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Choosing the career and the university course that’s right for you

The important thing to consider when choosing a career or a course is that the subject matter is of interest to you and you will enjoy learning more about it or will be able to motivate yourself to research it. 318 more words

Dubai Economy boosts (and cost of living soars)

Many countries in the middle east are trying to diversify the economy in order to guarantee a prosperous future to the generations to come even in periods when the oil won’t be necessary or available any more. 483 more words


Shedding Light on Your Electricity Bill

At the risk of being accused of bias, I am circulating the message below from Northlands Utilities – FYI.
As you know, Northland Utilities provides electricity services, including billing, to more than 11,000 customers in the Northwest Territories. 124 more words


Tinkering with child poverty won't help end it

As new child poverty figures are published amid increasing Tory pressure to change the way we measure it, we publish here a piece by Jonathan Bradshaw, which he wrote for The Conversation. 923 more words

Cost Of Living

(D -38) Aomori City BoE Package!

Today marks the day that I have finally gotten in contact with my Board of Education (BoE)! Around 10:30AM on 6/23/2015  the USPS tried delivering it to me as I had to sign off, but nobody was home at that moment so the next day, technically yesterday, I decided to walk over to the Post Office just a few blocks from home and pick it up! 448 more words


Cost of Living in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Guide)

Hello Fairy Tail! \(^o^)/

Just visited the Expatistan website and saw the cost of living in Hong Kong there. Here are some of the list. 242 more words


IKEA Raising Minimum Wage Again, This Time To $11.87/Hour

Almost exactly a year after IKEA announced it would raise the hourly starting wage for employees from $9.17 to $10.76, the furniture retailer says it will give workers another 10% pay boost. 252 more words