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U.S. Study: Cost of Generating Wind Electricity 48% Higher Than Previous Estimates

Aaron Bandler — Townhall.com — July 7, 2015

study released Tuesday morning concludes that the true cost of wind energy is 48 percent high than previous studies have estimated.

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Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

Short and Sweet

A treatment timeline of 52 weeks to clear the hepatitis C virus from the body, thankfully, is a thing of the past. Today, treatment horizons continue to get shorter and shorter for hepatitis C infections, with 12 weeks currently being a very typical treatment time for most hepatitis C patients. 153 more words

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...Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Starbucks addicts, today is not your day. As you stumble into your coffee emporium today for your morning, mid-morning, late-morning, and afternoon pick-me-up coffee you may notice that you wallet is a little bit lighter than usual. 120 more words


Starbucks Increases Prices $0.05 To $0.20 For Many Drinks... Again

Does your wallet feel a bit lighter after paying for your morning cup of Starbucks coffee? It just might (unless, of course, you used the company’s order-ahead mobile app or any other form of payment besides cash), and that’s because the coffee chain has once again raised its prices for many drinks. 175 more words


Yes! Last week we decided to downsize our storage to half the size by the first of September. Ha! Didn’t see that one coming a year ago. 212 more words


Freedom is Pricey

The cost of freedom is pricey. Consider the 6603 American lives lost on D-Day. So many lives were lost to establish a beachhead to enable a final push into Nazi Germany.  470 more words