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I am going to die alone am I?

Knowing time and living it,

Is a good thing to try everything,

Everything unfortunately,

One thing in life you least expect,

That is love.

Everyone has a goal, 160 more words


Beyond San Francisco: The best cities for tech workers

You probably picture San Jose or San Francisco when you picture tech cities. But with the cost of living in the Bay Area sky rocketing, the generous benefits tech workers receive may no longer feel like a lot. 1,638 more words

Bring in the 40

Tale of mystery begins,

Love? Who gives?

Nothing in this world stands clear,

Nothing unlike you my dear.

New to a character in the mix, 46 more words


Chosen X

Look away from problems,

Feel the pressure you will miss,

Take away the sorrow,

Live with it within.




Really? Bananas from Ecuador, for crying out loud? Now I realise why it cost me R6-77 in Cape Town for two bananas. What a crazy price. 211 more words


Something new

You cannot believe how much it is worth,

Value of nothing tops it twice over,

You worth is you call,

Not the other way around where you call, 24 more words