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Costa Rica Vehicle Rentals: Good Car Rental Agencies Are Hard To Find. Here's Where We Choose To Look.

We are no strangers to the arena of vehicle rentals in Costa Rica. We use the word arena with purpose here, as the realm is not only rife with competition, but it is also one in which games are often played. 2,914 more words

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Is Costa Rica's Tortuguero Worth Visiting?

Costa Rica’s Tortuguero is a bit of a strange brew. Like straight black coffee short of sugar or milk, it is either loved by many or merely put up with by others. 3,793 more words

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Our Craft On Tap For 2016.

Whew! Is it just me or did last year seem to fly by? It feels like it was only yesterday when we were discussing our… 852 more words

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Cooking in my underpants or can you make a Yule Log in the tropics?

My Steve was born on Christmas Day and since I love all things French, I decide long ago that his birthday cake would be a Buche de Noel – his middle name is even Noel. 320 more words

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Tourism Competition In Costa Rica: The Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate… But We’re Gonna Shake It Off

Competition is a diversely understood word. For some, it can spark friendship, such as for a group of University friends who partake in an after-class game of flag football or frisbee golf. 2,489 more words

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The Victory Isn't In the Win

Every once in a while I’ll reach for the worn, dirty journal that accompanied me on the adventure of a lifetime and plug myself back into… 416 more words

Growing Up.

Costa Rica Vehicle Rentals: Credit Card Insurance Coverage & Declining Part CDW

Just when we thought we had shed enough light on the topic of renting a vehicle in Costa Rica to avoid travellers’ panic and regret (via our related blog posts – … 2,098 more words

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