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Sounds Familiar

“God, man. Do you not see what’s happening? You stand accused of a riot and lawlessness. This country lives in dread of France. This court must be seen to set an example. 28 more words


Fall 2016 Television Preview: Sunday

E: Welcome to the best night on TV, the night when cable pulls out all the stops.  Want prestige adaptations?  We’ve got ’em. Costume dramas?  You’re on.  4,600 more words


Fall 2016 Television Preview: Friday

M: Ahhh, Friday: once a TV graveyard, now an odd mix of the “pity-move” where shows get sent before they get cancelled, and steady medium ratings earners. 4,698 more words


2 Poldark: 1-3 (as seen on the BBC): a different emotional temperature

Kyle Soller as Francis Poldark returned from Bodmin, with his son, Geoffrey Charles

Ross: “Have I told you what I feel about a disobedient wife?”

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20th Century Culture

Fall 2016 Television Preview: Wednesday

C: Ah, Wednesday. The night I’ll probably spend watching new episodes of series that air Monday and Tuesday nights, online.

M: Wednesdays tend to be my busiest night of the week, so I’m not typically even watching the stuff from the prior two nights. 5,008 more words


Fall 2016 Television Preview: Monday

E: Yes, it’s that time of  year. Come one, come all to Premiere Week!

M: I thought you meant Quibbling Sibling Fall TV Preview Week. 5,022 more words


More of the Britishiest Brits: The BBC's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Skip today’s entry if you find any of the following boring: British period pieces full of tricorn hats, pantaloons, masked balls, comedies of manners, compelling characters, dry British humor, magical imagery, and battles. 1,975 more words