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Back to the beginning

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted. I had to go back and look at what I had written to ensure I was not repeating myself. 552 more words


Exercises for Costochondritis : Causes and Symptoms

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage in the rib cage. This condition affects the cartilage where the upper ribs attach to the breastbone, or sternum, an area known as the… 312 more words


Pain pain go away

Today has been a painful one, to say the least. I woke up in a good mood, done a blog, got my son ready for school, then boom, pain town – population – me. 194 more words

Skinny-Jeans, Heart Attacks and Crayon Calamities

“Hello, this is the VA triage line, how may I help you?” The female voice on the other end of the line is calm and reassuring. 1,737 more words

Crisis DuJour

Thank you, Chronic Cosmic Gypsy

I was sent this song from The Cosmic Gypsy herself! So while I focus on self-care and listen to this wonderful song daily, I want to send out positive vibes to this amazing blogger and all those that I know! 19 more words



I have been battling the last week but am recovering now. My husband only left my side to work. He made sure I never went without, that my cell phone was near so I could call him, and he sat in bed with me when he was home. 44 more words


RR042 Podcast Episode

RR042 publish date 18.0226
What in the world is Costochondritis? (It’s what Ried has after the car wreck that’s what.) Remember our old friend –itis. If you recall this suffix has the meaning of inflammation. 136 more words