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Madame Bovary - *

Visiting Rouen and Normandy, there is no escape to local guides talking about Gustave Flaubert’s literary masterpiece Madame Bovary. Set in the mid 19th Century, the scandal novel focuses on the adulterous wife of a local doctor. 233 more words


Avengers Assemble: May 2015 Movie Preview

E: Yipeee yipee yipee!  May is the popcorniest of popcorn movie months, and this May is going to be five weekends worth of awesome. (Although to be fair that may mean me seeing a few of these movies more than once.) 5,225 more words


Les Adieux A La Reine - **(*)

With every visit of Versailles comes the desire to learn more about the life in the exuberant estate. It’s one thing to walk around on its premises amongst thousands of other tourists. 184 more words


Outlander 1x12 – Or the episode where we wonder why everyone has stopped speaking Gaelic!

This is also posted HERE.

This seems to be the episode that made even diehard Outlander fans admit the show has lost sight of the book. 551 more words

British History

Outlander 1x11 – or the episode where they conveniently had a witch trial years after Scotland stopped trying and burning witches.

This is also posted HERE.

This article suggests that many long-term Outlander fans are projecting their expectations onto their experiences watching the show, because the adaptation is failing on a few levels. 580 more words


Trollope's Barchester Towers: an extraordinary book & place where there are no police

From the paratexts of Plater’s Barchester Chronicles (1983)

Donald Pleasence as Mr Harding wandering in Westminster (from Barchester Chronicles, scripted Alan Plater, the first two episodes being a dramatization of… 6,925 more words

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