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How much money do you need to start being a property investor?

(Source: www.99.co)

So you want to buy a second property, and make money off it. That’s a grand aspiration; but if you want it to be more than a dream, you have to know the actual numbers. 1,401 more words

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Part 4 of 4: I Want it, and I Want it STAT! (from The Truth About STAT)

The final installment in the STAT video series.  Thanks to BCPS Chicken Little for caring enough to research, create, and share.

I Want it, and I Want it STAT! 816 more words

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Why investors are looking to purchase creaky, old properties

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With the number of new, low priced (because of the market slump) properties in Singapore, you might be wondering why some people still choose creaky old properties. 403 more words

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The World’s 20 Most Popular Bucket List Activities

People are willing to spend up to £10,000 on their bucket list on average, new research has revealed.

A survey exploring bucket list budgets revealed respondents would be willing to part with between £5,000 and £10,000 on completing their travel goals. 381 more words

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Making choices about the amount & kind of food we want: How to ask yourself the right questions

Questions to support a more mindful approach to eating out from the costs & values perspectives.

Clearly, I have food on the mind. Yesterday, I participated in a small group chat with the C.E.O., Sonia, of Fresh Box Farms, about food safety, fresh produce, and our ideas about sourcing healthy options and sustainable farming in the South End, hosted by @FreshBoxFarms. 1,341 more words

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3 Costs of Following Jesus

“There are a million things a man won’t do for five dollars—but there aren’t five things a man won’t do for a million.” from The Curious Savage…

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