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The Longest Ride Home

Last Friday must have been my longest journey going home. Despite being on a night shift, last Thursday’s workload wasn’t really heavy. Nothing came up to cause me stress. 270 more words


My Costochondritis Nightmare

A week ago Sunday, I went to bed normal. The next morning, when I got into the shower to get ready for work, I was overcome by intense chest pain, so intense that I couldn’t moving my body, especially my arms, without crying out in pain. 783 more words

Rib Pain...in Pregnancy...

Muscle and joints are a relatively common cause of chest pain¹. Costochondritis a condition that is characterised by point tenderness over the rib and sternum join that reproduces the pain complained of combined with the same side arm movement reproducing that pain too, usually the point is at the 2nd to 5th ribs and sternum join². 396 more words


Random New Pains: Costochondritis 

The issue with fibromyalgia is everything you feel you are getting it under control you have a flare up or the dreaded new symptom 😫😲 252 more words

Costochondritis (Chest Wall Pain)

Do you have it, or know someone who does? Maybe you’re just curious but take it from someone who has this condition, it is not pleasant.  318 more words

3 Signs You Might Have Costochondritis (And What You Can Do About It)

Costochondritis is one of a series of ailments that come without much warning. In the same way that we deal with things such as TMJ issues and colic, costochondritis is a nuisance, but the annoyance takes on a bit more of a critical tone. 298 more words



You get a pain in your chest. It’s either sharp and stabbing or a dull constriction feeling. It kind of hurts to breathe and if you wear a bra, that thing is suddenly very uncomfortable. 520 more words