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Time to Maintain a New Narrative about Public Infrastructure

It was going to be another late night. I was an undergraduate student at UCLA, cramming for an upcoming midterm which (naturally) I was severely under-prepared for. 657 more words

Currying Disfavour: Rising costs threaten UK curry houses

Chicken Tikka Masla, an anglicised version of an Indian curry has been the most popular dish in the UK for many years . But now staff shortages and rising costs are forcing curry houses to close at an alarming rate. Kate King reports…


Hospitals keep emergency room fees secret. Help change that by sharing your bill.

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Hospitals keep ER fees secret. Share your bill to help change that.

By Sarah Kliff

Each year, Americans make 141 million trips to the emergency room. 381 more words


Not even $197,000 of diamonds can save this Tag Heuer smartwatch from Android Wear

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Ever look down at your $1,600 Tag Heuer smartwatch and think, “Gosh, this really could use $195,400 of diamonds on it?” Apparently someone at Tag Heuer did… 337 more words


Honeymoon over. Reality bites!

Our next visit to the little French place is in the pipeline. We are very diary-challenged this year: launching a new event and managing our little biz in the UK, and of course, doing up the French place in any remaining spare time. 355 more words

Limousin Living

Good Intentions

“The High Cost of Good Intentions, a history of U.S. entitlement policy…. the evolution of government pensions….  the hard-to-believe but true fact that there is still one person receiving monthly checks from the Civil War veterans pension program.” -John Cogan


Hong Kong's Richest 2018: For Vivien Chen, Defeat Costs More Than $1B

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This story appears in the February 2018 issue of Forbes Asia. Subscribe

Dickson Lee/SCMP

This story is part of Forbes’ coverage of Hong Kong’s Richest 2018. 460 more words

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