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Falling is not the problem...

The problem is when you don’t get back up!

Being afraid is one of the most natural instincts that human beings have. It’s supposed to be like this otherwise we would all be dead. 147 more words

My Verizon Headache

I’m going to begin by stating that this is indeed a headache. I have heard many other horror stories that do rise to the level of “heartache” or “nightmare.” Putting aside the fact that we as humans should not feel such an emotional attachment to material technological devices, this headache caused by Verizon has put my workflow on hiatus. 1,370 more words


Photo Set: PKEW PKEW PKEW in Chicago! (the time before last)

Well, here we are a million years later. I think this show was in like February but what the fuck do I know? Anyway, the red tape is lifted and here’s some god damn photos of one of the most aggressively simplistic bands in music today,  257 more words


Chin Up, America: baseball is back

Hey, everybody! I’ve been under a rock since Game 7, what’d I miss?

Duke! Not much, man. We elected Donald Trump (that guy we used to watch on… 1,337 more words

Duke Jackson

How Seinfeld Shaped My Personality

Since I was a child, Seinfeld was my favorite show; and to this day, no other show comes close to touching it. I grew up with the television on. 430 more words

For I Am Costanza...Lord of the Idiots

My best friend Terry and I shared a love for the television show Seinfeld. We spent many years quoting lines from this hilarious sitcom and even would call or text each other on every occasion we were able to live out a moment from the show. 470 more words