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5 Facts About 2016 Halloween Spending - and 6 Tips to Save Money

As a Chief Mom (or Dad) Officer of your household, you know it’s Halloween when your kids start begging you for the latest costume, lots of candy, and would like it if you bought enough pumpkins to cover your kitchen in Jack O’Lanterns (or maybe that’s just my son). 910 more words


Anthrocon 2016: Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger - YouTube

Long line of fursuiters waiting to get shiny acrylic badges identifying them as fursuiters, right after the convention’s opening ceremony. Really long line. Soooo long.


9 Costumes to Halloween

Hello again everyone!

Well, today I had a very stressful morning. I did not get a lot of sleep, ran into a boatload of problems at my assistant directing job, came home, slept a bit more, was almost late for work, and changed my costume plan three times. 564 more words


Clueless Style

Today, I am here to talk to you about Cher from the 1990’s movie Clueless. Cher is a beautiful, 16 year old girl, who is spoiled and rich, but kind. 446 more words

An Appropriate Costume

As a young child growing up in the country I was accustomed to seeing death. Baby chicks perished; Ducklings drowned; something attacked my rabbits and the ones that hadn’t died were too wounded to survive and had to be killed. 475 more words


Fancy Dress To Impress

Dress your best for our upcoming CCC event on November 16th for a gallery of the event in West End Magazine. Fancy dress is encouraged for this one because on the scale of things it’s pretty easy to do. 76 more words


Silly Sunday: Pet Costumes

Hello, everyone! Welcome to your weekly dose of irreverent silliness! Because we’re creeping up on Halloween, I’m going to use today to tout the absurdity and relative amazingness of pet costumes. 111 more words