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Gay Celebrant: This is Just The BEGINNING!

By Rev. Austin Miles

Like a conquering army thundering through the cities and towns of the former United States, the invaders planted their rainbow flags on municipal buildings, city halls, even above The White House itself, as  949 more words

Political Correctness

VA bill shooting through Congress could cost taxpayers billions

They’ve done it again. Congress has passed another bill without reading it first. In question is legislation passed in both chambers of Congress this week in response to the Veteran Affairs scandal could cost taxpayers more than $500 billion over the next decade. 585 more words

In The News

Illegal Aliens Drive Up National Debt

If we took the time to stop and think logically, there is no way to really estimate how many illegals we have in this country, but we can take an estimated guess, like the Pew Center did back in September 2010, and they list the number at approximately 11.1 million.  494 more words

Crime & Punishment

Jury Duty Summons: Watch Out for This Identity Theft Scam

They say white-collar crimes tend to increase in times of economic stress.  This is one of those times.  And it’s all the more important to be watchful. 521 more words

Ask The Adviser

Bailout to Cost $5,354 per Tax Payer...

The monumental “bailout” currently being proposed (and hurtling toward approval) carries with it an estimated price tag of $700,000,000,000. That breaks down to $5,354 for every person who filed a personal income tax return. 164 more words


Putting a Price Tag on Bailouts: It’s Time to Make the Fed Accountable Too

As the debate continues over the wisdom or lack thereof of Congress having given Treasury Secretary Paulson a blank check to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat over the next 18 months, a point that seems largely overlooked is that there was only one realistic alternative. 428 more words

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