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I very distinctly remember coming out of my last tumultuous semester of college with heartache. It wasn’t from a relationship gone awry, nor had it been from an alarming remembrance that school was over and now real life begged of me to pay bills, file taxes, work, work, work. 868 more words


Women, Pain, and Medical Struggles

I will start this off by stating something that may invalidate me for some people: I am a woman seeking opiate medication. Yes. I suffer from a condition called costochondritis, which is a benign yet occasionally horrifically painful condition where sometimes the cartilage in my ribcage gets inflamed (due to extreme stress, extended coughing, wearing a heavy backpack, anything that puts pressure on your ribs). 1,598 more words

WebCG: Sprained Nickelboob

Welcome to WebCG, the classygallie.com version of WebMD. WebCG provides valuable health information. Note: Just kidding. Nothing you’ll find here is at all valuable. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know your business, so do not believe anything you read here and certainly do not take it as legitimate medical advice. 401 more words


It's been 15 months since my last post...

I feel like this is a confession, and maybe it is. But I haven’t been doing well, and I haven’t been holding myself accountable. I was just re-reading a few of my old posts… and how did I fall so far off-track? 612 more words

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We're Getting Real Around Here

I could say a lot of reasons why I haven’t blogged in weeks. But I won’t. It just hasn’t happened. I have a lot of posts in the queue, but not much action on them. 811 more words


1. Welcome to 'Lush to Lupus', this is just the beginning...

I work in the best area of London when the summer sun begins to shine. In a celebratory mood, Soho is awash with Aperol Spritz as long lunches turn into long cocktails until long after the sun goes down. 542 more words

Pregnancy Week 30

Week: 30

Baby: A cabbage – ewww. Stinky baby this week, only ever redeemable covered in mayonnaise, coleslaw style, which of course I can’t eat. 998 more words