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Process Reflection 1

This class has made me realize that in some ways I have been naive about the way the health care system works. Before this class I had never questioned doctors motives or questioned why people were being charged so much for health care. 258 more words


Parking Costs at Walt Disney World have Increased

As of October 4th the cost of parking at Walt Disney Wold has increased.  If you would like to avoid these parking fees, book a Disney World vacation package and stay in one of Disney’s fabulous Resorts.   215 more words

Walt Disney World

How much do you think this costs? Ruby Necklaces

Ruby Necklaces
Antique Diamond Necklace Pendant Platinum 18K Yellow Gold EGL USA Art Deco Fine #Handmade #Pendant

Antique Diamond Necklace Pendant Platinum 18K Yellow Gold EGL USA Art Deco Fine… 7 more words

How much do you think this costs? Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphire Gemstones
Trapiche Emeralds are found in Colombia, they are distinguished by the six-pointed radial pattern that is caused by carbon impurities.
How much do you think this costs? 13 more words

Bringing "race" into the picture

In the article “Millions of poor are left uncovered by the State Law” by Tavernise and Gebeloff, they have brought race into the picture to understand why the states that have rejected the expansion of Medicaid are places where the demographics has a majority of Blacks, single mothers. 99 more words


Process Reflection 1

Through the readings and conversations in both lecture and discussion, the apparently “flawed” US healthcare system has now become apparent to me. The biggest eye opener of this course thus far is the fact the US healthcare is revolved mostly around money, that being either how is the doctor or how is the institution being paid. 290 more words


Why Did Volkswagen Only Rig Emissions Systems On Diesel Cars?

Volkswagen has admitted to rigging the emissions control systems on 11 million diesel cars over the last seven years, but those only represent a fraction of all the vehicles produced by VW during that time. 519 more words