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Cashew Fruit

Our cashew fruits are ripe on the tree.  About the size and shape of a small apple, this juicy fruit is called Maranon in Costa Rica – the n needs a tilde but I can’t get my keyboard to cooperate.  127 more words


Party Polish

We’re getting ready for a change of seasons.  Marielos came today and polished our toenails.

We drank a little wine and chatted while she worked. 9 more words

Playa Samara Beach

Casabas are ripe

Six for a buck!  Sweet juicy Casaba Melons, fresh from the farm on the way to Nicoya.  We get the ones that are too ripe to ship.  21 more words

Playa Samara Beach

Storytelling in Samara

Story-teller, Carolina Quiroga, who uis from Columbia via USA, Janashared some latin tales with the children of Samara yesterday at the Natural Center.  Presented in Spanish, it was also good practice for those of us who are still earning the language. 72 more words

Playa Samara Beach

In Costa Rica, Spring precedes Winter. We might be seeing right now the first signs of the coming rainy season. Rising humidity – we’ve 4 cloudy starless nights in a row – and precipitation – Tina says it rained the other day in Santo Domingo, just 4 klicks away but I didn’t feel a drop – have encouraged the trees to bloom. 168 more words


Free Food

What I love about Costa Rica: If you can beat the ants, there is free food lying in the ditch beside the road.  Today we made breakfast while walking the dog.  This mango was perfect.


Costa Rica - Staying on the beach.

Playing a bit of catch-up here… finally posting about our Costa Rica trip. Which happened 7 months ago. :) Better late than never. 

We flew in to Liberia airport midday and went straight to our hotel “on the beach” in… 344 more words

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