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My George Costanza Inspo Album

George Costanza, self proclaimed “lord of the idiots” from the Sitcom Seinfeld of the 90’s finally gets his fuego inspo album that he is overdue for. 61 more words


The Mojo Exceptions

I’m pursuing the opposite strategy. This is embracing and doing the opposite of your normal choices. The thinking is, if what you’re doing hasn’t been working, then the opposite of what you’re doing should be successful. 496 more words



George Costanza: “I don’t get art (…) it always has to be explained to me, and then I have to have someone explain the explanation.”

Nifty Quotes

Partiamo dalle basi....

Spruzzare 1000 deodoranti per ambienti non significa assolutamente avere una casa pulita e profumata. Per essere tale, bisogna seguire delle regole giornaliere semplici e veloci: 332 more words


Girl Gets Her Wig Snatched In A Fight

Yo I get that black chicks sometimes are forced to use that creamy crack shit relaxer on their hair to get it tame. Some like it au natural all curly and shit. 205 more words

The Costanza

He’s 30, lives with his parents, was allegedly laid off from his job as an engineer and now works at a bicycle shop.  He’s one bald head away from being a full-blown George Costanza.   1,445 more words

Date Recap

Teenage wastedland

Having not gone on an actual date until I was a freshman in college, I have no basis with which to formulate the following statement. But I do think that I’ve regressed and am now going on dates tailor made for teenagers. 941 more words

Date Recap