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Candy Bars and Magic Tricks

It’s only a candy bar.

Let’s assume you want to buy a candy bar, so you head to the corner store with two dollars in your pocket. 334 more words


When can a strike action by health professionals be deemed ethical? Japheth Mati

The epidemic of health workers’ strikes that has gripped Kenya in the last few years raises questions as to the government’s commitment to ensure the fulfilment of ‘Right to Health’, as constitutionally guaranteed. 1,088 more words

Common Good

Living in Dubai with 3380 Dirhams

I’ve been reading so many articles on the rising cost of living and blatant salary disparity in UAE, but most of them are quite outdated, so let me tell you how I managed to live in Dubai for a mere 3380 dirhams this 2015. 1,287 more words


Kids These Days

So while I date myself with a title like that, kids these days are good too. This isn’t a post complaining about kids.

I trial-ran a babysitter on Sunday. 506 more words


I'm doing well.

I was going to write an emotional post but…. it wouldn’t flow out of me.

Instead, I’m going to share the experiences I had, the lessons I learnt. 716 more words

The Gastronomical Comedy, Cockpit Theatre

New writing based on classical literature, with the audience being served Italian food as part of the performance, sounds like a cracking way to spend an evening. 505 more words

Fringe Theatre