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Livable Cities Rankings: Quality of Life Has Its Price

By Renard Teipelke

I am sure combined rankings exist. Rankings where cities are evaluated and scored for both their quality of living and their cost of living. 1,356 more words


Plan de transfert/Transfer plan

Bien que mon premier choix une fois sorti du congé de maladie serait de retourner à Minnesota, je n’ai pas écarté la possibilité de changer de programme PhD, advenant que je ne puisse pas retourner comme planifié. 749 more words


A wake-up call for SA trade unions

South Africa is heading into a particularly rough year economically. That much seems to be agreed by economists and commentators across the board. So when unions start, later in the year, to demand double digit pay rises, do not be surprised: they will be justified. 660 more words

Inside Labour Column

"Welcome To The Jungle Denmark" or "Take This Meme and Shove It!"

Yes, that’s correct: what the news in the U.S. tells you about Denmark’s population being so happy truly is a load of crap, and the answers to fixing the broken U.S. 2,155 more words

At Last, Officially a Chilango

Dateline: Chilangolandia

It’s been a long, hard struggle. But at last, I’ve prevailed. I’m now officially a Chilango, with my own apartment and Mexico City address, where I’ve been living since Friday afternoon. 968 more words

Mexico City

The Struggle Bus is Rolling Through Taiwan by Jake Runnals

Well, after about a month and half in Taiwan I think I’m starting to figure this place out.  I still don’t understand 90% of the stuff that goes on here, and every time I make the 15 minute walk down the street to go to class I see something else that makes me pick my head up and think “huh?”.  332 more words

A.B. Freeman School Of Business

We Can’t Go On Like This

The silence of the Nigerian government on the current economic woes and the extreme rise in the cost of living is too loud.

Mr. Buhari must address the nation and tell the people how much longer they have to hold on.

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