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Magical Bedbugs and the Wrong Path

Dream 1: Let me start by saying that my friend (G) is not a messy person. He is not a neat freak, but he knows how to keep things clean and livable. 636 more words


Victorian Bodice: Drafting and Editing

As with any good costume it begins with a bodice block.

As we are making a Victorian bodice, and a corset would have been worn beneath the bodice a set of new measurements has to be taken of my performer whilst wearing a corset.. 667 more words


"The Prince is Giving a Ball": Pink Backless dress

I am almost getting to the end of the Cinderella Waltz dancers.  I put these eight girls in pastels and tried to make their dresses fairly homogeneous.   578 more words


Victorian Project and Research

This term we would be working on making a Victorian bodice. The focus is on making a costume that is historically accurate, working on lots of different samples, and understanding the importance and use of research when creating a costume. 436 more words


Rebel, Rebel Princess Costume - Princess Leia (Star Wars)/David Bowie

2016 was a tough year for a lot of people. For me, three of my heroes passed away – David Bowie, Prince, and Carrie Fisher. I’ve seen the mashup of Princess Leia and David Bowie in artwork before, but I really wanted to take my own spin on it and turn it into a costume. 576 more words


The Guild Mise-en-Scene

Decor – Both places have their own decor from her bedroom to the restaurant the mother is seen in. But without the decor in the background you wouldn’t be able to tell where the person is as it becomes an important part of the scene that is being shot. 335 more words

Meet your Host: Mr. Clever

Lee Roberts aka Mr Clever is a cosplayer and artist from Salem. They are actively involved in the Cosplay is not Consent: Anti-bullying movement as well as being an admin for Boston Whovians. 481 more words