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Breathing my ribs light up
Billows across the coals
Each inhalation
these sacred life rituals
tracing the pattern of my ceramics
A wicked corset fashioned of cattlebrands and honey locust… 30 more words

Thank you, Chronic Cosmic Gypsy

I was sent this song from The Cosmic Gypsy herself! So while I focus on self-care and listen to this wonderful song daily, I want to send out positive vibes to this amazing blogger and all those that I know! 19 more words



I have been battling the last week but am recovering now. My husband only left my side to work. He made sure I never went without, that my cell phone was near so I could call him, and he sat in bed with me when he was home. 44 more words


RR042 Podcast Episode

RR042 publish date 18.0226
What in the world is Costochondritis? (It’s what Ried has after the car wreck that’s what.) Remember our old friend –itis. If you recall this suffix has the meaning of inflammation. 136 more words

Feels as if I am falling apart

My lower back has been bothering me a lot lately. Yesterday, my teenaged daughter and I worked on cleaning up the spare room. I didn’t really lift anything heavy but by the bending and raising, my back started hurting more than ever so I quit for the evening. 766 more words


I need $...AND a MIRACLE!

How do I become an entrepreneur though when I’m broke as hell!  I got all these entrepreneurial goals and mindset, plus an idea but zero dollars bc I’m riddled with depression, anxiety, and failure that caused me to make bad decisions, lose jobs, all types of shit.  823 more words


OKAY, i’m back — been gone awhile but i’ve returned on some Simba back to Pride Rock shit — (Millenial if that wasn’t obv). Anyway, hella developments like I have anxiety disorder now, this thing called costochondritis (chest wall pain/back pain) but its more DEBILITATING back pain THAN chest pain. 620 more words