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Fifty Shades of Earl Grey #ThrowbackThursday #humor #England

A friend who was visiting from America put a teabag into a cup of water and stuck it in the microwave. As I was explaining to her all the ways that was wrong, I mentioned that I accidentally committed a tea party once. 1,008 more words


Costco Unveils New Food Court Burger

If you’ve ever ate the food from the food courts in Costco, you know what a good deal it is. Sometimes you might go to Costco just for the food court! 58 more words


"a certain brand of peanut butter" by Julia at L and J's Airbnb

Tuesday June 27, 2017
5 minutes
The Power Of Habit
Charles Duhigg

The first time J and I went to Costco we made some crucial errors. 109 more words

Snakes in my Stomach

I met V at Costco today. I almost didn’t tell him I was going; I kind of needed space. But I was concerned he might see me there and be hurt. 618 more words


One Wall Street Analyst Thinks Costco’s Amazon Troubles Are Overblown

A Wall Street analyst says he is bullish about Costco stock despite the potentially disruptive merger between Amazon and Whole Foods Market — and even after the bulk grocery store’s… 194 more words


Keto bread? Keto bread!

Brief blog post, I’ve just completed my first “advanced” keto recipe, and I’m quite pleased.

https://www.ketoconnect.net/recipe/best-keto-bread/ Is the recipe I followed. I was skeptical as it baked, as it put off a rather strong egg smell, but I’m pleasantly surprised. 119 more words


Food It's What I Like 175/365

I’ve got to get back into clean or at least cleaner eating then I have been. Which means I need to get myself together and start meal planning. 254 more words