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There is NO Formula to Following in Taking Care of the Demented Elderly, Know to Ask for Assistance When You Need it

From experience, on dementia, translated…

Many years ago, as I was helping my father, who’d been staying at the hospitals for lunch, he’d gently stroked the hair hanging on my forehead, said, “hon, your hair is white too?”, I glanced over at my father who only had a few strands of white left on his balding head, wrinkle-filled face, blurry eyed dad, swallowed hard, “Did you forget, that I’m almost sixty, my white hairs came in a long, long time ago.”  I’d changed my thoughts immediately, “At least he still knows who I am”. 278 more words


When You Forgot, But I'd Still Remembered...

It’s just not fair, that I have to be burdened with the memories of what you’d done to me, but you can, forget about all of it, like it was, nonexistent, and it just makes me ANGRY!!! 204 more words


4590. A Homeless Man, Sitting, with a Cardboard Sign, in Front of a Shopping Strip, with People, Busying About Their Separate Lives…

This, was something that was real, something that someone, bore witness to!

A homeless man, sitting, with a cardboard sign, in front of a shopping strip, with people, busying about their separate lives, now, what, would be your first impression of this “scene”?   245 more words


Feeling Abandoned, in This Nursing Home, by My Offspring

Welcome, to another “round” of Battling IT out!!!


Why, why, why did my kids, leave me here, in this nursing home?  I’d treated all of them very well as they were growing up, accompanied them, helped them through everything difficult in their young lives, and this, is what’s become of me! 462 more words


My Mother Was Placed into a Home…She Doesn’t Remember Who I am Anymore


Some twenty odd years ago, one day at dusk, my mother was going to the kitchens to get food to eat, and, accidentally tripped by the things lying around the floor, we’d rushed her to the hospital.  439 more words


The Common Agricultural Policy - a costly protectionist racket

‘The Common Agricultural Policy forces consumers to pay ‘two or three times more for food than we would pay without the policy’
- Dalia Grybauskaite, EU budget commissioner  1,396 more words

A Council That Works For You - Labour's Contract With Brighton and Hove

Today I am launching Labour’s manifesto for Brighton and Hove.

Our city is crying out for change. We need a city council that works, with clear purpose and strong leadership to make sure that basic services residents rely on are delivered. 289 more words