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Inside Frozen Elsa Inspired Girls Princess Costume Dress with

In most cases, people want to keep their hair healthy and full. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible for everyone. Sometimes biology makes us lose our… 353 more words

Quiz: Is This A Bunny?

Is this a bunny? Yes, that is a bunny. No, that is a hedgehog wearing a bunny costume. ? X Obviously, that is a bunny. Is this a bunny? 184 more words

Gather Round All Ye Lords and Ladies to Marvel at These Magnificent Costumes of the Ye Olde Renaissance Festival

In my neck of the woods on September weekends, there’s a Renaissance Festival that goes on every year. In fact, I worked there for a season at the concession stand which meant hours and hours of standing. 4,050 more words


CCG Photographer: Chey

Hi everyone!

I am the primary photographer of CCG, and I go by “Chey” on this blog. Majority of the photos you will see on this website were taken by me unless otherwise stated, so, as you can tell, Chibi and Katie are very used to me hovering around them with a camera clicking by now. 133 more words


Spirit Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Costume Advice

With texas chainsaw massacre True Story Video somehow gaining millions of viewers from last week, this show get many people excited of its upcoming episode. Just click the link below and see what I am really talking about. 224 more words

FBI Agent Child Costume Affordable price

Once the sexy witch costume is on you, it is time to put on the accessories. Attach the metal nails and make sure your make up is on the rough and touch side. 274 more words


Roma Costume Womens 3 Piece Seductive Swat Agent

A sexy witch is made of more than just a witch costume. She needs the accessories mentioned below:

Most of the times, the color of the sexy witch… 342 more words