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Will a major need for affordable housing lead to population gains in less desirable places?

As I read another story the other day about a need for affordable or reasonably priced housing – this time for aging baby boomers – it led me to a hypothetical question: would people move to less desirable locations if housing there was significantly cheaper? 352 more words


Vancouver the most expensive Canadian city for expat workers, but internationally competitive: Survey

With skyrocketing real estate prices and rents along with rising utility rates and fees, Vancouverites love to complain about the cost of living.

But one global consulting firm says comparatively, it’s not too bad. 279 more words


Market Orientation for Chinese Animation Industry

This is a very interesting place in Beijing where there are many feature film, games and animation companies based here. I was told there are quite a number of places like this in Beijing. 205 more words

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Immigration and the New American Reality

“I don’t want my child to grow up in the US.”

That’s a simple and direct statement from a financial professional who moved to Europe earlier this year. 494 more words


The Growing Poor in America

Our GNP has been growing.  Inflation has been rising since the 70s and cost of living has increased.  Yet wages have stagnated.

Most wage increases over the last 20 years have been less than helpful in keeping up a Middle Class.   1,219 more words


Basic principles to life,

Something to keep you in check,

Orders to follow,

Line to speak,

From the food you eat,

To the job you seek, 51 more words


“Useless” $50 Note to be Phased Out in Sydney

Sydney is set to phase out the humble $50 note over the next few months after widespread complaints that the denomination lovingly known as a “pineapple” is not worth enough to purchase anything in Sydney. 150 more words