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Reform Not? Play Social Security Slots

Social Security does not provide future retirees with a safe “return” on taxes paid into the system on their behalf, given the program’s funding problems. It’s not even clear that it provides a decent return to many current retirees, and it will get worse as younger age cohorts become eligible. 1,221 more words

Social Security Trust Fund

Why Medicare Part B premiums will go up for some beneficiaries next year

Premiums for about 30% of all Medicare Part B beneficiaries could increase by as much as 52% next year.

Those unlucky patients may go from paying $104.90 per month to $159.30 because of a simple “hold harmless” provision that says premiums can’t go up for Social Security recipients if there’s not cost-of-living adjustment for the given year. 122 more words


Social Security is on the Table

By George P. Brockway, originally published February 8, 1993

THEY SAY THAT Social Security is on the table. I hope the table is spacious and sturdy, for Social Security is like the proverbial… 1,853 more words

The Dismal Science

Democrat blocked from adding $25 a day to congressional pay

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Rep. Jim Moran tried to help members of Congress with their housing expenses, but he couldn’t even get approval for an extra $25 a day. 289 more words


Sen. Vitter: If Congress wants a pay raise, vote on it

Sen. David Vitter has a simple idea for members of Congress: You want a raise, ask for it and vote on the proposal.

The challenge is that Congress is slated to automatically receive annual cost-of-living adjustments — but members have voted to block or delay such increases since 2009. 240 more words


We are One Coalition Sues Over Pension Bill

The We are One Coalition has filed a lawsuit over the pension reform bill that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law on December 5th, 2013. 144 more words



The link was sent to me by friend referencing the article “our cousin across the Pond shares her thoughts on the cuts here & there…” 26 more words