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In the not-so-famous words of Aaron Lewis, it’s been a while. To be fair I’ve been busy drinking my Christmas presents.

Lara has been developing at breakneck speed and everything has just been cranked up a notch; the strops are more dramatic, attention grabbing more prevalent, use of the word ‘NAH’ increased but then there are the positives – her motor skills and dexterity advances are a thing to behold (and beware), her thirst for fun and desire to explore, and I think most endearingly she is more wittingly expressing love and compassion to those close to her. 492 more words


Sleeping through at 4 months

  I love my sleep. Always have. If someone disturbs my sleep, I feel really sorry for them because  it is like waking a dragon. A pissed off, fire breathing dragon. 1,120 more words

Sage Green Boots--A review of Nike SFB Gen 2 and Under Armour FNP boots

I have never needed to wear tactical/combat boots before. So when I found out my COT date and had a few months to prepare, I started to research boots so I could have time to “break them in” prior to going to COT, where I would be wearing them all day, every day for 4.5 weeks. 2,074 more words


OMG the PANTS (Purchasing Uniforms--Part 1)

So today I went to the Clothing Store on base with Donny (hubby) to start the process for getting uniforms. YAY!! I was so excited to make this more “official”. 2,185 more words


Prepping for COT--Packing Lists

I’ve checked several blogs, vlogs, as well as the official COT website and will have a list of what I will probably be packing. I will also post a list after I’ve gone through COT on what I ACTUALLY needed. 1,130 more words


Prepping for COT--Working on PT

There will be a lot of “sitting around and waiting” during this entire process, especially while you are waiting to go to Commissioned Officer Training (COT). 1,062 more words


Oh Co-sleeping, How I Will 'NOT' Miss You.

So, Leo has been a pretty easy baby for the first year of his life. Apart from the fact that he’s probably the most boisterous child that I have ever met, I really have no right in saying that he’s been difficult because it’s far from it. 667 more words