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White water rafting

  1. We woke this morning, had breakfast and got ready to go. We had another four hour drive to get back to Osa. We were going to stay in the place we went for pizza for one night but then my mom saw the jacuzzi in our room and we stayed for two instead.
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Trek part 2

The ‘sloth’ was very very high up and was, as far as we could tell indistinguishable from a fuzzy yellow ball. Even with the zoom on the camera it was hard to tell what it was. 846 more words


This morning we woke up at five in the morning and got ready to go on turtle patrol. The lady was already waiting for us. She had a bucket and a pole and explained that we were going to walk along the beach and if we found evidence of turtles coming up and laying eggs then she would poke around in the over tuned sand trying to find the egg chamber. 356 more words

The wonders of nature 

This morning we woke up at five in the morning and were supposed find a taxi to take us to a place that we had been looking to stay at next. 774 more words

First morning in Costa Rica 

When I woke up this morning at five o’clock the clouds had cleared and the sun was Coming out. The breakfast room had no walls, a view of one of the many pools and some palm trees. 187 more words

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

It took me so many years of unbareable Canadian winters to finally do what so many Canadians do – escape the winter… well, at least for a week. 1,245 more words