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I Scream for Ice Cream...Actually Nevermind

I have a confession. I love the Andy Griffith Show.

And, it so happens to be on Netflix.

Even though the Andy Griffith Show first aired 34 years before I was born, I find the show hilarious and simple, unlike this complicated world. 758 more words


Oh, Rich People

This post goes off my first blog post “Money Can Buy Happiness.” And honestly this is going to probably be a complete contradiction of what I said, or it may not. 1,060 more words


"Most Expensive?" Who cares?

A recent BBC article on Singapore Cost of Living raises a really good point about the cost of living in Singapore. The point is, it depends on whether you need to buy a car and consume “like an expat.” 469 more words



“I like to believe there is a reality where our existence matters, but we lost that freedom to something else that meant less to us.”

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Is living in Singapore really more expensive than Bristol?

Moving to a new city is always not easy, let alone to a new city in a new country. To make things worse, since Singapore is consistently ranked as the most expensive city to live in, cost of living measurements shows that one will actually “spend less” while living in the UK if they moved from Singapore. 1,072 more words

1. Travelheadegg

Your grocery bill can go down

If you are smart your food bill can go down instead of up. Stop buying the majority of food in the grocery especially unprocessed food like meats and vegetables. 850 more words


Naperville Is The Second Best Place To Live In The Entire Country!

Seriously, we got beat by Ann Arbor, Michigan?

A survey on the website niche.com listed the best cities in the country based on schools, jobs, entertainment, how much crime there is and cost of living. 79 more words