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Oleh  : Yoga Ernanto Prabowo

Jika kita tidak bisa menjual semua yang kita produksi, maka mengurangi salah satu komponen biaya menjadi satu-satunya cara untuk meningkatkan margin atau laba, tetapi itu sebenarnya adalah perspektif dari akuntansi sederhana yang seharusnya tidak perlu terjadi. 1,210 more words

Cost Reduction

IoT and Analytics Weekly (10/17/2016)

Big Data Analytics (BDA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the most exciting and rapidly-changing phenomena in the world.  These two fields are closely connected, since IoT devices generate (and stream) lots of data which typically requires BDA to create actionable insights and, in many cases, control these devices. 311 more words


A Hyperdrive for the Future Data Center

Enterprise data centers (DC) are in a period of rapid change.  More and more data is being stored in public and private clouds.  Not only is the amount of storage deployed in the data center growing at an exponential rate, the way providers are buying storage is also changing.  1,343 more words


How to Reduce the Cost of your Kitchen Renovation

Your budget is so important when you start to plan your kitchen renovation. Before you get started, sit down and work out what your budget is and stick to it. 314 more words

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Offshore Manufacturing: Risky Business or the Right Choice for Your Project?

The unfortunate truth about manufacturing offshore is that unit cost is rarely reflective of total cost. Nor is every low cost country (LCC) contract manufacturer equally equipped to provide the support required by highly regulated medical product design and manufacturing. 245 more words

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