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The Path to Digitization

This is a quick video that highlights the path to a more digitized world and the benefits of making the transformation. We in Protean can help you make this transition quickly and easily.

Digital Transformation

The pure satisfaction of a good days work..

We had a great weekend of work at the farm this weekend. We were able to get about an acre completely cleared. The surprising thing is that we came up with an easier and cheaper method. 543 more words


ASG Technologies Launch Exciting New Version of Workspaces

ASG Technologies Empowers Enterprises to Enable Digital Transformation with Launch of Workspace 10.0

Single-point solution aggregates applications and services, letting employees optimize how they access job-critical material, while ensuring the enterprise stays in control… 685 more words


Opinion - The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country — but not with better health outcomes - LA Times - John Gelmini

Dr Alf brings us an interesting article to which there is a simple conclusion.

The American Medical Association keeps the number of medical students at a finite number by making the requirements to be a doctor more onerous than is the case in many other countries, consequently American doctors are very well paid.  306 more words


Stop Smoking - Healthy and Wealthy

Stop Smoking – Healthy and Wealthy

One of the major costs for a lot of people is smoking. For me personally this was my big fat money monster. 929 more words