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Crown of Thorns Problem

The Crown of Thorns starfish Acanthaster planci (COTS) has contributed greatly to declines in coral cover on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and remains one of the major acute disturbances on Indo-Pacific coral reefs. 425 more words

And Where I've Been

New Silver Bull Coming

By Adam Hamilton – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

Silver has been dead money over the past year or so, relentlessly grinding sideways to lower.  That weak price action has naturally left this classic alternative investment deeply out of favor.  3,127 more words


Neglect of Baby - 1925

Warning: This story contains upsetting content.

A tale of cruelty in High Blantyre in 1924 ended up being heard in court.

James Glyn, a miner of Forrest Place, High Blantyre and his wife had an infant child who was very sickly and ill. 316 more words

Blantyre People

Juggling childcare and scuba diving on the Maltese island of Gozo

Published by Diver, April 2018, with the headline “Child’s play in Gozo”.

Our daughter has spotted us coming out of the water, and I can see her reaching for me as we walk back to the truck. 2,486 more words

Hi-Ho Silver!

By Peter DeGraaf – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

If the latest COT report for silver gets any more bullish than the one released on March 23rd, commercial traders will have to go ‘net long!’ As it is, they reduced their ‘net short’ position to the lowest number in many years, down to just 4,000 contracts – barely 2% of the total open interest! 439 more words

GDP & Employment

Junkin Safety Oversized Mortuary Stretcher Cot - Single Person Operation

Junkin Safety Oversized Mortuary Stretcher Cot – Single Person Operation
Junkin Oversized Mortuary Cot Multi-level (4 Positions) Single Person Operation 900 Lb Capacity (250 Lbs More Than Standard Mortuary Cots) 25" Wide (A Full 4 Inches Wider Than Standard Mortuary Cots) This Is A Used Mortuary Cot With Normal Wear Scratches And Scuffs. 237 more words