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Friends of the Fox Offers the Opportunity to Give, Get, and Help

To support the arts, there are a number of galas you can go to where you leave feeling good about your evening and having donated. When you become one of the… 423 more words


Local Chefs Teaming Up for Chef’s Shrooms and Champs at STK

Where are you going for dinner? Make plans to see four of Atlanta’s best chefs in action during Chef’s Shrooms and Champs at STK on April 14 from 6:30 p.m. 151 more words


Trust a Perth Plumber to Install a Cost-Saving Dishwasher in your Home

Dishwashers are almost an essential appliance in most kitchens. Environmental and power concerns, however, prompt some homeowners to choose more energy-efficient models. In a guest article for Realestate.com.au, Anne Armensin said that while energy-efficient dishwashers are expensive at first, they provide more value in the long run. 75 more words


(My ballet dancing friend insists it’s not usually quite this bad, but you get the general idea.)

One new year in China at the English club I often frequented we discussed our goals in life. 130 more words


The Cost to Flow

As a female I am provided with many experiences that are limited to the female population. One of these is the much discussed menstrual cycle, or period as used in colloquial terms. 369 more words


Is Next-Gen not all it's cracked up to be?

When next-gen was unveiled in May almost two years ago, we were promised a plethora of amazing looking games, this was the next generation of games – but two years on – has it really delivered? 592 more words


What is the point of public transport?

What is the point of having public transport? What’s it for? That’s what I was thinking about driving around Frankfurt-am-Main. You see, in my mind, the point of public transport was always to provide a means of transport that is cheaper than driving cars. 15 more words