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Traveling to Costa Rica Without a Yellow Fever Vaccine

I recently traveled to Peru for a week’s vacation and upon returning was not let into Costa Rica because I did not have a yellow fever vaccine. 1,393 more words


Cashew Fruit

Our cashew fruits are ripe on the tree.  About the size and shape of a small apple, this juicy fruit is called Maranon in Costa Rica – the n needs a tilde but I can’t get my keyboard to cooperate.  127 more words


Gluten-Free Dining In Costa Rica

Finding out you’re sensitive to gluten is a bit like discovering you are a reality television fan (if you are one). You likely hadn’t given it much thought, as you never really ate a lot of wheat products to begin with (or paid much attention to the ingredients in what you did eat), just like your life never revolved around a television station’s programming schedule. 3,270 more words

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Costa Rica Honeymoon - Guanacaste

Featured Authors: Chris & Laura (visit the Trails Unblazed Blog)

We’re not really the types to spend an entire week lounging on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, we (especially Laura) can lounge with the best of them, but we wanted a well-balanced honeymoon with a nice mix of relaxation and adventure and Costa Rica was an obvious choice.   780 more words

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Party Polish

We’re getting ready for a change of seasons.  Marielos came today and polished our toenails.

We drank a little wine and chatted while she worked. 9 more words

Playa Samara Beach

25 Sure Signs You Are Becoming Accustomed to Life in Rural Costa Rica

I originally wrote this post in 2013, for a personal website.  The post went viral after a Costa Rica news source picked it up and another outlet claimed it as their own. 800 more words

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Travel Brain: How To Maintain A Level Head Throughout Your Costa Rica Trip

Your vacation time is precious. You probably don’t get it all too often, you work incredibly hard to afford it, and it creates opportunities for you and your loved ones to make… 1,189 more words

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