracts included top level medical insurance with all of the bells and whistles.  724 more words

Long distance buses in Perù : costs and prices

How much does it cost a long distance bus in Perù? What kind of services and conditions could you expect? Which are the biggest bus companies? 1,288 more words

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