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Coffee and its Growing Priority

This is a brewed drink that is being made from roasted coffee beans and is majorly grown in tropical Africa, Madagascar, America, Southeast Asia and India. 477 more words

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, Ortigas

As I write this review, the whole morning was gloomy and a bit colder than the usual weather. Moments like this make me appreciate a sip of coffee even more. 116 more words

Always Hungry Ph

Με το χαμόγελο πάντα κερδίζεις!

Να το θυμάσαι πάντα αυτό μικρούλα μου. Το χαμόγελο ζεσταίνει τις καρδιές, ανοίγει τις κλειστές πόρτες, είναι το πρόσωπο της ευγένειας και της ανθρωπιάς.

Να παραδέχεσαι τα λάθη σου και να προσπαθείς να τα διορθώνεις, να μην αδικείς κανέναν, όσο ψηλά και αν είσαι, όσο χαμηλά και αν είναι αυτός. Να δίνεις στους ανθρώπους την αξία που αρμόζει στον καθένα.


If the ingredients are vegan, its vegan, right?!

I’m am so annoyed as this is the third time I have written this post, upon publishing I lost the whole content. Sadly this version is about 400 words less and covers way less of my vegan day than previously, as I have slightly lost the will to blog! 714 more words

Coffee writing

Stopping for coffee in Costa on a Thursday with the market in full swing, perfect for relaxing and people watching. Made the mistake of forgetting Costa do three sizes of cup and so used to going for the ‘large’ in other coffee houses where that size equates to our usual mugs at home. 221 more words


Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is best known for their espresso-based coffee using their signature Mocha Italia original blend, and this famous Flat White Coffee is cheaper yet better quality coffee than Starbucks.


The Fundraising Diaries: Marathon in a Day & Costa Coffee Giveaway!

Hello lovely lot!

I know, it’s been a while since there’s been a good ol’ blog post about all things running and training which I promise is coming very soon…  *cough cough* Sunday. 671 more words