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Assess Whether You Have a Data Quality Problem

(Source: hbr.org)

Decision makers, leaders, data scientists, and managers often must make quick assessments about whether they can trust a set of data, whether they can include it in an analysis, or whether they need it to take a new direction. 824 more words


Are You Prepared for Nursing Home Costs?

All of us are hopeful that we will be able to live out our lives in our own home without the need to spend time in a long-term care facility. 35 more words

Japan: "Just a mirage" -- the fraud called retail electricity liberalization; Smart Meters’ huge costs eliminate savings for public

From Japan Times

July 27, 2016

Three months have passed since the retail sale of electric power was fully liberalized. Approximately 300 companies have since entered the business of generating and selling electricity, and more than 1 million consumers have signed contracts with them, switching from the major power companies that have monopolized each region. 1,059 more words

Insulin Costs - Why are they Rising?

Insulin is a mainstay of therapy for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It has been around since 1921 when Banting and Best discovered it. 801 more words


Calculating Fraud Loss: What am I Forgetting?

Fraud is like a box of chocolates. Okay, maybe not, but believe me when I say that workplace fraud comes in a variety of forms. Most of the time, identifying fraud is a difficult task for any manager, owner or accountant. 602 more words

Forensic Accounting

This great smartphone will only cost you $50 — but there’s a big catch

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The Blu R1 HD is a lot of things.

  • It’s a pleasant surprise.

  • It’s a Trojan horse for driving Amazon sales.

  • It’s proof that smartphones have become commodities.

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