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Weekend at the Jones' + Violet's updates

Well here we are at yet another Monday and while I typically don’t prefer Monday’s,  this one was needed! Our weekend was so full it felt like we didn’t relax at all. 1,211 more words



“Would you like a piece of toast for breakfast?” I asked Bill one day last week.

“Sure, sounds good,” he answered.

So I got out a couple of pieces of the high-fiber bread that the nurse practitioner had suggested I eat as part of my effort towards a high-fiber diet in light of my recent health situation. 391 more words


밴쿠버 삼시세끼 - 싼 음식으로 한끼 때우기, 코스트코 핫도그, 이케아 푸드코트 1불 아침식사

벤쿠버 물가 참 비싸지유~?ㅎㅎ

처음에 밴쿠버에 도착했을 때 호스텔에서 생활하면서 삼시세끼를 모두 사먹어야했는데요…

지갑이 가벼워지는게 나날이 느껴지면서 갈수록 부담이 커지더라고요~

특히나 술을 좋아하는터라…소주 1병에 15불이라니!!!

Life In Canada

Day Thirty-Nine: Gratitude and Making a List

I was walking around Costco this afternoon, cradling a giant bag of pistachios like it was my infant child, because after a certain number of years, that’s just the default carrying position, when I had a sense of, “How did I get here?” 471 more words

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

With an hour and half commute to work (going down to 40 minutes from Monday – yay!) I have a lot of time to think. So naturally, I started thinking about what might happen in a zombie apocalypse and if I would survive. 531 more words


An afternoon with Costco

As the name suggests, the wife and I took a trip to Costco…on a Sunday afternoon.

It was…an experience.

We woke up in the morning and were sitting around the apartment, it was a PJ and cats in laps kinda morning. 440 more words