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Dogs yes, Children No – Day 02

Rain, it’s what the Great British Summer is all about. Luckily we have pubs and free WiFi. Nearly Christmas. 71 more words

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Poke and Bacon

Day 01

And probably the best weather

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The Pokemon Beano – Day 01

As Mark Peacock says, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Although in my case it both really. First stop Sedgemoor Services for a coffee a la @trafficsham. 128 more words

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Up in The Air Dining

Travel always excites me. I am excluding the packing and preparation portion, which I absolutely dread. I am also weeding out the plane’s take off and landing when my ears pop and I can barely hear a thing,  The thought of going to a new destination is one of the thrills I absolutely live for. 987 more words

Comfort Food

A Month late and a Turnip (Crop) Short.

I was absolutely – one hundred per cent – certain. Certain that the planting ‘structions on the packet said plant in July (and it’s nearly August already!). 565 more words