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Where should my baby nap?

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Naps are the last part of your little one’s sleep to fall into place and they can continue to be problematic long after night sleep is under control.  663 more words

Helinox Cot One

The great outdoors meets a great nights sleep must have been at the forefront of the mission when Helinox brought us their Helinox Cot One… 90 more words

Outdoor Gear

Day 362

Again, you came home tired from school, so it was a short night.  We got you changed into jammies, got you fed, and you fell asleep eating.  56 more words


Legs through cot bars: the solution

Picture the scene; I’m downstairs having a cup of tea waiting for my son to awake from his nap when instead of the usual gurgling and chatting I hear a scream of terror. 585 more words

Cathy Clarke

Moses Basket? Crib? Cot?

Now I’m starting to invest in the substantial items I have come across a minefield of choices when it comes to where baby sleeps.

Some people say cot from birth in your room, some say moses basket until 3 months then to cot, other skipped the moses basket and did a small crib first then to cot.. 211 more words

How do I get OT shadowing experience? What do they ask at OT MSc course interviews? And other questions.

The lowdown

Recently I got to represent Occupational Therapy at a postgraduate event, and it was great being able to help future OT students by offering some advice here and there. 1,662 more words

Occupational Therapy

What Makes You Sleep Easy at Night?

I used to be an expert in sleep.

I would go to bed at 10pm and wake up refreshed the following morning at 6.50am.  I would sleep soundly and my dreams would often be pleasant, sometimes bizarre and always vivid. 1,436 more words