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Piper - 10 weeks old

Piper turned 10 weeks on Thursday 3rd August, making 3rd-9th August her 11th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week. 1,322 more words


Week 25 - Day 5

Today we’re down to double figures. 99 days to go, down from 280 at the beginning. Exciting and scary! And a bit of another milestone happened this week, we ordered the first large item for the baby! 63 more words

Month 6

The nightmare otherwise known as 'The Cot'

I’ve decided to write this post in hopes of getting some advice. My daughter is 10 months old and I haven’t had a full nights sleep since maybe she was 4 months old. 164 more words


Camping in comfort when you live with chronic pain: begin with the bed

Growing up, my family took more camping vacations than any other kind. We went annually with the same people—friends with kids my age. Even when we moved to a neighboring state, we traveled for hours to camp with them. 1,784 more words

Would This Solve Your Problem?



🌱Không chứa chất paraben gây ung thư

  • 🌱Không chứa corticod làm bào mòn da
  • 🌱Không phải dạng kem trộn ngoài thị trường tẩy trắng nha nhưng rất hại da gây ung thư vàng da.
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Mỹ Phẩm

Codette & Colette

Depuis environ un an, l’idée me travaille d’ajouter quelques gallinacées à notre foyer. Principal obstacle : le poulailler. Après avoir exploré maintes options, prête à baisser les bras, j’ai fini par apprendre que la mairie donnait des poulaillers, pour peu qu’on veuille adopter deux pensionnaires. 414 more words

Vie Quotidienne


Glass’s Empty.
Bottle’s Empty.
I Drank all the Wine.

Chair’s Empty.
Cot’s Empty.
I’m Lying on the Floor.

Mind’s Empty.
Heart’s Empty.
My Soul left my Body. 25 more words