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Echo Flight- Ready for Inspection!

Commissioned Officer Training is definitely a bit of a crash course into officership. But it works…

After just a week, forms were looking better, drills were looking better and people that had no prior knowledge of the military before they started already began to resemble officers. 159 more words

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An Intro to Training and the OTSMAN Test

I had asked Steve to give his account of everything related to the OTSMAN and what lead up to the test. Here is his story: 951 more words

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Exhibit B: Damon
Age 1.2
Secretly learned 铁头功.
Able to destroy eardrums with supersonic screams.
Future S-pop star.


Assessing the things that matter

What we value in our classrooms should be represented in the things we assess and report on.

Currently, my department has been trying to replace the focus on content that has dominated our teaching and learning and replace it with assessments that assess the things we believe are of most benefit for students and their future learning. 263 more words


gold and silver - are prices ready to drop?

Copper – An uneventful week for the commodities. All except copper which moved down without us and with gusto. Copper, however, had an unclear read on the COT (often the case with copper) and an unclear read on the daily charts. 293 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

The Drill Off!

Above: Steve saluting a member of his flight

On Sunday of his first week, Steve’s student commanders came up with a Spirit Activity for the first weekend. 215 more words

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Steve's Top 10 List of COT Week 1 Tips

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. – Alexis Carrel

I asked Steve to provide me a list of his top pointers for incoming COT students. 815 more words

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