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Book Week 2015

This year, the Squid decided that she was going to dress as Hermione for bookweek.

This involved making wizard robes.

Knowing that she wouldn’t wear the robes again, I decided to make them to fit me, and just take them up for her parade.  73 more words


This involved a lot of making (and unmaking).  Here are a few of my favourites.

Making first: Fantastic mask to use near a fantastic landmark. 140 more words

This is going back a bit (2014)

My daughter decided that she wanted to go to her school book week dress-up day as a cyberman.

With 24 hours and approximately $20 in resources – this was the outcome. 94 more words

Star Trek Costumes, pt. 2

Remember this?  Well, two unexpected and unrelated things occurred today and . . . well, read on. 351 more words

Culture And Arts

PCC Zodiac: Sagittarius

Yay, Sagittarius time is here! :D Rock your Sag swag (That was terrible…) in style in these two costumes.

Stylish Sagittarius

By Spotted Dragon… 383 more words

NUST Comic Con

CAN YOU FEEL IT? There’s an electricity in the air, a seismic shift as the forces of NUST Book Club and geek culture combined harness their singular gaze on the city that is H-12. 188 more words


How to make a kung fu movie - costumes

Today’s podcast is all about where and how to find costumes for your kung fu movie.

TL;DR – visit a thrift store for cheap clothing if you’re looking for period-style costumes, or email martial arts suppliers and ask about wholesale prices or product placement in exchange for a credit in your movie. 71 more words

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