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A Friend's Comment on COSTCO

A lot of time when my friends and I want to go to Costco to get some products (maybe just a handful of stuff), but we will just end up leaving paying from $500-$1000 worth of home groceries. 226 more words


Weenier, weenier... Costco deenier.

Hot dogs. Probably not the healthiest thing to eat. But if you’re feeling poor and want a quick fix, you’re likely heading to your local Costco, am I right? 288 more words


Test Group Day 3

Today was cardio core and it was another great workout. I thought I had figured out the timed nutrition but somehow missed a meal and ended up having to finish my last one at 9pm! 303 more words

Instant Pot

Cash, Credit, or... Does Anyone Still Write Checks?

The other day I was in Costco buying dog food.

Heck of a deal, 24 cans for $19.99. That’s less than a dollar a can — 83¢ to be exact — for good quality dog food. 791 more words


'The Shannara Chronicles' canceled, shopped to other networks for season 3

The fantasy of the Four Realms has come to an end — on Spike, at least.

The network, which picked up The Shannara Chronicles after its first season aired on MTV in 2016, has canceled the series based on Terry Brooks’ best-selling books after two seasons, EW has confirmed. 143 more words


Irks and irritations at big box store: adventures at Costco

If you read here then you know that going to Costco with my family is hazardous to my health.

Which doesn’t explain why I asked the husband (but not the kids) to join me this morning. 504 more words


比較了一下 Walmart 和 Costco 的核桃格價

Walmart / 32 oz / USD 9.98 = USD 0.31 per oz
Costco / 48 oz / USD 14.99 = USD 0.31 per oz

發現 Costco 沒有比較便宜! 而且還要一次過買比較多!

這個在 Walmart 可以買到

這個在 Costco 可以買到