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Demonizing State Universities

Well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but a New York Times piece on higher ed quotes a lot of people who are furious that their state U is taking more and more out of state students. 962 more words


The Cost of Living Authentically

This has been a mad, sad, crazy, happy, miserable, fantastic, scary, and hopeful time for me, these last years.  Which is to say that I am less ambivalent than I am neurotic, and more determined than I am tired.   1,429 more words


The new generation gap

Something interesting has emerged in voting patterns on both sides of the Atlantic: Young people are voting in ways that are markedly different from their elders.

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Would You Like Fries With That?

The most popular joke told to a Liberal Arts major of any kind is that their degree is nothing more than a piece of paper that will grant them the privilege of asking customers: “Would You Like Fries With That”.   88 more words

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Why Student Debt is Worse for Women

The pay disparity between genders makes paying down student loan debt more difficult for women than men, with reverberating effects on personal finances, according to an analysis by… 139 more words