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Quick Post: College is not a commodity

Excellent article in the Washington Post about the value of getting a degree. At a workshop in Surrey, someone stated a similar sentiment very well, ‘A degree is like a gym membership. 92 more words


Katie Goes on a Tear

Recently a posting about the cost of education in America compared to countries that offer “free” education got me really going on a tear for some reason. 737 more words


The Cost of Skipping School

One of the greatest barriers to post-secondary education is financial obligation. When considering college, prospective applicants are likely to ask themselves, “Can I afford to go to college?” A study from the Pew Research Center asks, “Can you afford not to?” (“The Rising Cost of… 354 more words

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How Much Did You Say It Cost??

My husband of several decades isn’t normally one to keep me current on sports teams. But, just this week, he was reading an article describing how much the University of Michigan paid two coaches who were recently fired from their jobs. 377 more words


Why is education expensive?

Stephanie is a dedicated young student. A dedicated young student who lost out on a first class honors because she couldn’t fund her studies. Or rather, she couldn’t fund one single module of her degree program. 243 more words

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A follow-up and some perspective

The situation at Stetson right now reminds me of some of my time with the student government. Good gods I took the SGA seriously. Well… maybe not with the same level of solemnity as the leadership (which is a rolling topic I’d rather not get into), but serious all the same. 677 more words

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Coding Bootcamps vs. getting a degree in Computer Science from a University

A coding bootcamp, is a usually a 12-16 week full time (usually 80 hours a week) full immersion into a particular programming language and web development/ecosystem.   519 more words