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Naling Lingan–Almost Forgotten: Conception and Process

The summer of 2015 meant the start of a new part-time job and the imminence of my final semester in college. The latter meant working on a graduation project for the mandatory Portfolio course. 2,217 more words


Costuming for Beginners

So, you’ve decided to do a giant project! Where do you start?

I have no idea.

I’ve had a whole mess of self-doubt, anxiety, and confusion about trying to start this costume. 195 more words

Costume It

Mermaid Style Part 2

This is the second part of Hana’s mermaid costumes which inspired by cycling teams. They’re made for celebrate 104th Tour de France.

List of teams for Part 2… 91 more words

Cycling Idoling

Mermaid Style Part 1

Hana Planckaert makes a breakthrough which featuring more revealing costumes. Now Hana would present mermaid costumes which inspired of cycling teams for celebrate 104th Tour de France. 106 more words

Cycling Idoling

Taiwan's Techno Gods

Nobody quite knows how it started, and there are several competing stories. But somebody or somebodies in Taiwan got the idea to combine traditional religious temple parades and its deities with techno and pop music, and at the same time bring the costumes up to speed by adding huge sunglasses and other paraphernalia such as scooters and quad bikes to give an overall jolly, upbeat appearance. 31 more words


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The most current collaboration project I worked on.

The Green Print Project

A Creative Art Collaboration… 8 more words


Preparing for the Preview

Did I mention I might be seguing into All Tempest All The Time sometime soon?  Well, I am once again posting in haste (posthaste, remember?) before hurrying off to rehearsal.   237 more words