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Life or Death, Riding on the Decisions of Twelve Angry Men...

Boy, oh boy, oh B-O-Y, I really DO hate, to be the one, in the HOT SEAT here!!!

Life or death, riding on the decisions of twelve angry men, and that, is how the American justice systems work, after all, you WILL get tried, by your PEERS, as stated by the law there. 196 more words

Cost Of Living

Hearts Have Turned into Stone

Hearts have turned into stones, did they all, gaze upon, the head of Medusa?  Hearts that have turned into stones, what happened, to them, why were they all, petrified, frozen, in FEAR, did they all, go through something, unimaginable, to the human mind? 193 more words


When Words aren't "Accompanied" by Pictures

This, is when all of you, start, FREAKING out, as you’d grown, RELIANT on those pictures…

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, what, are we supposed to do?   139 more words


The Consequences of Your Goodbye

You DO realize, that goodbye have consequences, right???  Well, I’m living with, the consequences of your goodbye right now!

The consequences of your goodbye, it’d left me, heartbroken, I didn’t expect you to turn into one of my lost loves, but you had, and, when the… 158 more words

Cost Of Living

The World Looks, Different...

The world looks, different, when I look at it, from this side of Goldie’s (the goldfish???) tank, everything seemed to be, submerged, under water, with that blurry effect. 247 more words


I Will Follow You, Lonely, Wherever You Go

I will follow you, lonely, wherever you go, just don’t PLAGUE my life, with your presence!

I will follow you, lonely, wherever you go, and, don’t you think that you should, return the same courtesy I’d shown you, BACK to me too?  152 more words


Giving, to Receive, the Placement of the Elderly


Before the New Year’s holidays, my niece, Q, who immigrated to the Netherlands came back for the holidays, she’d come to my house to wish me a happy new year, and, through our conversations, she’d learned, that her uncle, I too, worked in the areas of “providing home care services”, she’d immediately given me the thumbs up. 436 more words

Cost Of Living