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The Trouble With "Free" is That it Can't Be . . .

. . . tax payers will still have to pay for the bloated salaries of profs and administration.  So thus begs the question – free education implies higher taxes, which will also impact the “unwealthy” families – is that helping?  81 more words

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While I Respect Your Opinion, Mr. Olsen . . .

. . . your “experiences” do not constitute empirical evidence on education quality in BC Canada (well, maybe at the Grade 2 level, where the molding machine is just warming up). 14 more words

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Hats Off to Obama For Keeping a Straight Face . . .

. . . “We’re trying to tackle this problem from every angle,” Obama said. “We want to make this experience more affordable, because you’re not just investing in yourselves, you’re investing in your nation.” 20 more words

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It's All About That Bass... er... Tenure$ . . .

. . . I mean, ya gotta eat while you’re climbing that ladder to two lectures a week and pension heaven.

University Of Toronto, York University Academic Staff Warn Of Strike… 7 more words

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