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Go Wild in Costa Rica with Candace Clough and Pam Goode

Go Wild in Costa Rica with Candace Clough and Pam Goode
January 13 – 20, 2019
$1980 Double, $2380  Single
(Double Your Fun Discount: See Info Below)
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Mosaic Art Retreats

The final days

That night there was a big storm and my dad had to check if the road we needed to take was still open due to trees falling down. 1,848 more words

Horse riding

Following Fabio

Before our ride

We woke the next morning after an uneasy sleep knowing that we had not been able to    find the scorpion. Fortunately we found out that Costa Rican scorpions aren’t poisonous but they could cause the punctured area to swell which would still be painful. 711 more words

Monteverde zip lining

This morning we checked out and went for another four hour drive to get to Monteverde where we were going to go zip lining and horse riding. 1,027 more words

Hot springs and hotels

Today we moved to a hotel on the outskirts of town. Only it was not a normal hotel it was a hot spring hotel, which meant it of course had hot springs. 1,217 more words


This morning we slept in to seven o’clock which was surprising considering that we had been waking up at five on most days. We got dressed and got into the car ready to go walk around a volcano. 409 more words