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"The Nose Job"- Seinfeld's Artsiest Episode

9 Episodes into the Third season, Seinfeld had already re-defined the television sitcom. Phrases like “I had a pony” and James Wong’s belting of the name “Cartwright” served as comedic gold in the series’ Second season. 534 more words


Awesome Cover

I found this cool cover of Nickelback’s “Photograph” you guys might like. Alex Goot and ATC at their best.

(This was added after I published the post.)

Pop Culture

I Need This Costanza Napping Desk So Bad

Ahhh I love a good nap. It’s like George says, sometimes its the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning. This sounds crazy but occasionally on the weekends I would wake up early just so i can take a nice little nap around 10. 285 more words

Hello world!

Helloooo world indeed!

First, let me introduce myself. I am the female version of George Costanza. Up is down, left is right, wrong is right… you get it. 98 more words


My Great-grandfather was a Maritime Innovator Plus More!

They called my great grandfather, Samuel Costanza, “Black Sam” because he was burned at work on the 9-liner when a chemical splashed in his face. That was when he worked at Kaiser Aluminum starting around 1956. 510 more words

Serenity Now!

Sometimes motherhood isn’t all roses & rainbows. Evelyn was up for the better part of the night last night with yet another ear infection. This one seems to be her most painful one to date. 310 more words

Working Mom