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Minimum wage earners aren't the enemy

I will never for the life of me understand people who put down citizens of our country who work minimum wage jobs. I understand that some people have never worked a low wage job in their life. 869 more words


A George Bailey Moment

He lost his job. The child molester, extraordinaire. The only thing he did well was to provide an income for his family. In fact, that was something he did very well, making in the high six figures for the last year, and probably for several years before that (although I am not privy to those details). 868 more words


The Cost of Living in Korea as a Postdoc

Korea is much, much cheaper. Things just cost less out here. From public transport, eating out, health care. The quality might not be quite as high as some places in the West, but it is still good. 748 more words


Three Years On, Part III: Cost of Living

Next month I begin my fourth year in Paris.  I wanted to use the milestone to share some reflections on how I have changed and ongoing tips on how to make the move yourself.   493 more words


Think Before You Judge a Client and Their Contract Budget/Rate

When it comes to freelancing, we all want to make money fast, and the more the better.  However, we need to remember that starting out is not always going to be a “big bang”.   581 more words

Freelance Writing

This is Ecuador

Our friends Jill and Sy asked if we would like to go to the Botanical Gardens, get some Chinese food and do a bit of shopping on Friday (day after Thanksgiving).  1,606 more words

Food & Finance

How Much We Spend on Groceries

Our total grocery costs over the last three months amounted to:

  • September: $246.68
  • October: $206.35
  • November: $196.90

This doesn’t count eating out. 1,213 more words

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