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Easy Jiji Cosplay, Kiki's Delivery Service

The last family costume I had to put together for this past Halloween was actually the easiest one, and the one that brought on the whole family costume idea in the first place. 215 more words


Let's Make Things and Be Happy

When you are a creative person, your heart and soul craves the feeling of creating something with your hands (or other body parts if it suits your artistic craving). 368 more words

Mogul Mom Artisan

Cinema Style Ep. 1

I’ve wanted to do something with cinema on here for a while. If you don’t already know, I studied film in university – in fact, it was my minor. 973 more words


Costumes on the Actors

Here are the costumes of the characters, the actors here have tried them on. I believe every single outfit worked for the character it was for and made the look of the film better, and also captured the essence of the script well. 255 more words


Your Daily Nerd Thing: League of Legends cosplay

Your Daily Nerd Thing has returned.  We were absent for a bit but that can happen every once in a while.  To start off this week here is a video of some League of Legends cosplayers from Pax East 2017.


Costume for Ez Mart Workers

I decided that the workers in the supermarket should have a costume that will match the aesthetic of the shop. I wanted it to look real, so looked into costumes at shops in Farnham and nearly all had an embroided logo stitched into a polo shirt. 113 more words


List of Props & Costumes

Here is a quick checklist of props I needed to bring to the set, and the costumes. Part of the script breakdown