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Karnaval (Fasching) di Jerman

Karnaval atau Fasching merupakan salah satu tradisi di negri kanselir ini dan dirayakan sekitar bulan Februari dengan cuaca masih bisa dibilang sangat dingin :cry:

Melihat dari latar belakang negara ini dimana umat kristiani lebih mayoritas, tentunya asal mula tradisi ini pun juga dari sana. 574 more words


Simple Joys, fiction by Joseph Mayfield

She looked at her face in the mirror. The skull makeup was running and small bits got into her eyes making them sting and squint as if she had some strange tic. 1,079 more words


Wolf Hall Inspiration

Wolf Hall = Really Good.

Only 2 more episodes to go before PBS takes it off the internet for online viewing if anyone missed an episode or would like to watch it! 496 more words


Creativity vs. Equipment

I’ve been reading a lot of photography blogs and, while they’re full of valuable advice and fascinating ideas, they’ve also been making me a little depressed. 320 more words

The Spanish Tragedy, Bel-Imperia

Costume Design With Special Effects

This was my first project of the third year where we were tasked with designing for all the characters in Thomas Kyd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’. 265 more words

Jeff Phillips: General Blows Chicken

Big kids know how to treat themselves. I’ll always remember four Halloweens ago from the one coming up. In the space between I could’ve earned a degree, instead I just racked up a series of unfulfilled sex dreams. 1,655 more words

Short Story

Saree Tales...حكاوي الساري

Anju Maugdal Kadam and Ally Matthan أنجو مودجال كادام و ألي متهان

ربما تعلمون أنني قد قمت برحلة إلي ولاية جوجارات الهندية في شهر فبراير 2014 و قد سجلت الرحلة في كتابي “ 524 more words

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