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2017 C.O.L.A. Likely Absorbed by Medicare Increase

With the August CPI release, it seems like a good time to discuss C.O.L.A. and its impact.

  • Over the last 12 months, the all items index rose 1.1 percent before seasonal adjustment.
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East Vancouver facing hot button issues

Featured cover illustration: Collingwood Neighbourhood House area map by Vicky Li via nhvproject.ca

East Vancouver is an area that has a lot of hot button issues. 786 more words

Cost of Living by State

Well, I was thinking about moving to Colorado or Wyoming.  Economically, there doesn’t seem to be hardly advantage to that thought.  Californi’as coast, ah, you can forget about it.   76 more words


Teaching in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best places to teach English currently, in my opinion, when you weigh up salary, cost of living and lifestyle.

I have already blogged about the… 298 more words

Teaching English

Lagos is Almost the Most Expensive City in Africa

I just heard someone say “but we knew that already.”

But really. I knew it was expensive but I never really put a decent finger on exactly what it cost until now. 322 more words


Progressive Disneylands...

David French refers us to the sad tale of a man whose six-figure salary from Facebook wasn’t sufficient  to allow him  to live well in the Bay Area because of the cost of living there.    23 more words