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Boost Our Income & Scratch Cutting Back On Expenses

Most of us are well aware that in order to have a saving for our later days, we need to manage our expenses well. Most income earners attempt to boost their savings by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. 292 more words


How a $100B transit investment could lower cost of goods in Canada's North

OTTAWA – A group of academic researchers say a dedicated, cross-Canada corridor for roads, rail, pipelines and communications lines could cost $100 billion to build. 457 more words


Priced out of the city

I have now been commuting from my parents’ home for the last 6 months. Having initially only planned to move out of the city for a few months before I get back on my feet, I now believe I won’t be able to move back for another six months. 276 more words

Update: cost of living on Maui

That the most searched words on this blog are “cost of living” is testimony to the popularity of Civil Beatʻs “Cost of Living” articles and… 707 more words


Weekend Cost of Living in Germany

This article continues the series I write on “Living in Germany”, in the previous posts I wrote about cost of living as student in Germany… 276 more words

People & Their Money

FLAT TAX: Right Wing Fallacy, or Game Changer?


As sure as night follows day, Ireland will be forced to abandon its low corporation tax in the coming years. Therefore, it is imperative that the Irish government develops a new strategy well in advance of this eventuality. 3,718 more words


Living In Boston: How Much Salary Do you Need To Afford

A few months ago a report showed just how much money Bostonians need to make to afford a median-price house in the city. Now, personal finance tech company SmartAsset has looked at… 272 more words

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